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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

    (Physical - Malformed Hands)
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Short Description: Ectrodactyly/Syndactyly
Ectrodactyly, also known as Karsch-Neugebauer or Lobster Claw Syndrome, is a rare congenital deformity where the hands (or the feet) are missing fingers (or toes) and what remains looks like a lobster claw. Syndactyly is webbed fingers or toes.

Causes: Medicine concludes that there is a 50-50 chance that parents will transmit the deformity to their children. Yet there is a 100% chance that Ectrodactyly sufferers have one or more of these types of karma:

Ectrodactyly in History

* Roman Finger Torture: For first offences and serious misdemeanors, Romans would often exact a penalty of removing parts of fingers. They would start by cutting from the fingertip to the top knuckle of the pinky finger for the first offence. For later offenses, the finger would be removed to one knuckle at a time working from the pinky finger to the thumb. By looking at the hand, Romans knew one's criminal history. This torture inflicted punishment without impairing their capacity to pay taxes. Now the ex-Roman has to live with this karma.

* Chinese Toe Torture: Similar to the Roman Finger Torture, the Chinese Toe Torture would remove toes from the pinky to the big toe from the right to left foot. The idea was to keep the individual from being able to walk easily or to run at all. With every footstep, the individual would be reminded of their crimes and would be prevented from escaping justice. Now the ex-Chinese has to live with this karma by experiencing it themselves with every step they take.

* Barbarian Training Torture: In various "barbarian" tribes (like Huns, Vandals, Visigoths, and so on), there were brutal training practices. When a trainee made a serious mistake, the penalty was losing part of a finger (less often parts of a toe). Now the ex-barbarian has to live with this karma by experiencing it themselves.

* Inquisition Mutilation Torture: In the early days of the Inquisition, the church would punish heretics by lopping off fingers or toes. This was supposed to be a living, visible deterrent to crime that did not really work. Now the ex-Inquisitor has to live with the finger and/or toe karma by experiencing it themselves.

* Exhibition Karma: In past lives, the Ectrodactyly sufferer exploited others by displaying them as "freaks of nature". Most often, they were unusually cruel to the "freaks" in their care by beating them and by forcing them to endure "inhuman" conditions. Their own dramatic deformity makes them "freaks in society" now.

Symptoms: Ectrodactyly is a genetic disorder which usually malforms the hands but it can also malform the feet. Those with Ectrodactyly have a cleft where the middle fingers (or toes) should be. Typically, these missing digits make the malformed hand (or foot or both) look much like a lobster's claw. However, Ectrodactyly sufferers can have any number of unusual malformation of the digits.

A closely related disorder is Syndactyly where the malformation is webbed fingers. The malformation that the individual receives is a direct result of what past life karma they have created for themselves as noted above.

After Effects: Ectrodactyly can be treated surgically. The appearance and function of hands can be improved by transferring toe(s) to take the place of fingers. Alternatively, prosthetics can be used to enhance hands or feet.

While past life exploration can help the Ectrodactyly sufferer understand why they have this disorder, the karma has been completed... Ectrodactyly is a life sentence which is carried out inside the womb. Famous people who suffered from these conditions are Leonardo DaVinci (Syndactyly) and Anne Boleyn (Ectrodactyly).

Advice: If Ectrodactyly sufferers are willing to accept responsibility for and heal the past... their guilt over having given or received it can end sooner. The good news is that the Ectrodactyly person's experience is never wasted.

Every moment of their life is rich in experience and karmic burnoff. The best news is Ectrodactyly is only experienced by an individual once during their trail of incarnations. Since this is a very intense form of karmic correction it can only be experienced once regardless of whether the karma is balanced or not.

Case History: is included in the above descriptions of Ectrodactyly syndromes.

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Credits: from channeled information. Historical pictures from "Fortunius Licetus De Monstris" by F. Liceti (1665).



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