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FAQ: What are the signs that I may have a past life problem?

Past life healing is often the modality of last resort. When someone has tried all other avenues of both traditional and alternative medicine to address their present condition, they look to their past lives for the cause. If the problem does lie in the past, it can be remarkably resistant to present life cures.

Below are the most common signs of past life problems. For a list of uncommon and very serious past life problems, consult our Top Ten Indicators of Past Life Problems.

For how past lives effect you positively, see how past lives can effect your daily life.

Our exclusive "Past Life Profile" can help you find out EXACTLY how YOU have been effected by your past lives.

Here are signs that "typically" indicate that someone has a "past life problem". They are listed in order from most to least commonly experienced:

Inexplicable Pain
Inappropriate Fears
Uncontrollable Habits
Strange Memories
"Odd" Thoughts
Recurring Nightmares

"Inexplicable Pain": This is the most common symptom of a past life problem. The person will have a persistent pain that doctors cannot explain or treat. They will say "there is nothing wrong with you" that translated into English means "I am clueless about how to get rid of your pain". And the doctors are correct: because the pain is coming from the past, it cannot be treated in the present. [Example]

"Inappropriate Fears": If someone points a gun to your head and threatens to pull the trigger that is an appropriate fear because:

  • a> it is a threatening situation
  • b> there is a clear and present danger
  • c> there can be no doubt about cause and effect.

In other words, if the gun goes off in close proximity to your head, you will die and it is appropriate to be fearful that situation. However, fearing a situation becomes inappropriate when there is no imminent threat, no forseeable danger, and no obvious link between cause and effect. [Example]

"Uncontrollable Habits": Everyone has their little quirks and rituals. Usually they are harmless and often they can be what endear us to other people. Habits usually are helpful: they are formed by our experience to make our lives easier and to help us avoid mistakes that we have made in the past. Yet when someone has a habit that they do not want, that they cannot stop, and that is actively interfering with their life and relationships, a past life may be causing it. Worse, the habit will not go away unless the past life causing it is healed. [Example]

"Strange Memories": Today, through the magic of movies and television, we are able to have a wider knowledge of life by seeing the stories of others' experiences. However, we are easily able to tell the difference between what is and what is not our "reality". Yet, the bounds of our reality become stretched when we visit a place we have never been before and know it as well as our own home. Or when we instantly know how to do something we have never been taught. Or when a sight, a sound, a smell, a taste, or a touch transports us back to a place or causes us to remember a person outside of our life's experience. [Example]

"Odd Thoughts": There are times when everyone has said or thought something that both they and others find to be odd. Yet, most people do not experience the same odd thought throughout their lives. In cases like these, usually the people themselves are quite aware that they have a real problem with an odd thought. Often they are reluctant to admit it to themselves, let alone to others. Yet all that we think and feel comes from somewhere and at one time it "made sense". If it does not come from the present, then it comes from past lives. [Example]

"Recurring Nightmares": Everyone has had a nightmare from time to time: that is part of the experience of life. Most people do not experience the same nightmare for days, weeks, months, or even years at a time. If the recurring nightmare is the same, you should easily be able to remember all its' details after many frightening replays. If the details show someone you know is you as being the opposite sex or dressed in "old" clothes or speaking some language you do not recognize or in a situation outside of your experience, it may be a past life memory that is begging to be remembered, healed, and resolved. [Example]


Example: Inexplicable Pain: a client's knee had been shredded in a past life as a knight in medieval Germany. The client described their hurt as a "stabbing" pain. In fact, the injury was caused in the past life by multiple stab wounds. In this life, that particular knee was persistently painful but there was no swelling, no bone chips, no fractures, and no other medical cause that could be detected by XRays or MRI. Yet once the client confronted the past life and the issues arising from it that were "crippling" their current life, the pain went away.

Example: Inappropriate Fears: a client had a deep seated fear of dogs. They would not allow them in their house and went out of their way to avoid them. When confronted with a situation where a dog was present, they would quickly come up with some excuse to leave. There was nothing in their background to explain their fears. Intellectually they knew that the dogs in their neighborhood were no threat. Yet, they could not overcome their fear of a dog killing them. Indeed, they were not surprised (and quite relieved) when they learned that they had being killed in a past life by dogs which had viciously attacked and eaten them.

Example: Uncontrollable Habits: Given the number of years my family had to put up with this bad habit of mine, I owe it to them to use it as an example. When we would go to the movies, the theater, ballgames, airplanes, anywhere where we had to sit in seats, I would always have to sit on the aisle. If I sat between people with no easily accessible exit, I would get anxious, nervous, irritated, jumpy, and make everyone's life a living hell. This was because in a past life I died in a theater fire. I could not get to safety back then because I sat in five rows back from the stage in the center seat. As I lay dying, choking on thick smoke, I swore never to do that again. As my family will attest, for many years, I was as good as my word!

Example: Strange Memories: I was raised as a Christian and was taught that past lives were not real. Then I had an unexpected confrontation with another of my realities. I had gone on vacation to Williamsburg, VA and visited a place called Carter's Grove Plantation. Nearby was the recently excavated site of the Martin's Hundred Massacre. When I saw it, I did not see the bare outlines of the fort which are there today. I saw the settlement as it had been when it was attacked: houses on fire, smoke, armed Indians slaughtering half awake settlers. I could hear the screams of people dying. Then instantly my perspective shifted and I was inside the fort. I was running from an Indian with a knife. Final score: Indian 1, Settler 0.

Example: Odd Thoughts: Those having Obssessive-Compulsive Disorder are almost always playing out the aftermath of traumatic past lives. For example, a person who is currently compelled to straighten the fringe on their carpets could not understand how this compulsion originated. It stemmed from this individual's past lifetime as a servant who had been regularly beaten by his cruel master for failing to properly straighten the fringe on carpets. That past life abruptly ended when the servant was pounded to death. Since his body still stored the trauma in this life, his mind compensated to keep him safe by giving him this compulsion.

Example: Recurring Nightmares: Before I healed a past life in Williamsburg, VA when I had been killed in the Martin's Hundred massacre, I had recurring nightmares about running from an Indian who was trying to kill me. For the complete story, see the excerpt of my book "The Bridge Across Time".



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