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TOP PEOPLE'S CHOICE! Most Popular Pages on the Site

"Which are the most popular pages on the site?"

In terms of consistent traffic, here are those that have been visited the most during our first karmic cycle.

#1: The PAST LIFE Regression Exercise Page

This F~R~E~E exercise shows how you can train yourself to access your own past life memories through a past life regression that you conduct on your own while at home. Connecting with your journey over cycles of reincarnation is what heals your past lives and empowers your future.

#2: The Evidence of Past Lives NOW Page

Looking at the present through past life eye-glasses reveals insights about certain phenomena that has been and is still present in "real life". This evidence of past life carryovers provide "better" explanations about these phenomena than the limited view of a single lifetime. Decide for yourself!

#3: The Rules of Karma Page

Karma begins to propel you as Soul on a personal journey through the universe via reincarnation. Karma ends when you have perfected yourself in your ability to love. Karma is the principle of cause and effect, action and reaction, total cosmic justice and personal responsibility.

#4: The Serious Past Life Problems Page

Here are the top ten warning signs indicating that an individual has serious past life problems crying out for healing. If you have more than seven of them, you already know they are adversely effecting your life now. You can transcend your past life karma: you have the power.

#5: The Past Life Carryovers Page

The past is still present. If you are not as healthy, happy, or wealthy as you would like to be... then your past life karma is working against you. Physically incapacitating illnesses, mentally destructive thoughts, and emotionally crippling fears all can be traced back to trauma and tragedy in past lives.

#6: The Past Life Dream Page

Dreams are often the point of "first contact" for past life awareness. Here are the twelve signs that recurring dreams are actually memories of a previous existence. When you pay attention to your dreams, you can learn much about how your past lives have influenced who you are now.

#7: The Healing the Human Energy Field Page

The human energy field is both the instrument of wellness and the source of illness. Here is a brief but powerful explanation of how the energy field is comprised of energy chakras and inner bodies (aura). The best part is how your energy field works to create your journey through life now.

#8: The Main Cellular Memory Page

"We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are" (Talmud). We are always looking at the world through the eyes of our ever changing cellular memory. Our bodies are the "prison without walls" which compel us to work off karma. Our cells are the tiny bricks that create this prison.

#9: The Abundance Healing Page

"Ask and Ye Shall Receive" is what God wants us all to do. God has created a rich universe filled with unimaginable abundance with plenty for everyone. All you need to do to claim your Divine Birthright of abundance is to "Knock (on the door of Abundance) and it shall be opened unto you!"

#10: The Past Life IQ Test Page

Test your knowledge of how past lives effect your life today. The karma you save may just be your own. Remember that all you take with you from any life (past, present, or future) is knowledge, wisdom, and awareness of what is and is not like love. This is the greatest teaching of karma.

Credits: inspired by a question from a very wise individual and from channeled information.



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