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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Hereditary Cancer
    (Physical - Family Cancer Karma)
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Short Description: Hereditary Cancer
Hereditary Cancer is cancer that "runs in the family" meaning that all members of that family have a greater than 70% chance of getting that particular form of cancer.

Causes: Medical science teaches that because you share the same genetics with members of your family, your DNA has automatically determined your destiny.

Yet medical science has yet to explain why if 70% of family members will get the hereditary cancer that the other 30% do NOT get the cancer. Just like social science cannot explain why a parent with many children of the same sex freely molests all of them EXCEPT for one particular child.

As with the other sciences, the cure is to be found by focusing on those who are EXCEPTIONS for cures to both hereditary cancer and serial abuse. For example, when someone is immune to a disease, scientists study the immune individual to find the immunity factor. Once they have it, they turn around a create a treatment that supplies the missing ingredient. Voila! A cure is then effected. If scientists took the same approach to the treatment of hereditary cancer and serial sexual abuses, they would find the cause is the cure: past life karma.

* Group Karma: Hereditary Cancer "runs in the family" because the individuals who formed the group decided to balance their karma together. Going through a painful experience (like having cancer) makes the family a built in support group for one another. Usually they created the karma together in past lives and have a long history of positive experiences with one another. Their close loving relationship makes the cancer easier to bear. So, at a Soul level, they came together to "get it all over with" among friends who are going through the same thing.

* Group Cause: Hereditary Cancer can be a family reunion at the scene of the crime. For example, a family stricken by cancer now in past lives was a group of corrupt officials. They all took bribes to allow inferior piping to be installed in common water works. Those who drank the water got lead poisoning and died. Now these former officials are experiencing the effects of their past life actions by contracting cancer. The particular kind cancer mimics the effects of lead poisoning... to help balance the scales between the present and the past.

* Group Learning: Hereditary Cancer is always a vehicle for rapid learning among the family members. For example, there was a family stricken by cancer which resulted in each of them having their stomachs removed. They all were fascinated by the Mayans and discovered that they all worked in harvesting organs from the newly sacrificed in past lives. They learned they had agreed to have stomach cancer to experience such harvesting.

Symptoms: In the case of Hereditary Cancer, those who do NOT get the cancer are immune because it is NOT their path to explore the cancer experience in this life. In the case of serial sexual abuse, those who are NOT molested are immune because it is NOT their path to explore the abused child experience in this life. For those that get the cancer or suffer the serial abuse, the balancing of past life karma has created this present reality.

After Effects: Karma works on the basis of default meaning it creates the future for an individual in a pre-determined pattern unless that individual take active steps to heal it. So the individual, born into a group with a "family curse" of cancer and who is diagnosed with having it, has two choices. Either they can do nothing and allow the cancer to run its course -or- take active steps to heal the causes of the hereditary cancer. No one is a helpless victim of past life karma... unless they do nothing and fall "victim" to their hereditary karma.

Advice: Karmically speaking, people are attracted to parents and family groups who have the same unresolved issues as they do. So people incarnate into families that have the genetics that will support the resolution of the issues they have agreed to explore in this lifetime. So, for those who are interested in shifting out of the pattern of family karma (becoming the healthy exception rather than being another family statistic), there is HOPE. That hope is for them to look back into the trail of their past lives and heal the unresolved issues effecting today.

Case History: is included in the above descriptions of Hereditary Cancer.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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