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Guestbook Entries #581 - #600

   Entry #581:   MikiN - USA

Hi, Ellen! Thank you for the honest reading. A lot I knew in my heart but the lessons I'm going to have to apply in this lifetime are certainly challenging. I'm actually looking forward to it. I will practice unconditional love and love [others] as soul always. I wish you unconditional love, too! You're the best!

   Entry #582:   AlanL - UK

Hi Ellen, I was fascinated with the recording you sent me - everything you said was 100% correct. It was quite eerie listening to you tell me about various facets of my character, etc, and knowing it was totally on the button. Something significant has been happening since the Remote Releasement. Generally things are looking optimistic for me.

   Entry #583:   EvaKH - Belgium

Hello, and thank you for the reading. That was quite interesting! You must not feel that I contacted you just to check if you got the same thing [about past lives as related by another psychic]. I was interesting in getting some clarity. You described the same feelings of regret and despair that I had... that I had taken the wrong choice. Your reading explained more of the feelings I had been feeling (pardon my English). It also made sense the lives you described with [friend]. She treated me like she owned me, like I was her slave. I feel that I want to make peace with her for good. So I had a good time with the reading. Thanks a lot for your work!

   Entry #584:   MirandaM - Germany

Ellen, Thank you so much!!!!! I was surprised to see you responded so fast, and I appreciate it heavily. I went on the site to look up the free exercises. I did the clustering exercise and the going back in time one. They worked wonderfully. A whole lot of stuff makes sense now, thanks to you. I along with many others are very thankful to you and appreciative of the way you have helped us. For a long time the door I needed was locked shut. Because of you, I was FINALLY able to unlock the door I so badly needed to step inside. Infinite thank-you's.

   Entry #585:   MarkA - USA

Ellen, Thanks for the Past Life Profile. It resonates quite strongly with me. I had a dream several years ago in which I [had lived the past life as described] so that part of the profile made me take notice!

   Entry #586:   KathyS - USA

Thanks so much for the Past Life Profile. I have read it and re-read it several times. I know in my heart that I am due for some life changing things. I have been in a very verbally abusive relationship. I have tried to break free in the past, but fear always creeps in. Hopefully with the help you have given me, I will be able to be free soon. Thanks again.

   Entry #587:   RobG - Brazil

Dear Ellen... Thank you very much for your email reading... You are always of good help. It feels good to know that you are always there for me when I need it... Thanks... your South American friend!

   Entry #588:   ClareB - UK

Hi Ellen, Thank you SO much for an amazing email reading. I can't believe how much information there is to read through. I know it's going to take a while to absorb it all and take it all in. It all makes sense now [about a family situation]. Thanks again!

   Entry #589:   LorettaSL - USA

I am feeling much better since we last spoke and have visited your website for the first time to actually read what was on it! It is wonderful! Your recommendation of living each day as though it were my first [and letting go of the past] is doing wonders! I feel much more at peace, less frightened, more energetic, and more positive. Thank You!

   Entry #590:   MarshaO - USA

The purpose of this e-mail is just for me to thank you for your wonderful assistance. Thanks to you, my life is now changed for the better. These important spiritual steps you outllned have helped to lead me to a more serene and past life loving place. I have noticed that the healing process of my past life is finally beginning to show and that my life is feeling much more free (despite the 14 kids I have). I once again thank you! PS. The Mantra "Cheat Card" worked wonders for me!!!!!!

   Entry #591:   SmitaJ - USA

Your web site here is very educative and a lot of technical stuff is explained in good easy language. Everything one may be curious about regarding past lives and healing is here. I liked your site because it was brimming with information. Also, the depiction of future as the sunrise from behind the clouds and that of past as the moon is very beautifully done.

It is nice that the case studies have been given. That gives authenticity. The site map is a very convenient way of finding something. You have also put in a mega index of keywords. That is a very helpful way of finding any details on the site. But I think that must have been added work for you people, as it is good enough to be a search engine.

The use of red, blue and black colors gives the impression of a hand written document. Every time you click on something you get so many more topics inside it that you have to click on as well. There are links within links. I see you people have won many awards calling your pages outstanding.

Good thing you are offering products for sale on your web site but that gives a commercial touch to the otherwise spiritual experience. Basically, your site is very authentic. Thank you very much.

   Entry #592:   Labyrinth - USA

I thank you for all you have done and shared, and wish to give a big thanks to the spirit guides in the reading. I love them big. They were most courteous, tactful, and correct. Thank you for being a light-house in this breaking dawn. I felt now was the time and there you were. The steadfast cause of which you serve I deeply feel and share in my heart. Bright blessings to you and all you do!

   Entry #593:   MacS - USA

I would like to extend my gratitude. There are so many web sites out there that give you enough information to get you interested, but do not give you enough information to be helpful [without paying for it:)]. I thoroughly enjoyed the excerpt from your book, "Bridge Across Time". I just wanted to let you know that it's nice to know that my wife and I are not the only ones with a firm belief in past lives. Thank you!

   Entry #594:   JanG - USA

Dear Ellen, In my many years in the computer world I have never come across a website that has sparked such gratitude. Probably because I am so ready for real change. I cannot get enough of the language you speak and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Only now the work begins!! May you receive all that you give. With love...

   Entry #595:   InspiredKR - USA

I just wanted to thank you for all the obvious time and thoughtfulness you put into collecting the inspirational quotes. I found your site because I was very depressed and frustrated and looking for information about suicide...a sort of face your fear experiment...but I stumbled onto your quotes pages instead. Very uplifting. I was feeling stagnant creatively and after spending time here reading...the [creativity] is flowing. Thank you.

   Entry #596:   PegC - USA

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your web site and your ezine! I started this journey to find self and soul pretty late in life and for all the answers and/or clues that I find, there are a hundred more questions. The gifts I have denied all my life are just now coming into being and with them the labor of acceptance and allowing that I am "good enough..." Please know that what you are doing is wonderful and like a light in the darkness. My thanks!

   Entry #597:   TammyS - USA

Hi, I just wanted to tell you your website is wonderful. I think many of your exercises will be very beneficial to me in my difficult time.

   Entry #598:   LynnJ - USA

Ellen, thank you so very much. You've helped me more than you will ever know. Love!

   Entry #599:   JennieM - USA

I truly thank you Ellen... I'm at a loss for've really moved and inspired me.

   Entry #600:   Alli - USA

Your site is fantastic! Thank you and your karma!



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