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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Conduct Disorder
    (Mental-Emotional - Anti-Social Conduct)
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Short Description
After Effects
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Short Description: Conduct Disorder
Conduct Disorder is a mental-emotional disorder resulting in an child's actions which reveal a pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others whether the others are children or adults (Anti-Social Personality is the adult disorder).

Causes: Conduct Disorder is a disease of the unevolved soul. Most sufferers are in the early stages of their cycle of karma and reincarnation. They are learning the lessons of life the hard way: by going through life consistently making unloving choices and quickly reaping the resulting "bad" karma.

* Reaction to Family Abuse: Many cases (but not all) of Conduct Disorder are the result of the child acting out in response to physical, mental, emotional, or sexual abuse within the family. The child's rage at their family's mistreatment gets redirected at others through abusive misconduct. They are living out what they have learned within their family: how to be cruel, aggressive, destructive, and deceitful with others while being certain they will suffer no consequences for doing so.

* Reaction to Past Life Abuse: Those cases which cannot be traced backed to the present family of origin are a reaction to abuse received in past lives. The rage, which could not be expressed in the past, reincarnates into the present with a vengeance. Sufferers, even from families whose love and kindness is unquestioned in the present, will act out as children if they are carrying over "too much" unhealed rage from their past lives which simply overwhelms their child's consciousness.

* Working Out Past Life Rage: Although past life rage can be worked through more quickly if its the direct cause from past lives is confronted, Conduct Disorder can be healed using traditional rage-anger management therapies. Some children would find past life information to be overwhelming given their limited life experience. So unless the child is having spontaneous memories of the past lives where the abuse caused their rage, past life healing is not advisable.

* Adult Misconduct: When children are suffering from Conduct Disorder, they can and will committ crimes adult in nature... that should be punished in an adult manner with the assistance of law enforcement authorities. Parents should be aware that the anti-social behaviors associated with Conduct Disorder will only escalate as time passes and if the punishments for the misconduct do not match the seriousness of the offense. Part of the problem with Conduct Disorder is that parents do not recognize and address the bad behaviors early enough.

Symptoms: Conduct Disorder is characterized by the following behaviors:

- Cruelty, as indicated by physical harm to people and animals (by using a bat, brick, broken bottle, knife, gun).
- Aggression, as indicated by bullying, threatening, or intimidating others by yelling or initiating fights.
- Destructiveness, as indicated by using weapons, setting fires, damaging property, harming animals, etc.
- Deceitfulness, as indicated by lying to get goods, to receive favors, and/or to avoid obligations.
- Theft, as indicated by mugging, purse snatching, extortion, robbery of items from buildings, houses, or cars.
- Embezzlement, as indicated by shoplifting, forgery, stealing (without breaking and entering).
- Sexual misconduct, as indicated by forced others into various levels of sexual activity (up to intercourse).
- Truancy, as indicated by staying out late at night, by skipping school, by running away overnight.
- Irresponsibility, as indicated by their belief that they are never truly at fault for their own actions.

After Effects: Like most behavioral disorders which result in illegal behaviors, Conduct Disorder, if left untreated, will only turn into Anti-Social Personality Disorder. Most sufferers end up with legal problems.

Advice: When the life lesson associated with Conduct Disorder has been fully learned and "absorbed" into the person's body-mind-emotions, the related "disempowering" behavior will fall away. Usually this takes several lifetimes before the individual becomes more responsible for the effects of the causes they have set in motion. Past life healing can only help if the person is close to the end of their cycle of Conduct and Anti-Social Personality Disorders.

Case History: included in the above descriptions of Conduct Disorder.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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