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Short Description: Evaluation of How Your Past Lives Impact Your Life Now

Case Summary: The "Past Life Profile", from Past & Now Forward, is the result of years of research based upon hundreds of hours of past life counseling with a diverse client base. After this much counseling, we have been able to discern common patterns of human experience proven to reliably indicate how a person is presently effected by their past lives and whether this effect is healthy or harmful.

Your answers to the series of questions posed in this "Past Life Profile" will reveal exactly how YOU are being influenced by YOUR Past Lives!

Background: Your body always remembers your past lives... even if you are unable to remember them yourself. This cellular memory is what allows all you have learned in the past to be brought forward into your present life... without you having to be overwhelmed by the details of exactly who you were.

Normally, this cellular memory functions properly allowing you to "pick up" in this life "where you left off" in a previous one almost seamlessly. "Problems" with cellular memory happen when the resonance of past lives are not stored properly. That is: when the body forgets the lesson associated with the pain (why it happened) and only remembers the pain that accompanied it (how it happened).

This "improper" storage causes the past life pain to be embedded in your body and to manifest as pain in your present life that is crying out to be healed. To release that pain, you must reconnect with it to understand the "why of it" so that the "how of it" can be healed and integrated into your being.

Present Life Issue: The past is always present. Sometimes it has to shout very loudly to get the person's attention. The "shouting" takes many forms: serious physical, mental, or emotional illness, catastrophic life events (major crime, divorce, death of loved ones, and so).

Sometimes the "screams" have to get so "deafening" that a person has no choice but to pay attention to them. Yet, even if one can hear the sound, one may not know where it is coming from (the past) or how to stop it ( Past Life Healing).

If the "past" is "screaming for attention", it will difficult, if not impossible in some cases, for it to be healed in the present. This is almost always the case with those suffering from "Obssessive Compulsive Disorder".

Case Findings: This case was a classic of the syndrome of "when bad things happen to good people". This person's life would have made even a soap opera character cringe. Although this person was very strong spiritually and mentally, their physical health was terrible and their emotional landscape was full of dark despair and chronic hopelessness.

Yet their "terrible, hard life" was their choice. Often the spiritually able who wish to advance in awareness will deliberately incarnate into difficult circumstances. It was not the degree of difficulty that was the true problem: it was the "sadness that they could not shake". This sadness was one of their past life personality crying out to be recognized, loved, and healed.

Case Learnings: For this case, below is the channeled message and the recommended exercises. This is from an actual profile (certain details were changed to protect the client's identity).

"Deep and harmful past life resonances are and will continue to keep you from being comfortable in your physical body until you heal and release them. For your own peace and well being, we strongly recommend that you get professional past life healing to address these chronic, long term issues as soon as possible.

In a traumatic past life which you are working out today, you were a Jewish rabbi who was forcibly interned in a concentration camp. You were able to survive many years by selflessly helping others. You died not being able to see all the good you had done. To force you to reconnect with the trauma of that lifetime and so that you can see your own goodness, problems have manifested in your body.

These are: obesity (caused by a deeply rooted fear of starvation), abdominal disorders (stored traumas), and lower back pain (not feeling supported). This is also the root cause of your unwanted obssessive compulsive habit of hoarding things. In the camps, it made sense to hold onto everything because prisoners were always lacking food and clothes. Today "holding onto all this garbage" no longer serves you and you need to let this disempowering habit go.

You can begin past life healing right way (see the 'Breaking the Chains' exercise). Your guides wish to speak to you directly in words to help you speed up your healing (see the 'Aligning with Higher Self' exercise)."

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