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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Tourette's Syndrome
    (Physical - Involuntary Tics)
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Short Description: Tourette's Syndrome
Tourette's Syndrome (TS) is a condition where the sufferer is afflicted by constant, repetitive, involuntary movements and vocalizations ('tics'), like shouted obscenities.

Causes: The usual cause of Tourette's Syndrome (TS) is that, in many past lives, TS sufferers rigidly controlled their own (or others) bodies and/or actions (like movements or vocalizations) because they were taught to do so society. TS breaks the pattern by forcing the sufferer to exhibit behaviors (like cursing obscenities) that they would have severely punished in past lives. TS also forces the sufferer to literally beat or injure themselves (and sometimes others).

TS is also a balancing of karma because when others were beaten, if they survived, they were often left with nerve damage resulting in tics. Here is how this works:

* Rage-aholic Karma: Those who could not control their rage against others in past lives now cannot control the present life rage against themselves. Severe TS sufferers can literally beat themselves to death.

* Imprisonment Karma: Those who indulged in beating and/or berating prisoners while they were guards in prison in past lives contract TS to balance that karma by both movement and vocalization tics.

* Muted Karma: "Seen and not heard" was the life of many in past lives. Those who enforced this harsh rule in the past contract TS to be heard with words they do not want to say so that others will not see their suffering.

Symptoms: Tourette's Syndrome (TS) is painful for the sufferer and their family. The family must watch as the sufferer is powerless to control the urges that shakes (and can damage) their body and poisons (and can strangle their speech).

The tics caused by Tourette's are constantly changing in number, frequency, severity, and location. The tics wax and wane throughout the day but, over time, the tics will tend to get progressively worse in frequency and severity.

Here are the primary symptoms of Tourette's Syndrome:

* Vocal Tics: Tourette's Syndrome is most often diagnosed as the result of the presence of vocal tics, which include:

- Coprolalia (spontaneous, involuntary utterance of offensive words).
- Echolalia (spontaneous, involuntary repetition of words of others).
- Palilalia (spontaneous, involuntary repetition of one's own words).
* Movement Tics: Tourette's Syndrome is also characterized by movements that are clearly involuntary.
- Blinking (where eyes are blinking so often as to impair vision).
- Shrugging (where throat clears and shoulders shrug on their own).
- Flailing (where limbs are constantly flying around uncontrollably).
When TS is very severe, the sufferer will find it difficult to eat and sleep. Their body will wear out eventually from the severe stress, weight loss, and exhaustion caused by experiencing constant stream of vocal and movement tics.

There is a drastic solution for severe TS sufferers: experimental brain surgery to suppress severe Tourette's. This involves the implanting electrodes in the motor control part of the brain to keep cells from misfiring and causing tics.

This is a very invasive and risky brain surgery that should be attempted as a last resort. It can have dramatic after effects like brain damage, mental breakdowns, loss of motor control, infections, etc.

After Effects: Although TS symptoms can be suppressed by medication, the effect is usually temporary. The body often adjusts to the medicine until it no longer works. Worse, the frequency and severity of the tics can increase in response to a period of medication and for sure they increase if no attempt is made to heal them.

Advice: For those who cannot qualify-afford invasive brain surgery, there is another way. This is past life healing where the sufferer examines the karmic reasons for WHY they came into agreement with having TS.

Case History: is included in the above descriptions of Tourette's syndromes.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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