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"The Karma News" is a FREE E-zine from Past Forward, Past Life Healing, of Marlton, NJ, USA. Prepared for friends, clients, and opt-in subscribers of Read by the spiritually aware and karmically minded world wide.

IN THIS ISSUE: This Month's Theme - Power of Sound

1) Good Karma Health Tip: "Mantras: Heal with Power of Your Voice"
2) Good Karma Prosperity Tip: "Two Hottest Abundance Creating Words"
3) Good Karma Relationship Tip: "Why He/She Never Says 'I Love You'"
4) Featured Page on the Site: "What the Lords of Karma Really Want"
5) Karma in the News: "Matthew Savage: Boy Musical Genius"
6) Karma at the Movies: "What Really Happens Inside 'A Beautiful Mind'"
7) The Abundant Universe, Inspirational Quote, & Good Deed for the Month

"Mantras: Heal with Power of Your Voice"

Everything in the universe is energy. You may appear to be "solid" matter but looks are deceiving. If you were to magnify your cells down to your atoms, you would see that you are made up of energy fields and not matter. As those in the realm of modern physics are discovering, the basic building blocks of energy are light and sound.

Sound energizes and harmonizes all life. That is why "sound healing" - mantras: special healing words - has become such a widely used supplement to traditional and alternative medical treatments. That is why "cures" employing "light" and "sound" technologies are gaining such popularity and the grudging respect of the scientific community.

Energy based mantras heal by assisting the body and mind to come into their natural state of balance and harmony. When a healing mantra is uttered, the related chakra vibrates in harmonic resonance, energizing the individual's inner and outer bodies. Energy flows more freely and at a greater rate into the chakras, energizing and attuning the bodies of the person chanting them.

If you are unfamiliar with the term "chakra", then see
If you are unfamiliar with the term "inner bodies", then see

Regular mantra practice helps the person to feel stronger in body, clearer in mind, more balanced emotionally, more uplifted in spirit, and to experience the relaxation response. If you are ill, chanting mantras helps you to recover more quickly and harmoniously. If you are well, chanting mantras keeps you in top energetic form.

You CAN heal your life with the power of your own voice... as fate would have it... we have a plastic wallet card with the most powerful healing mantras... to clear your bad karma, to attract more love, to manifest more money! For more information on our Mantra Cheat Card, see!

"Two Hottest Abundance Creating Words"

Thank You for reading this Free Ezine! Can you spot the two hottest words for creating abundance in this sentence? If you cannot, hint they are the first two: THANK YOU!

Thank You? I can just hear the disappointment echoing in your mind... but if you are **seriously** interested in attracting and manifesting abundance into your life, than "Thank You" are two words that you simply cannot AFFORD to live without out.

When you say "Thank You", you are doing two things. The first is honoring the person who helped you by bestowing upon you the irreplaceable gifts of their precious time and attention. The second is signalling to the universe that you are grateful for the gifts that you have received and are open to receiving more.

By saying "Thank You" to the channels of your abundance, you are acknowledging their assistance and you are motivating them to help you even more. It is a well established principle of business that people might not remember what you did for them or what you said to them, but they always remember how you made them feel... and good feelings lead to more abundance.

As in this month's testimonial from our client J.F.: "I want you to know that our last session together helped me a lot. Not just what you told me, but the WAY you said it... Your words FELT true... So this is just a note of thanks and blessings, to let you know that what you do means a big something in certain people's lives."

For our Abundance Healing Program - which is FREE - see

"Why He/She Never Says 'I Love You'"

"Why He/She Never Says 'I Love You'" is best summed up by the modern guru of satire... better known as Jerry Seinfeld. When his hard luck buddy George says that he "wants to tell a woman just once: 'I love you'...", Jerry cautions him. "Are you confident of the 'I love you' return?" Because if one is not received, "that's a pretty big matzah ball hanging out here..."

And, of course, Jerry proves to be right... because George's girlfriend does not say "I love you" in return, their relationship self destructs. Which is why people are reluctant to say the words... because in doing so, the person leaves themselves wide open to rejection, humiliation, and/or embarrassment.

That is why people prefer safer forms of showing, instead of telling, about their love. For example, if one brings another a gift, they will at least say "Thank you" and might even say "I love you"... but a favorable response is likely. So if the one receiving the gift does not give the "I love you" return, at least the giver will not risk being hurt by having their words of love ignored or rejected by their receiver.

The irony here is that it is easy to SAY that we love others but... It is more difficult to SHOW we love others. For what it takes to show that we love others is to love one another as God loves us. Treating others with such loving kindness is far easier said than done... So if you have someone who cannot say "I love you", look instead for something far more important: the way they show you they love you.

