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IN THIS ISSUE: This Month's Theme - Inner Guidance

1) Good Karma Health Tip: "Getting Ready to Receive Inner Guidance"
2) Good Karma Prosperity Tip: "Guiding Yourself Toward Abundance"
3) Good Karma Relationship Tip: "Guiding Yourself to Meeting Your Soulmate"
4) Featured Page on the Site: "Find Out If Guidance is from God or the Devil?"
5) Karma in the News: "Hearing the Call of Soul: Divine Career Guidance"
6) Karma at the Movies: "Ghost: Taking Care of Unfinished Business"
7) The Abundant Universe, Inspirational Quote, & Good Deed for the Month

"Getting Ready to Receive Inner Guidance"

Are you ready to receive inner guidance? If your answer to this question was "Yes" but you are not already receiving inner guidance, then you have some inner work to do before you can receive it. This work - outlined below - will help you to become in tune with inner guidance: to see it, hear it, feel it, know it, and act upon it.

Intention... is the most important inner preparation you can do. To get inner guidance, you REALLY have to want it. Having a strong, clear intention signals to the universe that you are truly ready to unfold into expanded levels of consciousness. Focus your attention on the goal of receiving clear inner guidance in the way that is best for you. Ask for all the blocks currently keeping you experiencing more inner guidance to be brought to your conscious awareness. If you truly want more inner guidance, you must choose to release them as well as to embrace the lessons that they are meant to teach you.

Connection... means establishing a conscious link between the you on Earth reading these words (your current personality) and the you in the inner worlds which is pure Soul (your Higher Self). Allow your personality to flow into your Soul and your Soul to flow into your personality... until you "feel and know" that you are the same. Having a conscious connection to Soul makes the unfoldment of your path, the learning of your lessons, and the resolution of your karma flow more smoothly. This allows you to connect with the larger vision of your life so that you can receive clear guidance and direction.

Expansion... means that your life - as you know it now - will change. As you let go of your personality desires, needs, and expectations, you automatically expand into the higher desires and expectations of your Soul. When you expand into your Soul's guidance, you will begin to create and experience life as different and better than you as just the personality could have imagined. Be open to the wealth of ideas and information that will naturally flow from inner guidance. Allow yourself to become more than you can possibly imagine. There are so many hidden treasures inside you... just waiting to reveal themselves.

Harmonization... means that you come into agreement with a constant flow of inner guidance. Harmonization means that your personality's perception of limitations falls away as you become more in tune with the universe of all possibilities. The achievement of Harmonization means that the choices and decisions your personality faces are more easily resolved in the light of your Soul's experience and wisdom. Harmonization opens your door to increasingly greater levels of universal knowledge: the more you are in harmony with your Soul, the more you can understand the truth of your existence.

Expression... means allowing your inner guidance flow into you in a natural, orderly manner in divine timing. Be always open to receive your guidance whenever and however it comes. Clear inner guidance will come to you in many forms: through dreams, through mental images, through the words/actions of others, through wisdom from books, tapes, poems, and songs that strongly resonates with you, and so on. Be open to getting guidance in all of it's forms. Be patient and observant: inner guidance is always present, you just need to become more open to recognizing it until you see it everyday in every way.

Causation... means that your personality becomes an active participant in the flow of inner guidance. Imagine building energy cords between your personality and your Soul that will allow your guidance to become more precise and your interpretation of guidance to become ever more accurate. Causation means that you must form clear thoughts of the actions you are going to take which are the outer manifestation of your Soul's guidance. Believe that inner guidance is constantly working for your highest good to replace your personality's limited beliefs and viewpoints with the unlimited vision of Soul.

Action... means that your personality takes concrete action in the physical universe based upon the flow of inner guidance to manifest it's purpose. Often inner guidance "dries up" because people do all the inner work... but fail to take the outer action to manifest the inner desires. All the advice in the universe is no good if it is never acted on. Karma means action... when you take action, you will receive even more inner guidance to keep you on track. Even if you have done none of the work listed above, inner guidance will come when you take action because action is a form of asking for inner guidance.

Remember... Whenever you ask for inner guidance, it will always respond to you, even though you may not recognize it. To recognize it, starting paying attention to what is happening in your life. If you look for guidance at work in your life, you will find it. Once you feel the truth of it, the power of that truth will make it easy for you to take action necessary to follow your inner guidance.

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"Guiding Yourself Toward Money and Abundance"

Are you ready to manifest more money in your life? Of course, you are going to answer "Yes, duh!" So if the answer is really "Yes", then you should have no problem in creating inner prosperity, right?

