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Exercise: Karma Healing (ASK): Healing Body, Mind, and Emotions

Summary: Receiving Healings from Physicians on the Inner Planes

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Background on This Exercise
Goal of This Exercise
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Background: Your body is a remarkable instrument of God: it is the temple of the spirit. Your body allows you to have various experiences on many planes of existence: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. To support this multi-dimensional variety of experience, your body exists at many different levels and therefore is apt to require healing in any or all of these places.

Goal: The goal of all the healers who are part of the ASK (Advanced Services Karma) Healing Network is to accelerate your personal transformation by specifically targeted healings on your inner bodies. ASK can heal problems with your inner bodies that effect you physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

This process is powerful (problems get and stay fixed). It is also quick (you can move through healings in hours that would take days, weeks, months, or years to heal by conventional means). Healings received through ASK Healings effect you physically because as your inner bodies are healed ("as above"), your outer body (which is intricately connected to your inner bodies) is also effected ("so below").


1> Being comfortable is the key. You can lie down (recommended) or sit up. If you opt to sit up, you must be supported and feel fully relaxed and comfortable.
......For more on "Relaxation Processes & Techniques",
click here.

2> Be where you can be alone: quiet and undisturbed for the whole session. You will need to allow at least 40 minutes for each ASK Healing session.

3> This process works the best if you ASK for a dedicated team of healers (doctors, psychologists, etc) to be assigned to you for LIFE (the name of your personal ASK Healing Team will come to you).

4> You should communicate any discomfort you may feel to your Team of ASK Healers. You can talk or think: either will be received by the Team. However, it is best if you think about what is bothering you, rather than speaking it. The more still and quiet you can be, the better (many people get ASK Healing while sleeping).

5> Be open to the ASK Healing Team's instructions. If you are instructed to do so by the ASK Team, you may get up, move, take a drink of water, or visit the bathroom. Otherwise, do not move unless absolutely necessary.

6> Unless you are told to go to sleep, focus on feeling the energetic changes in your body being made by the ASK Team. These can manifest as:

  • Visions (you may see images related to the work being performed)
  • Vocalizations (you may hear music or words being sung or spoken)
  • Sensations (you may feel tingles, aches, or chills wherever the ASK Team is currently working on your body.)

How to Do This Exercise:

1> Call in your Higher Self to ask for advice about the ASK Healing: as in what is really needed, what topics should be covered, and in what order.

2> Open the healing session by saying "I wish to connect to my ASK Team." Then "I would like to be connected to... (each of the entities listed below)". Connect to one entity at a time. Wait to feel each entity connect into your inner bodies and begin to work on you before you proceed to the next entity. If you do not feel any sensations, then just wait 5-10 seconds before proceeding.

Higher Self (who guides the ASK Session)
Any angels who routinely protect and guide you
Any other servants of the universe you feel guided to call
as well as Your personal ASK Healing Team

3> Focus your attention on the session and your entities. Give feedback on how the last session went: specify what was healed and what was not healed.

4> For this session, describe as fully as you can how you are feeling - physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally (both consciously and unconsciously).

5> Bring up the specific problem or personal intention that you want to work on in the session. Be sure to state it in positive terms (ie. You say positively "I would like more energy" instead of saying negatively "I have no energy").

6> Give feedback to the ASK Team on how the session is going while it is in progress. It is best to give your feedback before closing the session.

7> Close the ASK healing session by thanking each entity who participated in it. Your heartfelt thanks and gratitude is what makes your ASK session successful.


How ASK Healing Cured the "Last Leg" of a Past Life Problem

In the Crusades, I was a feudal lord sent to the Holy Land with the "noble mission" of freeing it from the "infidel Turk". Instead, I became bitterly disillusioned with the mission. I found the Crusades to be an "ignoble" mission with the objective of raping and pillaging the local inhabitants. What was being freed from the Holy Land were it's treasures to help the Roman Catholic Church pay it's debts.

Full of bitterness, I returned home with those of my men who felt the same way I did. The shame of what I had seen weighed so heavily on me that, when I became injured in my left ankle, I did not tend to the wound. It became festered with infection as I led my men safely across the Alps. Once safely across, I died.

This bitterness and mistrust stayed with me through many lifetimes. Even though I confronted my past life and understood the cause of my ankle pain, the wound ran so deep that it could only be partially healed by normal past life treatment. So I had the rest of this residue of bitterness and mistrustfulness removed through ASK Healings. It took 3 sessions but once this residue was gone, it was gone for good.

Credits: from channeled information



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