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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

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    (Past Life Causes of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)

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"The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken." (Samuel Johnson)

"An unwanted thought is like an unwanted guest, pay no attention to the guest, don't feed the guest, don't talk to the guest, and rest assured, the guest will leave eventually." (Anonymous)

The PAST is Still PRESENT in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Our violent past left many imprints on us, some so severe as to haunt our lives now and to impair our effective functioning in society. Here are the most common causes of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder driven by past life resonances:

*** Hoarding Type of OCD Thought Patterns

OCD Pattern: Rampant hoarding of ALL objects including trash.

Rampant Hoarders: Individuals who keep everything they have ever received or every penny they have ever made. In past lives, even trash, which served as insulation, could be the difference between life and death.

OCD Pattern: Rampant guarding of objects considered valuable.

Object Mania: Whether it was State Papers, expensive jewelry, or other pricey/sensitive objects, failure to store valuable objects properly could merit a brutal beating or even a death sentence past lives.

OCD Pattern: Rampant guarding of objects through excessive intervention.

Always Guarding: Endlessly checking drawers, door, locks, and appliances to make sure they are shut, locked, or turned off. Successfully guarding against fire and theft meant job security in past lives.

*** Cleanliness Type of OCD Thought Patterns

OCD Pattern: Constantly washing hands, feet, or other body parts.

Excessive Washing: In times of plague, leprosy, typhoid, etc, constant washing was a popular home remedy to ward them off. The more one washed, the safer one was supposed to be from infectious illness.

OCD Pattern: Always on guard against the presence of germs.

Germ Freaks: Since Louis Pasteur's discovery of germs, many with past life fears of disease developed fears of bodily germs, waste, or fluids which drive it. This triggers subconscious past deaths from dirt/disease.

OCD Pattern: Constantly arranging/re-arranging items in certain ways.

Cleaning Standards: Those who have to clean what is already clean usually were beaten to death by masters for failing to "clean up" according to their ridiculous rules (of balance, exactness, order, symmetry, etc).

*** Eccentric Type of OCD Thought Patterns

OCD Pattern: Unnecessary repeated motions which create excessive time delays.

Repeated Actions: Those who must open and close doors, get up and sit down, or touch objects a specific number of times have ritual OCD. In past lives, these were all rituals mandated by monarchs on pain of death.

OCD Pattern: Constantly thinking about certain sounds, images, or words.

Rote Memory: In past lives, teachers believed that the only way everyone could learn was through constant repitition. Those who were "slow" were pressured into putting non-stop attention on memorization.

OCD Pattern: Constantly counting certain numbers over and over again.

Spreadsheet Void: In past lives, without technology to perform complex calculations, individuals had to perform multiple counts of the same items to make sure they got it right... or suffer a beating or a death sentence.

*** Risk Averse Type of OCD Thought Patterns

OCD Pattern: Fear of thinking evil or sinful thoughts or acting contrary to religion.

Scrupulosity: For many, in past lives, used religion as a life raft. They believed that if they avoided sin like the plague, then nothing bad could ever happen to them. So they scrutinize their every action.

OCD Pattern: Fear of doing work incorrectly and of making mistakes.

Workaholic: "Work makes free" was a motto in past lives. There is a constant nagging worry that tasks were done poorly, even when they know the individual knows for a fact that is not true.

OCD Pattern: Fear of harming a family, friend, or acquaintance inadvertantly.

Karmic Poison: Those whose jobs forced them into killing or maiming others in past lives fear doing so in the present. They often fear their own physical strength and always mistrust results of their own actions.

*** Risk Taking Type of OCD Thought Patterns

OCD Pattern: Sports activity that put health, wealth, and happiness at risk.

Extreme Sports: Despite massive injuries, invasive surgeries, and heartfelt pleas from loved ones, extremers remain committed to "their sport" until it kills or permanently incapacitates them.

OCD Pattern: Substance abuse that puts health, wealth, and happiness at risk.

Substance Abuse: Individuals can experience addiction to the same substances lifetime after lifetime. Each lifetime offers the chance to break the grip of substances and move forward clean and sober.

OCD Pattern: Sexual behavior that puts health, wealth, and happiness at risk.

Risky Sex: Individuals who risk their health and wealth to engage in what is considered to be sexually deviant behavior. OCD sexual behaviors are deep seated and take multitides of lives to break.

Credits: from channeled information.



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