Wrong, if you are poor on the outside, this has come from being poor on the inside. The truth is there are infinite possibilities as to how much abundance we can manifest. What we get is created from the possibilities we allow ourselves to express. To change your financial situation on the outside, you must first change it on the inside.

Below are some ways for creating the prosperous inner environment that will manifest into the outer reality of your finances.

* "All Rich People Are..." If you cannot finish that sentence without using unkind words, then you cannot be wealthy. If you have negative beliefs about wealthy people and about how their wealth "corrupts" them, then you cannot be wealthy. If you thing that money is essentially evil and not a just a manifestation of energy, then you cannot be wealthy. Take a moment to envision yourself being wealthy. If you cannot see yourself being wealthy, you cannot manifest it. Use Emotional Freedom Technique to get those beliefs out of your body and mind so that wealth can start flowing into your life.

* "What I Really Deserve Is..." If you cannot finish that sentence by saying "the best that life has to offer", then you cannot be wealthy. If you finish that sentence by saying "what my parents earned", then you are limiting yourself to their level of income. If you finish that sentence by saying "just to be comfortable", then you are limiting the abundance that can flow to you. Ask yourself if you deserve to be wealthy, if you do not hear a resounding "Yes", then you need to find out why. There are many ways, like "Clustering" and the "Technology of Truth", that you can find out WHY your internal answer is "No".

* "I Just Can't Afford to Do It..." This phrase must be ruthlessly eliminated from both your speaking and thinking. When you say "I Can't Afford..." you are telling the universe that you are somehow unable to be or to have what you want. The universe knows better: you are an infinite being and can create whatever you want. So "can't" gets interpreted as "won't" as in you are not willing to do what it takes to get what it is that you want. Taking control of your finances starts with saying "I can afford..." and then finding ways to do it... most of which involve good, old fashioned work.

* "I Can't..." This phrase must also be ruthlessly eliminated from both your speaking and thinking. For the energy of "can't" creates financial discomfort. Debt is "can't" energy as in "I can't pay for it now". Under earning is "can't" energy as in "I can't get a job or find work that would pay more because I fear I will fail". Bouncing checks is "can't" energy as in "I can't learn finances". If you are willing to work at it, you CAN take control of your finances. When you find yourself saying "can't", you need to say "can" and to think of concrete ways that what you want can and will happen.

* "I Need/Want Money for..." What if you suddenly inherited $50,000? Would you just turn it all over to a financial planner to manage hoping that they would not lose it? Or would you take the time to learn about money and manage it yourself? If you cannot even think about what you would do - realistically - with extra cash, then you are not planning to be wealthy. Whining that you "need/want" money does not impress the universe any more than it impresses the bank. You will only attract more money when you have a clear vision about precisely how you will use it to realize your desires.

* "Yuck, a Budget!" Money stays with those who take good care of it while fools and their money are soon parted. You cannot take care of it... If you have no clue about where your money is coming from and where it is going to. If you avoid creating a budget or other financial plan to monitor and control your spending. If you act like credit cards are an invitation to a spending spree. If you do not take the time to balance your checkbook. If you have investments but do not watch them. All of these things tell the universe you are not interested in receiving more money... so you will not get it.

* "I Really Need Money for..." When pressed, people usually do not have a clear view of how they would use more money. Would you use it to buy more things, to become more comfortable, or to create more free time to enjoy relationships? If you are not clear on WHY you want to manifest more money, you will not be motivated to do it. When you have a goal with a financial target, you then make it real. Making it real gives you something to work toward and it will bring up even better possibilities as you pursue it. If your goal is strong enough, you will create the money needed to achieve it.

As you address all of the above issues, you will be guiding yourself toward more money and abundance in the process. You will know that you have successfully created inner prosperity when it begins to manifest in greater degrees in your "real" life.

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"Guiding Yourself to Meeting Your Soulmate"

Are you ready to attract your Soulmate? Who would not answer "Yes" to this question. Most people yearn for a life partner who they can connect with at the Soul level, who will enhance their life and happiness, and who will be an endless source of love. And yet many of these people are not ready to attract their Soulmate from past lives and so the longed for reunion in the present life does not happen.

If you are an experienced Internet surfer, then you may have seen "The Soulmate Manifesto: Uniting All Soulmate Believers in an Effort to Solve Dating" by Chau Vuong at Despite its loftly title, he mournfully concludes that you have only an "8% chance of marrying your Soulmate and, among those who are married, a 3.4% chance of staying married to your Soulmate."

