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Exercise: Balancing the Heart and the Head

Summary: Learning to Embrace Your Dual Nature as Soul

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Background: Past lives have contributed to whether an individual is more "head-strong" or more "heart-guided" by nature. Those who are too "head-strong" often miss out on joy because their strong minds are too suspicious or too resistant to opening their heart. Those who are too "heart-guided" often miss out on joy because their kind hearts are too trusting or too uncritical to opening their mind.

As the Chinese Proverb says, "Too much head, too little joy. Too much heart, too little peace." Balance is the key to living a life full of love and joy. Those who are too "head-strong" would be better served by listening to their heart. Those who are too "heart-guided" would be better served by listening to their mind.

Goal: This exercise is for those who are "head-strong" and want to cultivate being more "kind hearted" -or- for those who are "heart-guided" and want to cultivate being more "open minded". This begins with understanding the special qualities of kind hearts and open minds that must be cultivated by those seeking change.

* Kind Hearted Qualities: Here is what it takes....

* Be Loving & Good: Being loving and good are the keys to kind heartedness. Kind hearted people want the best for themselves and others. They achieve it by being loving and good in thought, word, and deed. These are conscious choices that must be made on a daily basis... and often can be difficult to stand behind.

* Be Hopeful & Trusting: When you are hopeful, you are creating an optimistic vision of the future and inviting it to come into your reality. When you are trusting, you are creating a space for the highest good to manifest for you and others. Truly kind hearted people are always hopeful and trusting... it is part of their nature!

* Be Helpful by Habit: When you are helpful, you will be receiving as much as you are giving by lending a helping hand. Being helpful by habit is how others will know you are kind hearted. For when you say "let me help", you are communicating your love more powerfully than when you are saying "I love you!" Helpfulness is love in action.

* Be Gracious in Victory: When things are going well, kind hearted people are always gracious in victory. They never gloat: instead they are gracious to their competitors and acknowledge their efforts. They are naturally abundant and usually share the wealth: baking a bigger pie so that there is more of everything for everyone.

* Be Generous in Defeat: When things are going badly, kind hearted people are always generous in defeat. They never complain: they focus on fixing the problem rather than the blame and on finding the opportunity and solution buried inside the problem. They take the lemons that life has handed them and they make lemonade.

* Be Positive Change: The best way to be kind hearted is to be nd become the positive change you want to see in the world. An encouraging word, a bright smile, a sincere word of "Thanks", a random act of kindness... all of these routinely flow from kind-hearted people and are what create positive change in the Earth's energy.
* Open Minded Qualities: Here is what it takes....
* Do Not Consider the Source: Great ideas can come from anywhere. To be truly open minded, you need to separate the idea from the person who originated or suggested it. Just because you may not like the person, you might well like their idea. Those who find greatness always focus on the idea... and not on the source.

* Do Not Automatically Reject: Most who are close minded automatically reject those ideas which do not fit with their prejudices (or pre-judgments). To be truly open minded, you need to look at ideas that are both in and out of the box. Those who find greatness always rise above their prejudices... to do the right thing.

* Do Not Disregard Old Ideas: Each time you have a decision to make, start fresh and reconsider all the ideas on the table. To be truly open minded, you need to look at all ideas from every angle. Those who find greatness look at an old idea with new eyes and act on that idea... when its time for manifestation has finally come.

* Do Not Be Married to Ideas: The old idea that worked perfectly yesterday may not work well tomorrow. To be truly open minded, you need to constantly monitor events. Those who find greatness always do more of what is working and do less of what is not working... and are never married to the past, only to the future.

* Do Not Fear Making Mistakes: Most who are close minded are so fearful about making mistakes they stick with the tried and true no matter what. To be truly open minded, you need to stop worrying about making mistakes and to start focus on creating success. Those who find greatness... are unafraid to risk making mistakes.

* Do Not Rest on Success: Achieving success is a constant process. To be truly open minded, you need to do better today than you did yesterday and to do even better tomorrow than you did today. Those who find greatness do so by being successful every day, day after day... so that all they have time for is success!
* Achieving Balance: Your head and heart are meant to work as a team... and create better decisions by challenging one another. If your heart and your head are enemies, if one dominates the other, if they are working against rather than with one another, then you need to put an end to this pointless warfare... that makes you less joyful and less peaceful. Balancing their unique concerns is creates joy and peace.


Careful preparation is the key to the successful completion of this exercise.

1> Do this exercise at night after you have taken a bath but before bed.

2> It is best you do it when you will be able to sleep the next day.

3> Be patient with yourself for a week or so. "Balancing the Heart and the Head" can be quite disorienting until the changes are fully integrated. It is VERY powerful and it takes time for the work that you have done on the inner bodies to be reflected in your outer body ("as above, so below"). If you are doing this process to effect a change, then you should be fully prepared to expect a change. In this case, for your body's health you need a change. You know the old saying: "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it!"

4> Being comfortable is the key. You can lie down (recommended) or sit up. If you opt to sit up, you must be supported and feel fully relaxed and comfortable. Do this exercise in a place where you will be completely quiet and undisturbed for the entire session because this is a highly powerful and intimate process.

How to Do This Exercise:

1> Take some deep, refreshing breaths until you are totally relaxed and comfortable in whatever position you have chosen (it should take you no more than 3 minutes to get comfortable). It is best to do this while sitting or lying down.
......For more on "Relaxation Processes & Techniques",
click here.

2> Start by imagining them as two different people. For example, Mr Head is the masculine energy of the mind: he is a logical, analytical thinker while Ms Heart is the feminine energy of the heart: she is intuitive, spontaneous feeler.

3> Ask Mr Head and Ms Heart to look at one another, move closer, smile, and take one another by the hand. Ask them both to forgive each other for whatever wrongs or hurts they have caused one another in the past. Now ask them to make a new start with one another so that they can go forward into the future as partners.

4> Ask Ms Heart to say to Mr Head:
"I need you because you complete me. I rely on your wisdom, your logical guidance, and your problem solving abilities to keep me safe in the world. I am glad that you are the one who leads the way when it comes to work, finances, and living sensibly. I promise to be your faithful partner." Be sincere: mean each and every word of this!

5> Ask Mr Head to say to Ms Heart:
"I need you because you complete me. I rely on your compassion, your loving guidance, and your sensitivity to others to keep me connected to the world. I am glad that you are the one who leads the way when it comes to relationships and loving others. I promise to be your faithful partner." Be sincere: mean each and every word of this!

6> See these two different aspects of yourself embracing one another. Imagine that Mr Head and Ms Heart are melting into one another so that there are no longer two people but instead there is only one loving energy existing in perfect harmony.

7> Feel Ms Heart and Mr Head co-existing harmoniously within you. The two have become one and are working together as loving partners. Each allows the other to do what they do best. Each supports and helps the other. Each helps you to become the best you can be. You know more joy and peace... and your life flows in bliss and abundance... and your heart and head are now in balance.


Many people are living in better internal peace and harmony after having regularly practiced this exercise. Are your heart and head in balance? :O)

Credits: from channeled information.



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