For there are "five languages of love" and only one involves words. These are "Words of Love, Gifts of Devotion, Acts of Service, Sharing of Quality Time, Intimate Physical Touch". For when it comes to love, especially love for a lifetime, talk is cheap and actions really do speak louder than words.

For "How Spiritually Based Intimate Relationships" should work, see

"What the Lords of Karma Really Want"

"Why are we here?" is a question that people have been asking since the beginning of time. Those who connect with their past lives know that we are here to learn our lessons by working off our karma as we reincarnate through many lifetimes. So we learn... and then what?

What is the reason behind everything we have learned, endured, suffered, and triumphed? The answer is simpler than you might think... No matter where we are, no matter what we are doing, being, or becoming, we are growing in our ability to love so that we can become an ever better CoWorker with God as we serve in the unfolding majesty of His/Her Creation... and the creation never ends.

So LOVE is what the Lords of Karma really want from us... not punishment, suffering, or misery... which is what most people think that karma is all about. Karma is meant to teach us all about love... because it ensures what we have done to others, we will eventually experience for ourselves.

So if you want to be all that you can be, the Lords of Karma challenge you to develop all the fine qualities of CoWorkers listed on this month's featured page... All that you have to lose is stepping off the hamster wheel of reincarnation - forever!

For more on Karma: What it is and How it Works, see

For "How to Live a Karma Free Life", see

"Matthew Savage: Boy Musical Genius"

The past is still present... even looking in the present day news. Among the strongest evidences of past life influences at work is the phenomena of child prodigies, like Matthew Savage.

From ABC News: "Now 9 years old, Matthew is an acclaimed jazz pianist who plays to sold-out crowds along veterans of the Boston jazz scene. What makes Matthew's success even more remarkable is that he is diagnosed with a form of autism - a condition that often forces a child into a world of his own, prone to traumas and an inability to communicate." So "his talent is a remarkable mystery".

Yet it is not a mystery for those of us who know that the source of this kind of "genius" as a child prodigy lies in past lives. It most often manifests in those with musical talents since these abilities are deeply ingrained in the body by constant practice and therefore are easily "transported" from life to life.

Matthew Savage is just one more in a long line of musical child prodigies. The most famous of which was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (you may remember him from the movie "Amadeus"). The most amazing was Blind Tom born a slave in 1840s. His musical genius was "accidentally" discovered when he "bumped into" a piano in his master's home and spontaneously started playing with a mastery rare even in those playing for a "lifetime".

For more on Child Prodigies, see Evidence of Past Lives on

For more on Autism, see the Karmic Dictionary on

For the whole story from ABC's 20/20 go to ABC News.

"What Really Happens Inside 'A Beautiful Mind'"

If you have not yet seen the movie, "A Beautiful Mind", it is well worth watching not only for the brilliant performance of Russell Crowe but to expand your view of "reality". This Golden Globe/ Academy Award winning film depicts the life of John Forbes Nash, Jr, famous both for winning the Nobel Prize and for his lifelong struggle with diagnosed "mental illness".

For most, what is real is only that which can be perceived by sight, hearing, taste, touch, or smell... anything else must be an illusion because it is "unreal". Yet, modern science teaches us that light exists beyond what is visible by the naked eye and sound exists inaudible to the naked ear. We believe in that level of "unreality" because science has developed instruments to help us perceive such things.

Yet were they any less real before science gave us the means to see or hear beyond our senses? No. So is it a stretch of the imagination to believe that life exists outside of what we can see or hear? I invite you to consider that visions of "unreal people" like those depicted in "A Beautiful Mind" are not just a fantasy but an alternate reality. That people like John Nash are not always delusional but instead have the ability to see and hear beyond what is usual for the naked eye or ear.

Instead of being tortured in mind and body by barbaric shock treatments and mind altering drugs to put a stop to the "delusions"... a better strategy is to see what in their situation needs healing... and then to heal it with love.

For more on "diseases of the spiritually evolved", see the "Karmic Dictionary: Illnesses from a Past Life Viewpoint" on

Gotta pay my web fees... so please read on!

Special Thanks to Clients from Exotic Places:

Thanks to those who helped to support our holistic business this month. God Bless America and Canada... North America is our home and the source of most of our wonderful clients to whom we are grateful for supporting our work. Special thanks to international customers from the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Venezuela, and Indonesia for their support this month.

Inspirational Quote for the Month:

"For one human being to love another. that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation." (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Good Deed for the Month:

We mourn the loss of the Coca-Cola Unity Chain For each person who joined, Coca-Cola contributed one dollar to the Fund for UNICEF (up to $100,000), to help save and improve children's lives around the world. It was a noble effort!

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Please let us know if there are additional topics you would like us to cover in upcoming issues to help you on your journey through life.- Ellen

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