Like many a frustrated seeker of Soulmates, he warns that knowing about the possibility of a Soulmate reunion may "cause you to reevaluate your existing relationship and may influence you to end it. (It)... may also cause you to lower your standards and settle for a relationship. By raising your standards, you may never find your Soulmate resulting in being lonely for the rest of your life."

Of course, if you believe that finding a Soulmate is impossible (for the scientific reasons that Chau Vuong skillfully documents) and focus on it, you should not be surprised (in the universe where you get what you focus on) when such a Soulmate reunion never occurs.

So if finding a Soulmate is like pulling out a needle from an infinite haystack, know that the universe has stacked the infinite haystack in favor of Soulmate reunions. Every day, all the time, in every corner of the world, in every walk of life, karma and reincarnation work silently to ensure that we are reunited with our Soulmates... if what we have agreed to do is to enter into such a reunion.

It is a spiritual principle that when you are sincerely ready for the Soulmate relationship, it will "come into your world" with greater ease and speed than you might believe possible.

This agreement to reunite with our Soulmate is usually formed before we reincarnate into each life... but it can be created during a life IF both partners are willing to do the work that will manifest a reunion. As much of this work is done at the unconscious level, all that is necessary is for one of the mates to start the ball rolling toward reunion. So, you might wonder, how is that done?

To find out, see our latest books, "The Key to Blissful Soulmate Relationships" & "The Key to Lasting Relationships", on

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"How to Know If Guidance is from God or the Devil?"

When you start on your quest to seek "Divine Guidance", you will usually go through the process of learning to discern the difference between "Spirit based" and "Ego-based" guidance. In other words, when you get guidance, is it coming from "God" or the "devil"?

To understand what this means, you must first understand the types of guidance as well as how it may be communicated to you. There are three types of guidance. The first two (spirt and ego based) will present you with truths - neither are false in that sense (as is evil based guidance). The first two offer guidance in your own best interests - neither truly wish to harm you (which is not the case with the third).

"Spirit-based" Guidance comes direct from God and/or His Servants of the Universe and is grounded in love and abundance.

"Ego-based" guidance comes from the "small self" inside you - the "ego" part of you - and is mired in fear and survival.

"Evil" guidance seeks to put you or others in the way of harm. This is not "true" guidance but "evil" entities drawing you into a "dark path".

There are various ways to receive inner guidance. Each way has it's own advantages or disadvantages: one is not inherently better than the other. They are just different. There is...
Clairvoyance ("clear seeing") - seeing images, still or moving, in your mind's eye.
Clairaudience ("clear hearing") - hearing voices, yours/others, in your mind's ear.
Clairsentience ("clear feeling") - feeling guided by emotional/physical sensations.
Claircognizant ("clear knowing") - knowing without knowing how you know it.
Clairomni ("clear channel") - moving between all of the above channels.
This month's featured page will show you how to distinguish between the different types of inner guidance. After you read it, you will be able to tell if what you are getting is from God or the devil!

"Hearing the Call of Soul: Divine Career Guidance"

The past is still present even in the present day news.

From ABC News - "What Should I Do with My Life?" by Po Bronson. "Wouldn't it be so much easier if you got a letter in the mail when you were seventeen, signed by someone who had a direct pipeline to Ultimate Meaning, telling you exactly who you are and what your true destiny is? Then you could carry this letter around in your pocket, and when you got confused or distracted and suddenly melted down, you'd reach for your wallet and grab the letter and read it again and go, 'Oh, right'", that's what I should be doing!

"Well, a friend of mine has such a letter... One day at school he received his letter, signed by the Dalai Lama... The letter said he wasn't Choeaor (known as 'Ali') Dondup after all. Instead, he was the reincarnation of a warrior who, along with his five brothers, had ruled a poor and remote region of eastern Tibet six lifetimes ago."

"The brothers had descended from one of Genghis Khan's grandsons. Ali's Previous One turned his back on the family's violent rule and became a monk. Over his lifetime he founded thirteen monasteries and became the great spiritual leader of this region, the Tehor. Ali's real name was Za Rinpoche, which is Tibetan for 'The Dharma King'."

"Imagine! You're not a dumb, lost, inexperienced seventeen-year-old! We actually have a spot picked out for you! And not just any spot! Wanted: Great Spiritual Leader. No experience necessary... You think it would be easy if your destiny were offered on a silver platter. But Ali went around for a few days expressing his angst and annoying his friends by debating whether this was the right thing to do."

