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Guestbook Entries #421 - #440

   Entry #421:   EkuaE - USA

I´ve used Ellen´s services several times now. She´s always thoughtful, considerate, and right on target. Many thanks for all your help.

   Entry #422:   B.J.T. - USA

I believe that I was led to your site by my guides. Thank you for the past life reading you gave me - you were so gentle with me. It is a GREAT SITE. I printed out the exercises you gave me and will do them. Anyone interested in receiving a Past Life Reading or any of the other services she offers - email Ellen - she's G-R-E-A-T. Love & Light!

   Entry #423:   MichaelH - Australia

Ellen Mogensen's site would have to be one of the best I have come across on the net. She combines deep spirituality with practical ways of healing and growing that make such a lot of sense. She is a real woman with a real address who is very generous in what she shares to her readers. I have invested in many of her products and services and am never disappointed with the value for money she gives. I think she is great. Thanks so much, Ellen!

   Entry #424:   Anita - Mauritius

Thank you Ellen for all the goodness and your kindness to humanity and in assissting God in his work to achieving golden age on Earth by sharing and giving these good advices. Through all these lessons that you share generously, I am learning a whole lot, and reshaping my life. I particularly loved the lesson how to heal the inner child and I did heal this little girl who has not been loved in her chilhood and I forgave her parents as well, because if they did not have love themselves, how can they share what they lack? [QUITE TRUE -EM] Once again, I say thank you for helping us to be healed.

   Entry #425:   Stephanie - USA

Ellen, thank you for everything - the Past Life Profile reading and your site! May God continue to bless your work! Sincerely, the "God Nerd"

   Entry #426:   EileenC - USA

I love this site it has so much info and you can get so much out of it without having to buy anything. That to me shows Ellen really wants to help people and is not in it just for the money. God bless you!

   Entry #427:   TamaraGB - South Africa

Your web site was an amazing personal journey for me. I have just been on it for more than an hour. I am in the process of trying to heal physically and emotionally and found so much sound advice and support in your website. Thank you for all of it and for confirming in me that life is about loving, giving, and growing. Good karma!

   Entry #428:   JanineR - England

I would just like to say thanks for all of your hard work. This is the best web site I have come across regarding healing on many levels. I am a master healer and still use your site to help with my own healing. It's fantastic, wishing you love and light.

   Entry #429:   JoPES - USA

Dear Ellen, I am want to thank you for your words of spiritual and karmic wisdom. This web-site has been a refuge from my turbulent emotional storms, on many an occasion. Thank you for taking the time to create something so profound.

   Entry #430:   Sandra - USA

Hi Ellen, Thx sooo much for infusing your website with love and wisdom. I look forward to your daily newsletter - it literally is a spiritual vitamin. I work in an office, and I very eagerly await each day's installment! G-d bless you and yours for your generosity! Light and Love!

   Entry #431:   Vickie - USA

I really love to read all of the healpastlives articles. They have opened my eyes to a whole new world. I am learning alot. Thank you so much for having this site available for those in need. Keep up the good work with the newsletters.

   Entry #432:   TheresaF - Philippines

Much Gratitude and Much Love to all the contributors of the articles and the management and staff of Heal Past Lives. Thank you very much and may God Bless you all of Good Life, Good Health, Prosperity, and Abundance.

   Entry #433:   KatrinaT - USA

A very good site and very interesting as well. Keep up the good work.

   Entry #434:   Jean - USA

This is a very interesting site. I am looking forward to trying some of the exercises.

   Entry #435:   CynthiaRE - USA

Ellen, Thought I'd like to see what you are all about. A friend sent me your site.

   Entry #436:   ConnieB - USA

Thank you, thank you, thank you Ellen.

   Entry #437:   Halder - Germany

Large site keeps the good work upright!

   Entry #438:   Storm - England

Wonderful site!

   Entry #439:   GaitriH - Trinidad & Tobago

"Every day live your life in surrender to the universe, and all your needs will be fulfilled. It is easy to live if you have this wisdom!" Sri Vasudeva

   Entry #440:   LynnMS - USA

I see people who appear pretty healthy looking, but I notice they are wearing glasses. Why would God make so many people with defective eyes? Our eyes are actually not that hard to heal. Our society has programmed us to get glasses rather than heal our vision by gaining more clarity about our life.

Every time a person puts glasses on they let their eyes stop working, and actually help them to get worse. Other people who wear glasses never take them off. This means their eyes are being over-corrected when they do not need it. This serves to deteriorate their existing level of vision even more.

Why would a society so into working out to strengthen their muscles... then totally overlook strengthening their eyes which are so very precious?

As we become aware spiritually, we should trust that our answers are within, and that our Higher Self is right here with us. People are trying so hard to find 'answers/satisfaction' outside of themselves... and so they keep reaching for glasses to see it.

It really the inner vision that is calling out for strengthening. As we meditate and relax more, our inner vision and outer vision becomes clearer.

[Very profound observations that I agree with - for the "Eye Cure", click here -EM]



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