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Short Description: Treatment of the Spiritual Cause of Body-Mind "Dis"-orders

Case Summary: This client's spirit had sent them chronic pain and physical problems to create the opportunities for their growth and learning. Their body was crying out for them to rethink their life. The more they moved in the direction of their spirit, the more their "body" problems lessened.

Background: This client's body and mind were very forcefully speaking the truth of their spirit. Their spirit sent them a variety of diseases to create opportunities for their growth and learning. Their poor health situation had brought them to the point where they were ready to listen to what their body and mind wanted to say to them. Yet they needed an interpreter to help them understand what was being said.

Present Life Issue: The more advanced one is as Soul, the greater the freedom the body and mind have to keep the individual on their spiritual path. Just like in school, when you had mastered simple lessons, you got harder ones to work on… So it is in life: the lessons get harder, the more advanced you are as Soul.

Case Findings: The client completed the standard inventory of 100 common ailments. Then they indicated the 20 they had experienced the most frequently. Of this 20, the client then ranked the 10 they found to be the most troublesome.

Once 10 were selected, the client was asked to rate the Top 5 in order of priority. In this particular case, there was a significant disagreement between the body and it's "owner" as to the Top 5 problems. Usually what bothers the client the most is the very thing to which the body is trying to draw their attention. In this case, one of the client's problems was their inability to recognize their true pain.

Once consensus between the "body" and "owner" was reached, it was determined that all the client's ailments, the 5 most significant - in order of priority - were as shown below. The disempowering life patterns related to these common ailments came from Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life" (see our Book List).

Joint Pain (Wrists-Ankles):
......(Ankles) Problems with easily changing one's life direction
......(Wrists) Problems easily moving around in life

Muscle Pain (Lower Back-Knees):
......(Lower Back) Fear of not being supported and so…
......(Knees) Unable to move forward in a new direction in life

Muscle Pain (Shoulders-Neck):
......(Shoulders) Inability to live and experience life joyously
......(Neck) Unwilling to change - overburdened, overwhelmed

Respiratory (Allergies-Cold Prone):
......(Allergies) Denying one's own power - giving away power to others
......(Cold Prone) Too much going on at once - confusion

Teeth (Bleeding Gums-Root Canal):
......(Bleeding Gums) Lack of joy about decisions made - progress of one's life
......(Root Canal) Long standing indecisiveness - unable to let go of the past

For more on the past life causes of present life diseases,
click here.

Case Learnings: This client was "literally carrying the world on their shoulders" for almost everyone who was around them. Their body was crying out for them to take a moment to stop, rethink their life, and let go of past patterns.

In this session, the client's Higher Self told this individual "what they already knew". They were taking on far too much at work. They were taking on far too much at home. They were did far too much for everyone else except themselves. This was causing them to feel overburdened and overwhelmed - in fact, they had used the phrase "too much going on at once" to describe their situation.

The client felt that they were "trapped" in their current situation. Their Higher Self disagreed and said they were unwilling to change. This unwillingness to change was an outgrowth of their fear of not being supported by significant others in their life. This kept them from being unable to move forward in a new direction in life.

Also, because they felt "trapped" they were unable to live and experience life joyously. The root of the problem was the fact that they were continually giving away power to others and thereby denying their own power. This was why the individual felt they not made much progress in their life.

The primary learning for the client was that by allowing others to do more, they freed themselves and others to do more. By making small changes at first, the individual saw that others supported them more than they expected

This gave the person the confidence they needed to make even larger and more significant changes in their lives. The more they moved in the direction of their spirit, the more their "body-mind-emotion" problems lessened.



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