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Music can send you back to the past in seconds. Note these are my own personal selections and do not reflect the views of "management" or the opinions of anyone other than myself. Where there is more than one album listed in the group, I listed them in the order that I liked them.

I am not aware of any music specifically for past life healing. So the selections below are from movie music that never fail to "send me back to the past".

1> Mother Night (Michael Convertino)
..... Track 1: "Spiegel Im Spiegal" / "A Nation of Two"

The simple piano theme and lonesome violin beckon the listener to return to a time and a place where they have been before but have long since forgotten. You can literally hear yourself being drawn back into the past. Virtually the entire time that I was creating the intial phase of this site, I listened almost exclusively to this track.

2> My Life (John Barry)
..... Track 1: "Main Title" and Track 3: "Pictures from the Past"
Across the Sea of Time (John Barry)
..... Track 1: "Wonder of America" and Track 11: "Flight Over NY"

If you want to look back on this life or any other, this music draws you pleasantly into the deep pool of your memories. It easily unravels the threads from the past in a very relaxing and harmonious way.

3> Dragon: Bruce Lee Story (Randy Edelman)
..... Track 4: "Bruce and Linda"
Swept from the Sea (John Barry)
..... Track 1: "Main Title"
Back to Titanic (James Horner)
..... Track 1: "Suite"
Indecent Proposal (John Barry)
..... Track 8: "Instrumental Suite from Indecent Proposal"
REDS (Stephen Sondheim)
..... Track 1: "Goodbye for Now"

For anyone who has ever lost a love and wishes to find that love again, this is the music of loss, hope, heartache, and triumph. It opens up the deep places your heart more than you can imagine.

4> Shawshank Redemption (Thomas Newman)
..... Track 8: "Zihuatanejo" and Track 21: "End Title"
The Perfect Storm (James Horner)
..... Track 3: "Let's Go Boys"

For those who have overcome great adversity in this or other lives, this music opens you to remembering how you overcame it. It helps you to connect with those lessons so you do not have to relearn them.

5> The Truman Show (Burkhard Dallwitz-Philip Glass-Wojciech Kilar)
..... Track 2: "It's a Life" and Track 18: "Father Kolbe's Preaching"
Gladiator (Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard)
..... Track 17: "Now We Are Free"

These pieces are truly for those who wish to break free from the circumstances that keep them from moving forward in their life. They are literally the music of growth and expansion... to become more of who you already are.

6> Hoffa (David Newman)
..... Track 4: "Trucker Salute"
Star Trek: First Contact (Jerry Goldsmith)
..... Track 1: "Main Title" and Track 10: "First Contact"

If ever there was music for a perfect moment of triumph, this is it. This is the music of total victory and celebration. It instantly brings you to a time where anything and everything was possible... where one person can make a difference in the world.

7> Forrest Gump (Alan Silvestri)
..... Track 1: "I'm Forrest… Forrest Gump"
Simple Twist of Fate (Cliff Eidelman)
..... Track 1: "Simple Twist of Fate" and Track 9: "A New Life"

For those who truly want to have a miracle happen in their lives… these pieces of music can help you to manifest one... or two... or as many as you can handle.

8> Basic Instinct (John Williams)
..... Track 1: "Main Title" and Track 2: "Crossed Legs"
Diabolique (Randy Edelman)
..... Track 1: "Main Title" and Track 3: "Scene of the Crime"

For those that wish to explore the deep, dark recesses of their past, this music draws you down into the secret places inside yourself. It has the quality of stripping away all layers of pretense until absolute truth is found.

9> Courage Under Fire (James Horner)
..... Track 1: "Hymn"
Saving Private Ryan (John Williams)
..... Track 1: "Hymn to the Fallen"

At one time in our stream of incarnations, it is required of us all that we fight for something that we believe in deeply. The moving quality of these pieces will help stir up those memories within you.

10> Gods & Generals (Randy Edelman)
..... Track 17: "Let Us Cross Over the River"
Gettysburg (Randy Edelman)
..... Track 1: "Main Title" and Track 18: "Reunion and Finale"
Braveheart (James Horner)
..... Track 17: "Freedom/Execution/Bannockburn"

These pieces capture the confident optimism of the march into battle and the poignancy of heroism gone tragically wrong. If you have ever sacrificed your life for a cause, these will help you remember... and heal.



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