"What would it be like to have this certainty about your place in the world? To have it in writing from the Dalai Lama himself! (Meeting "Ali" years later, Po learns that "possessing that letter had not relieved him of having to figure out where he really belonged and make some hard choices. In his mind, this question was not settled."

"If it were me, no matter how great it would be to have a spiritual calling, and to be given this early in life, I'd still have that American notion of needing to discover things myself. I'd need independence - I'd feel controlled. I might... be testy about having my calling put upon me rather than arriving at it by myself."

"We have mixed feelings about the seductive notion of destiny. There's a persistent tension between wanting our life's purpose to be revealed to us by some higher power and wanting to... fight for it against all odds-to earn it without help. We think about destiny sort of like how we feel about inheritance - we covet its fruit but it's sweeter if we earned it ourselves... Which was how (Rinpoche) had lived, too. His purpose was given to him, but he'd had to go find it anyway."

As this story so wonderfully illustrates, hearing the call of Soul does not mean that life is automatically settled or easy. That is what is meant by the Bible when it says: "The Kingdom of Heaven must be won every day" and in every life, day after day.

For the whole story from ABC News Good Morning America, "What Should I Do with My Life? A Unconventional Look at Careers and the Pursuit of Professional Happiness" by Po Bronson.

"Ghost: Taking Care of Unfinished Business"

"You Will Believe"... in life after death and more... was one of the headlines for the now classic movie, "Ghost". Shortly after it begins, Sam, the main character, is murdered and it soon becomes his mission to solve the mystery behind why it happened. On the surface, it appears to be the tragic result of a random mugging.

Digging deeper, Sam discovers to his horror that his killer was hired to murder him. Worse, he has reason to believe that Molly, his live-in lover, may be the killer's next target. Desparate to help her, Sam recruits psychic Oda Mae who reluctantly agrees to contact Molly and warn her of the impending danger. Molly is grief stricken and does not want to believe Oda Mae's seemishly outlandish story.

Molly starts to become a believer when Oda Mae delivers "messages from beyond the grave" that could only have come from Sam. When Sam causes a penny to fly through the air into Molly's palm, she finally becomes convinced and helps Sam/Oda Mae in solving his murder.

Events take an unexpected turn when he finds out that Carl, his best friend and coworker, had Sam murdered to stop him from uncovering Carl's bank fraud. Sam turns the tables on Carl by having Oda Mae withdraw the "ill gotten gains" from the bank and donate it to a group of nuns. In desperation, Carl threatens to kill Molly unless his money is returned. A knock down, drag out fight ensues where Carl is killed.

Now that all the unfinished business has been taken care of, Sam's time on Earth ends... after bidding a loving farewell to Molly.

"Ghost" may have come from a scriptwriter's imagination but... there are plenty of cases of such after life communication in "real life". Most often this happens when the one who has departed has unfinished business from their last life that they need to clear up before they can move onto their next one. This is a form of inner guidance in that the knowledge imparted is "not of this world!"

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Inspirational Quote for the Month:

"Elijah arose, and ate and drank, and on the strength of that meal he traveled forty days and nights to Horeb, God's mountain. There he came to a cave, and lodged in it...And, behold, God passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountain, and broke the rocks in pieces before God; but God was not in the wind. An earthquake followed the wind, but God was not in the earthquake. A fire followed the earthquake, but God was not in the fire; and after came a still, small voice." (Bible: Kings I 19:8-13)

Good Deed for the Month:

In their own words: "Welcome to the official website of Orin, DaBen, Sanaya Roman, and Duane Packer. We are honored that you are visiting us. Come in, explore, receive your personal daily affirmation. Visit the Creating Your Highest Future Room and click on any book, and receive a message just for you. Read our current and past newsletter articles. Browse through book excerpts, including Orin and DaBen's weekly book excerpt and weekly meditation."

"Orin and DaBen offer you courses and books to explore ways to transform your personality, love yourself, clear blockages, have loving relationships, and develop your channeling, intuitive, and psychic abilities. They offer you courses in manifesting, creating abundance, and living your life purpose, and on many more topics. Our books include Orinís Living With Joy, Personal Power Through Awareness, Spiritual Growth, and Soul Love, DaBen and Orinís books include Opening to Channel and Creating Money."

There is a wealth of information on this site about inner guidance. If you are truly interested in becoming more, you will definitely want to check out the ancient and modern wisdom of Orin and DaBen.

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