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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
    (Emotional - Overflow)
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Short Description: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Cases of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, not caused by exposure to toxic waste, industrial chemicals, air/water pollutants, or other environmental poisons, are caused by ongoing, lifelong "emotional overload".

Causes: Those who contract non-toxin related Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) are more advanced Souls who, over the course of many incarnations, have had a "track record" of totally denying their emotions.

Emotions are "energy in motion" which are sent by our Higher Selves, guides, etc to "compel" us to take action (which is how karma is administered in the universe). In the normal course of evolution, by "trial and error", a Soul learns to respect their emotions by feeling them, honoring them, processing them, and acting upon them.

Non-toxin related MCS is usually caused by long standing patterns of "denying emotions". The effected Souls have "agreed" to the extreme solution of MCS to "break themselves out" of these patterns. These are the patterns (the "dysfunctional defenses" as described by John Bradshaw in his book "Homecoming"):

- No Feel Rule which manifests as thinking like...
    ("I will not feel any of the emotions I have about the situation")
- No Talk Rule which manifests as thinking like...
    ("I will keep whatever comes up to myself and not talk about it")
- No Emotion Rule which manifests as thinking like...
    ("I will keep whatever to myself and not show emotions about it")

Symptoms: Synthetic chemicals are everywhere: in our clothes, in our food, in everything we use, and even in the air we breathe. Since it is impossible to escape exposure, every person's body must constantly adjust to the barrage of chemicals present in the environment. If the levels of toxins are too high or if an individual is "weakened" by all the emotional stresses in their life, they become "sensitized" to the chemicals in the environment around them.

This increased sensitivity will leave the individual either partially or fully physically disabled. The physical symptoms of MCS manifest as a wide ranging array of complaints like headaches, poor short term memory, chronic fatigue, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, constipation, food allergies, arthritis, etc.

With MCS, sufferers have "multi-system" diseases. In cases of non-toxin related MCS, this happens because the "emotional overload" from their life stress flows everywhere into their body. Then the pressing need to deal with overwhelming physical symptoms "serves" to relieve the "denied" emotional pressure by diverting attention from the "unreal" emotional problems to "real" physical ones.

After Effects: Those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) may become partially or totally disabled for several years or for life. "This 'physical condition' affects every aspect of their life, often forcing them to make dramatic changes at home and at work. Their marriages and other relationships may end from the stress of coping with this disabling condition. They may be forced to leave their jobs and deal with the devastating loss of income or even poverty."

Often these "wake-up" calls are the incentive the person needs to break through the damn of their bottled emotions and express their long pent up feelings. If the emotional release was genuine, the symptoms of non-toxin MCS will disappear.

Advice: Although non-toxin related MCS can be treated, the treatments reduce symptoms without doing anything to address their causes. The only way to discover the causes of "non-toxin related MCS" is for the person having them to carefully monitor their thoughts and feelings just prior to experiencing the worst of their symptoms. By recording these in a journal, the pattern of denial will become clear.

The truth is that non-toxin related MCS is the natural result of emotional overload. Finding new and empowering ways of dealing with emotions - instead of denying them - stops the overflow at it's source. When the overflow is stopped, the need to manifest a physical "diversion" disappears and the non-toxin MCS can be "cured". Click here for more on how to combat high levels of modern

Case History: Non-toxin related MCS most often occur among "bored and frustrated" housewives who are often the "victims" of their own life choices. They may be "bored" because their lifestyle does not require that they live up to their full potential. They may be "frustrated" because they cannot stand up to a dominating spouse. So MCS becomes a way of "getting all the attention that they deserve".

Before using any of this advice, click here for a "Word of Caution"

Credits: from channeled information and from "Edwina's" life story.



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