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Guestbook Entries #101 - #120

   Entry #101:   ChristineAD - USA

I just wanted to share a few thoughts with everyone about the Past Life Profile. For the longest time, I knew that I came into this life needing to "wrap-up" things, but I did not have a clear picture until I had a past-life profile. I incarnated into this life with the purpose of resolving several lifetimes of karma in one fell swoop. A very tall order for someone to carry out. I can say with utmost sincerity, however, that I feel at peace knowing why I am where I am.

As a result, I was directed to the
exercise of "Breaking Past Life Vows" because of the numerous times I've been in and out of religous orders. When I released my vow of "Self-Sacrifice/Self-Abnegation", it was like a huge weight was lifted from my soul. I had an inherent belief that I somehow was not loved by God and for the first time in my life, I know it's not true. I finally really know that God loves me no matter what. If that was the only piece of information I gained from the profile, than it was worth it.

If anyone is skeptical or unsure about spending the money to have it done, I would highly recommend getting the profile. What you learn can not only enrich your life but help you move in a direction that will really benefit your life's purpose and give you the clarity that so many of us have sought. It was the best investment in myself that I could have made. This site is a blessing for not only the loving guidance it offers, but also for the hope that yes, we can conquer our worst fears and indeed live better, happier, and healthier lives. Blessings to everyone.

   Entry #102:   DanielC - Belgium

Dear Ellen, As soon as I found your website, I completed the Past Life Profile form. The insights that came from it in the email you sent had a profound effect on me, in that I started looking at things I did (or do) and at my body in a totally different way. Suddenly those silly little things that I do "naturally" yet other people might find odd have a deeper meaning. Even in the short amount of time since I received my reading, I have noticed positive changes in the way I interact with other people and - more importantly - with myself.

And I know this is only the beginning of a whole new journey. It was only afterwards that I had a closer look at the website itself, and discovered an entirely new range of fascinating insights, information, exercises, guidelines and more than anything, encouragement. I can honestly say you genuinely helped me in growing spiritually and as a person. Thank you/ Van harte bedankt/ Je vous remercie/ Danke schon/ Muchas gracias - it DOES help to have been "around the block".

   Entry #103:   Brenda - USA

Thank you Ellen! Your reading was thoroughly enlightening and a joy to read, love your sense of humor! You do a superb job of explaining the reasoning behind your thoughts/comments. I particularly enjoyed your perspective on corporate America, I feel like you have put me back in touch with things I've already known. I've seen few spiritual sites out there with such comprehensive and insightful you-know-this-person-is-living-their-truth information and wants to share it with others. After all, there must be a reason any of us are led to you! Your work is greatly appreciated! Namaste!

   Entry #104:   DebraD - USA

Ellen, As I mentioned over the phone, I have read it all on your site (and still seeking and still reading). Your site is AMAZING: both in INFORMATION and in DESIGN!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

   Entry #105:   ClaudiaP - Australia

I love your Rule #1 and if every student in the world was given a copy of it when they started high school/college I believe there would be more love and understanding among the human race. That is that we are here to help one another to evolve. Keep up the great work, Ellen!

   Entry #106:   Lady Care - Canada

You have a very wonderful and informative site which is a definite asset to the web. Keep up all the great work you do. Love and hugs!

   Entry #107:   RickyJ - USA

I first want to say that I think your site has and will continue to inspire people about living their best lives. I think your site is great thank you! Continue to teach us like you are doing!

   Entry #108:   ValerieC - USA

You gave me Hope, and maybe, just maybe, a way out and up... Thank you with all my heart.

   Entry #109:   DianeN - USA

I am very glad I have come across your site. It is very encouraging for me, maybe I should say inspirational and healing.

   Entry #110:   S. L. - USA

Enjoyed your site immensely - has given many insights - and helped settle many issues - thank you!

   Entry #111:   LewisM - Ireland

I was doing some research on the net for my thesis and my life in general when I came across your site. I just want to express my thanks and appreciation for what you have written. I have a lot of research done and alot still to do and your words are an essential part in the middle of this process towards completion of my task and goal. Reading through this site has been a true benefit, I am very grateful. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Anon!

   Entry #112:   KavitaR - UK

I think that the site is very helpful for those interested about past lifes of those who have actually experienced past lifes. The site has alot of useful information. Thank You.

   Entry #113:   MichaelW - USA

Hi Ellen, I've read your website -- you've obviously put a great deal of effort into it. Thanks...

   Entry #114:   Sarah - USA

Thank you for the information that you gave me on finding someone to help parents get gifts for children for Christmas.

   Entry #115:   GailB - USA

Just found your website....very interesting. I am especially interested in your weight loss ebook.

   Entry #116:   Roane - Ireland

Merry Meet Ellen! I was just at your site and subscribed to your newsletter. Thank you!

   Entry #117:   VivianC - USA

Ellen: What a wonderful, informative, enlightening site! Blessings.

   Entry #118:   RobW - USA

Thank you for this great web site!

   Entry #119:   JonathanF - USA

Starr Fuentes recommended your site and its great!

   Entry #120:   HazelN - Australia




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