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VIDEO Exercise: Prosperity Mantra: Heal Bad Money Karma

Take the Prosperity Challenge

When you look at this picture, ask yourself what do you notice the most about it?

-Is it that this picture is black and white, meaning that it lacks color?
- Does the woman look sad to you because she is carrying many things?
- Does she seem poorly dressed because her feet are bare?
- Does she appear to be a worker because of the tools she holds?
+ Does she seem well groomed because her hair is styled?
+ Does she seem well dressed because of her lovely flowing gown?
+ Does she seem rich because of the horn of bountiful fruit she has?
+ Does she seem rich because of the tools (torch and scythe) she holds?

Have you noticed the (-) items more or the (+) items more? This is important because if you have noticed more of what she lacks (-) than of what she has (+), then your mind is more focused on lack... and you need to do this video exercise!

Below is the video of this page:

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About Creating More in Your Life: Sri Yantra is a complex symbol of sacred geometry representing the forces of all creation. Contemplating the interconnection of the circles, squares, and triangles of this symbol helps you to connect with these creative forces. Hold your desire for increased money and abundance in your mind as you contemplate this symbol. Know that by doing so, you are unleashing powerful forces of creation into your life to bring your more money and abundance.

About This Money Mantra: 'Man' means 'mind' and 'Tra' means 'wave or vibration'. Mantras are words of energetic power which create vibrations that can rewire your mind in directions you choose. This mantra - Aum Gum Shreem Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha Hu - helps open you to abundance.

While you chant this Prosperity Mantra, focus on the Sri Yanta (the symbol of all creation) to magnify the effects of this powerful mantra in opening you to the flow of money, wealth, and abundance.

Here is what each word in this Prosperity Mantra means:

* Aum = Better known as "Om", Aum means that you are requesting to be connected to the omnipotent and omnipresent pure Source of all manifested existence. This Source is better known as God/Goddess/AllThatIs.

* Gum = You are asking the Source to assist you in improving your physical state. You are asking the Source both to remove obstacles in your path that block abundance as well as to receive Its protection and blessings on your dreams.

* Shreem = You are asking the Source to assist you in increasing your material abundance. You are asking the Source to bring you the people, opportunities, events, and tools needed to increase your money, wealth, and abundance.

* Maha = You are asking the Source to assist you in bringing increasing universal energy into your personal plans to increase your abundance. You are asking the Source to assist you in going/growing toward your dreams.

* Lakshmiyei = Although this word contains the name of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of prosperity, this is not a reference to that name or to the Hinduism. Rather it is an invocation to the pure energies of universal prosperity to manifest easily, quickly, and lavishly into your life.

* Swaha = "Swaha" should be chanted by mature adults while "Namaha" should be chanted by maturing adults. "Swaha" happens as early as age 28 or as late as age 35. This helps to regulate the flow of prosperity energy that is sent from the Source to best suit your current state of evolution.

* Hu = By chanting HU, you are giving thanks to the Source for hearing and answering your prayers. This expression of gratitude multiplies the powerful energies of abundance that you have just unleashed by completing the chanting of this powerful prosperity mantra.

* Repeat: Traditional wisdom teaches that this mantra should be chanted for 108 times. Yet, doing this for five (5) minutes a day each and every day will powerfully rewire your DNA and open your body-mind to greater levels of abundance.

So come and chant along with me!

Credits: from channeled information.



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