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Exercise: Ending the Struggle Inside Yourself

Summary: Stop Being Your Worst Enemy: Become Your Best Friend

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Background: Most people - whether they admit it or not - are struggling inside themselves. By our choices in life, we are either acting as our own best friend or our own worst enemy. If you know that you have not always acted in your own best interests, then you are definitely struggling inside yourself.

Goal: The goal of this exercise is simple: to end the struggle inside yourself. If you want to change your life, you will need to do it from the inside out. Before you start, take the "Gauntlet" test to see how badly you are struggling... click here.

Preparation: All you need is a blank piece of paper, a pen or pencil, and a quiet place and time to do this exercise.

How to Do This Exercise:

1> Identify areas of SELF-SABOTAGE (the more accurate word for struggle). Before you can end the struggle inside yourself, you have to know exactly where and how you are struggling FIRST! Above all, be honest with yourself.

* Body Image: Dissatified with your looks/weight?
* Mental Discipline: Procrastinate? No follow through?
* Emotional Control: Always caught up in dramas with others?
* Health Choices: Smoke? Drink? Poor self care?
* Lifestyle Choices: Starved? Self Mutilation? Drive too fast?
* Financial Choices: Terrible mismanagement of money?
* Relationships: Cannot keep lovers or friends for long?
* Time Use: Rather complain about problems than solve them?
* Focus: Emphasize negative results not positive outcomes?
* Flexibility: Always the attitude that 'this too shall fail'?
* Decision Making: Always making the wrong choices?
* Delegation: Afraid to ask others for help when needed?
* Extreme Risk: Doing what hurts or causes legal trouble?
* Future Vision: Usually feeling hopeless, helpless, worthless?

2> Come up with a BELIEF to counteract the cycle of self-sabotage and struggle). Ending the struggle inside yourself is a two part process. Part two is INNER BELIEF: believe differently to do different things and have a happy life.

* Body Image: "I have a body but I am not my body. I accept my body as it is. I hold only a positive vision of my body."
* Mental Discipline: "I have a mind but I am not my mind. I accept my mind as it is. I know my mind will serve me well."
* Emotional Control: "I have emotions but I am not my emotions. I command my emotions to help me feel good."
* Health Choices: "I accept my limits and embrace my potential. I am a divine being and treat myself with gentleness."
* Lifestyle Choices: "I do all in my power to cherish the gift of life. I am comfortable with who I am and who I am becoming."
* Financial Choices: "I choose to manage my money wisely. I learn from past mistakes to build future wealth and abundance."
* Relationships: "I treat others lovingly as I would like to be treated. I have firm, healthy boundaries with others."
* Time Use: "I solve problems. I am peaceful inside myself whatever outcome life brings me. I spend my time in positivity."
* Focus: "I emphasize positive outcomes. I learn from negative results. I feel good about myself no matter what."
* Flexibility: "I always have the attitude that 'this will succeed'! My doubts only help to guide me in the right direction."
* Decision Making: "I gratefully receive help in making the right choices. I adjust my decisions based on experience."
* Delegation: "I trust and ask others for help when needed. I expect others to do right but can handle it if they do wrong."
* Extreme Risk: "I commit to avoiding any extreme risks. I only do what serves and brings harmony to myself and others."
* Future Vision: "How I feel about the future is my choice. Despite the past, I choose to feel hopeful, helpful, and worthy."

3> Come up with STRATEGIES to counteract the cycle of self-sabotage and struggle). Ending the struggle inside yourself is a two part process. Part one is OUTER ACTION: do things differently and do different things.

* Body Image: Lose weight. Dress to look your best.
* Mental Discipline: Make and keep plans. Follow through.
* Emotional Control: Be an example of a calm, peaceful person.
* Health Choices: Take care of your body as you would a temple.
* Lifestyle Choices: Eat right. Get sleep. Exercise. Be safe.
* Financial Choices: Save more than you spend. Become debt free.
* Relationships: Be the lover/friend you want to have.
* Time Use: Never complain about problems: solve them.
* Focus: Emphasize positive outcomes. Learn from negative results.
* Flexibility: Always the attitude that 'this will succeed'!
* Decision Making: Get help making the right choices.
* Delegation: Trust and ask others for help when needed.
* Extreme Risk: Commit to avoiding any extreme risks.
* Future Vision: Feeling hopeful, helpful, and worthy.

Self acceptance and self confidence are skills that you can develop. Above is what positive and successful people choose to think and believe. You can do it too... all is takes is practice, patience, and perservance to end the struggle inside yourself.

Example: Too many to list here! People are ending the struggle inside themselves every day... you can be one of them.

Credits: inspired by Jody H and from channeled information.



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