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Guestbook Entries #441 - #460

   Entry #441:   PaulaG - USA

I want to thank you for the profound Past Life Profile report. You covered the two past lives that were revealed to me years before exactly as they were shown to me at the time.

I did not tell you prior to your reading but I had a dream about myself being a Geisha Girl in a past life two nights before requesting the report from you (which you also covered in the Profile).

Also, when you wrote about me having my fingers cut off in a past life, this was something new to me but my problems with poor nail growth and biting of nails and even making them bleed during times of stress all my life finally made sense to me.

You provided so much information and solutions in your Past Life Profile and on your website that indeed I will be very busy working on these
exercises for quite some time. I simply can't thank you enough!!! Bless you immensely!

   Entry #442:   B.J.T. - USA

Thank you Ellen, again for your and the guides comforting and supportive words. And for the fact that I need to take responsibility for only myself... that everything that happens to us is by prior agreement. Thank you for your many powerful, and eye-opening articles that you present here. It will take a while for me to read through them all, which I intend to do... like in the closing to the A.A. meetings - "keep coming back because it works."

   Entry #443:   MaryF - USA

Just wanted to thank you for all your help. You are always there when I need you the most. Thanks!

   Entry #444:   Anita - Mauritius

Hi, Ellen, No words can do justice to this big work that you are providing to humanity. Thank you for being who you are. I did the healing of poverty consciousness that I had contracted in a past life. ie, visualizing a ball of light in the root chakra, and it worked pretty well. I was happy because on that particular day, I had some cash flow in.

When I do my healing everyday, I do call for abundance for all my billions of brother souls. Thank you for the great work, Ellen! God bless you greatly and may abundance flows in your life and in the life of all our fellow souls on earth. Regards.

   Entry #445:   AidanL - Ireland

Hi Ellen, Thanks for the help (past, present, and now). Did you ever think of writing a book for those people without access to the Internet? Keep up the good work! [Thanks! Yes, I will at some point! -EM]

   Entry #446:   V.B.K.Rao - India

I wish to learn how to practice about past lives and how to heal them for self and others free of cost. Thanks. [For the list of F~R~E~E exercises to heal your past lives now, just click here! -EM]

   Entry #447:   SimoneZE - Malta

I read your wonderfully intricate website a piece at a time (there is still much more I have to go through). I find it informative and above all enriching in wisdom. I find deep solace in looking for answers that elude me, so I keep your site as a permanent shorcut on my desktop to have it at hand during the times of stress and disillusionment.

I always manage to find a rule that fits the current problem I'd be experiencing. I thank you for the evident effort and knowledge that has gone into your website. I even hope to use the information as research background for my future writings. Thanks

   Entry #448:   MarianneZS - England

What you say is true: I have always had deep seated feelings that could be a reflection on what I/we have done negatively in past lives. We/I need to come to terms with knowing why we are paying for what we have done in the past in this life. It is uplifting also to realise we come to receive the good things in life too through our good deeds done too!

   Entry #449:   CarolynD - USA

I'm here to find out what my Divine Life's purpose is. If I am the one cause-ing my own suffering then I want to learn how to get rid of it and be happy and content with my life. I am really struggling with all the things that are going on in my life, my friend's lives, and in the world. [End the struggle inside yourself now! Here is a F~R~E~E exercise to help you to do that, just click here! - EM]

   Entry #450:   Lou - England

I want to express my love and graditude for these ezines and for the website which have helped me with understanding many issues in my life today. All i can say is THANK YOU! for your love, support, and the underlying forces to which brings us all together. xXxXxXx Love n Peace to all xXxXxXx

   Entry #451:   DeniseF - Canada

Thank you Ellen for all the research and study you have given to these helpful subjects. I am finding them easy to read yet thorough. It is making me some time to study each lesson and check out all the links so I am behind on your newsletters. But keep 'em coming. They are very helpful.

   Entry #452:   Orselli - Brazil

Very beautiful site. I wonder how I could not have known anything about Wallace Wattles until now. It's been a wonderful experience to read his works. Thanks to Ellen and others who brought them to us.

   Entry #453:   JenniferE - USA

Hi Ellen, I absolutely love your website! It has really helped me to clarify some things that were really confusing me, for instance, karma vs free will. I will be doing work with you! Sincerely!

   Entry #454:   Pray4Serenity - USA

Your site is absolutely wonderful - thank you for posting so many helpful exercises.

   Entry #455:   ChristianH - Belgium

Thank you for your gift of love and service. May the Blessings Be.

   Entry #456:   Ron - Canada

Thank you for your insights on spiritual laziness.

   Entry #457:   KingYG - Bermuda

Great site!

   Entry #458:   DianeMW - USA

I have read all the material in the ebooks and am doing the exercises but have not felt any better about myself as of yet. I am hoping that it will happen soon. [Feeling good about yourself is an inside job... only you can make it happen... but if you work on yourself and stick with it... your self love will make miracles happen! UPDATE: DMW did end up getting better because she used her magic as a divine creator to heal her life! -EM]

   Entry #459:   MutatedSeaBass - Canada

I would in various usenet discussions like to use some of the quotes found on this site but I am reluctant to because there are no details to establish the validity and accuracy of the quote (for example, article name and publisher). If whoever created this page could add such information it would help.
[These quotes are here strictly to inspire... providing an annotated bibliography is not necessary to achieve this goal... so please do not use them. -EM]

   Entry #460:   LynnMS - USA

When we receive a so called 'bad' return in our life, we are receiving our own energy back. A hardship type return on your karma provides an opportunity to end a karmic debt. The energy you put out when you have paid a karmic debt through a bad event can be: 1-Negative: like anger, 2-Neutral: oh well, life goes on; I'll deal with it. or 3-Positive: Thank God... now I got that bad karma out of the way!

Well, you might think: so why did I get this as my karma? Mostly karma is returned in a different form from the original event. How you responded to events in your life... will determine if you have any similiar bad things happen to you. So try to respond to your life in positive ways. The next best way to respond is with neutral energy. If you keep responding with negativity like upset, anger, fear... you will keep receiving back that negative karma.



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