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Exercise: Higher Self Clustering- Unleashing Your Right Brain

Summary: Uncovering Unconscious Root Causes of Your Problems

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Goal of This Exercise
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How to Do This Exercise
Example of Exercise Results

Background: One of the easiest ways of contacting your Higher Self is a technique called clustering. I learned this in a writing class as a method for overcoming writer's block. The first time I applied this technique to my present life, my Higher Self gave me an answer to a problem that I had been wrestling with on my own without much success. After the clustering, the answer was revealed.

Goal: What happens in clustering is that your left brain (the logical, analytical part) is temporarily out of control. This allows your right brain (the intuitive, creative part) to take center stage. When it comes to contacting your Higher Self, your right brain is less protective of you than the left brain is. If you are truly ready, it will allow you to receive direct guidance and information from your Higher Self.


All you need is a blank piece of paper, a pen or pencil, and a quiet place and time to do this exercise.

How to Do This Exercise:

1> Pick a word that is emotionally charged for you. The key is to pick a word that relates to an issue that you are having in your life now.

If you cannot think of a word on your own, here are some you can choose from that are bound to unearth some issues:

Afraid, Angry, Betrayed, Damned, Death, Depressed, Desperate, Education, Frustrated, Guilty, Hardship, Hatred, Helpless, Hopeless, Land, Life, Love, Marriage, Money, Outraged, Relationships, Sadness, Sex, Trust, Work

2> Place the word you have chosen in the center of the blank paper and draw a circle around it. Get in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths. Ask the universe to send you the information on your current life that are the root cause(s) of the issue you have selected above.

3> As quickly as you can, open your eyes and draw a line from the circle and write the first word which comes to you next to it. If there is a second word related to the first word, write the second word down and draw a line connecting the words. Then connect a third word to the second word in the same way.

4> When you come to the edge of the page or run out of related words, stop with that word. Go back to the circle and begin with another word. Select the next word and connect it quickly. If you are having trouble with clustering, click here.

5> Repeat the process until the page is filled or until you have run out of word associations. For this to work you must do this as fast as you can. Do NOT think about it, just let the words flow freely.

Example: The word I choose was "frustrate". In 30 seconds, the following came:

let go - illusion - fear ------- FRUSTRATED - move on - true path - trust process
true security - God - self --- FRUSTRATED - true path - joy - energy - happiness
settle debts - reduce pride - FRUSTRATED - betrayed/betrayer - illusion - fear
done - lessons - work
karma - FRUSTRATED - aware - empathy - compassion
move on - let go - false fear - FRUSTRATED - illusion - security - move on

Once the above clustering was completed, I took a moment to review the cluster in its' entirety. It took a few minutes but the pattern of the clustering revealed a new perspective on my frustration in my "third dimensional (3D) reality" job. Below is the solution to the clustering puzzle that is shown above.

I Hate My Job - Doesn't Everyone?

Unless you were born independently wealthy, you will have to wrestle with the problem of manifesting abundance in the physical world. In fact, you can get out of a relationship with anything in the physical plane except for money.

That usually means you will have to work at a "regular job" in the real physical world and transition to a meta-physical one. Even for those with an abundance of health and wealth, this transition is not easy. It is doubly so for those holistic practitioners -- like me - who started out their holistic career without much of either health or wealth but who "wannabe" full time.

All my life I have clung to my "third dimensional (3D) reality" jobs like grim death. I hated them but could rely on them to give me sustenance to do my "fun" meta- physical Past Life work. Then my "3D" job became less reliable. This was at a time when I was building up a practice in past life work but I was not yet proficient in Higher Self Channeling. So I fell back on the old, trusty, and reliable technique of clustering to get some guidance about my work situation from above.

The clustering said it was time to "let go" of the "illusion" of security at "3D" work. More than that, I had to "let go" of the "fear" of being without a stable "3D" job. I was "frustrated" because it was time to "move on" to my "true path" but I had difficulty "trusting the process" and flow of life. The only "true security" to be found in my life came from "God" and "myself". I was "frustrated" because I was not on my "true path" which would be the source of my "joy", "energy", and "happiness".

The purpose of my "3D" jobs had been to " settle karmic debts " and to "reduce my false pride". I had been "frustrated" because I had been through the cycle of corporate "illusion" and "fear". In this life, I was so often "betrayed" to balance past lives when I was so often the "betrayer". Now my "work karma "was "done".

Through "frustration", I had learned the "lessons" necessary to bring me to higher levels of "awareness", "empathy", and "compassion". It was now time to "move on". I could hardly miss that message since it was repeated 12 times in the clustering!!! (Note that in the example above only a partial clustering is shown to highlight the keys that led me to this analysis.)

Credits: adapted from the "Writer's Clustering Exercise" from Joyce Snyder

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