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Psychological Blocks to Losing Weight

The " COMMON PATTERNS " of Psychological Blocks to Weight Loss!

Here are the common unconscious mental-emotional patterns which cause people to carry excess weight. Once these patterns were broken in any individual, it will free them from being confined to a prison of extra flesh. So weight is caused by:

Alleviate Anxieties and Fears ... just listen to this common self talk:
- Instead: Find other ways to alleviate your anxieties and fears.

"Since I am fat, I will not be a target for sexual attack (rape, assault, murder)"
"If I was thin, I could leave my marriage and break up my family, so I must be fat"
"If I was thin, I could change my job, that scares me, so I must be fat"
"Since I am fat, I can stay out of the mainstream of life and be completely safe"

Alleviate / Manage Stress ... just listen to this common self talk:
- Instead: Find help with your busy life and take time for yourself.

"I am too busy to exercise because my job / life /family are so stressful"
"I am too busy to exercise because of (fill in the blank) so I cannot lose weight"
"I am too busy to sleep so I eat food to keep myself awake"

Compensation for Deprivation ... just listen to this common self talk:
- Instead: Find other ways to satisfy yourself quickly and easily.

"Eating is easy and it instantly satisfies me and makes me feel better"
"I am not allowed to have fun so I eat in place of having any pleasure"

Suppression of Vulnerable Feelings ... just listen to this common self talk:
- Instead: Try venting your vulnerable feelings.

"I eat when I am sad, angry, or fearful because it is something I can do for myself"
"I have to eat my feelings because no one values me: food helps it all go down"

Completion/Compromise of Your Identity ... just listen to this common self talk:
- Instead: Remember that you are not your body.

"If people love me when I am fat, then I know they really love me"
"Since I am fat, I must concentrate on the development of my character"
"Being overweight is part of who I am, if you do not like it, you have to deal with it"

Subtle Self Punishment ... just listen to this common self talk:
- Instead: Know that you are loved by God.

"I am not really a good person, so I deserve to be trapped into a fat body"
"I have bad food days: I just cannot help myself. I am helpless and hopeless"

Unintended Consequences of Rebellion ... just listen to this common self talk:
- Instead: Do what is in your best interest - be healthy!

"I will show you (parent/spouse/child) that I will be as fat as I want to be"
"You say 'lose weight' but I will show you (parent/spouse/child) by staying fat"
"No one will tell me what to do: I will be as fat as I want to be"

Loyalty to Family or Community Values ... just listen to this common self talk:
- Instead: Find other ways to show affection to your loved ones.

"If I do not eat my (parent/spouse/child) will think that I do not love them"
"If I do not eat then I am not a good (fill in the nationality, ethnic group, or religion)"
"Eating the food my (parent/spouse/child) gives me shows that I love them"

Relationship Power Struggles ... just listen to this common self talk:
- Instead: You change first by losing weight for yourself.

"I will lose weight when my (parent/spouse/child) does … (what I want them to)"
"I cannot lose weight because I will lose a bargaining chip in our power struggle"

Imprint of Survival Fears from Past Lives ... just listen to this common self talk:
- Instead: Seek professional help (optional)

"I do not trust that there will always be enough to eat"
"That way if I am stabbed or shot, I have a better chance of surviving"
"I cannot rely on God to protect me so I must protect myself"

Be happy, be well, be safe, and be healthy!
Know that God loves you just as you are!!!

Credits: "Psychological Blocks to Losing Weight" by Dr. Sidney J. Cohen



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