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IN THIS ISSUE: This Month's Theme - Prosperity Consciousness

1) Good Karma Health Tip: "Increase Your Life by Seven Years!"
2) Good Karma Prosperity Tip: "Are YOU Ready to Be Prosperous?"
3) Good Karma Relationship Tip: "The Greatest Prosperity of All"
4) Featured Page on the Site: "Quotes on Abundance"
5) Karma in the News: "In Karma We Trust: White Collar Payback"
6) Karma at the Movies: "The Best Medicine: Patch Adams"
7) The Abundant Universe, Inspirational Quote, & Good Deed for the Month

"Increase Your Life by Seven Years!"

What if you could automatically increase your lifespan by seven years? What if you could increase your lifespan without having to go on a special diet, do extra exercise, or spend so much as a penny? What is seven more years of life worth to you if you could see a loved one graduate from college, get married, or have a child?

This is especially amazing when you consider that, on average, it costs more than a $1 million US to keep "terminal" patients alive for a single week. Are you interested yet? If not, skip to the next article... if so, this tip can get you living longer!

Before you start, ask yourself which of the following statements about the aging process that you believe is true:

"It is just a fact of life that my health is going to get worse as I get older. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about it!"

"There is not much difference in how you feel after age 50. I will enjoy my life years from now as much as I enjoy it today."

So here is the trick: if you can convince yourself that the second statement is true and the first one is false, you can increase your life by seven years... it is a scientific fact!

From "Seven Years for Healthy Thoughts!", Vijai P. Sharma, tells us that "psychologist Becca Levy of Yale University and her colleagues found that people who entertained positive thoughts regarding themselves and their future health lived seven years longer than those with negative attitudes. The finding was based on a study of 660 men and women in Ohio, age 54 to 94 followed for a period of twenty-two years. According to the study, the perception of aging has greater impact on our lifespan" than any other single factor.

Compare this to other factors in promoting longevity (longer life). "Exercise, weight loss or non-smoking is estimated to increase the lifespan between one to three years. Lowered blood pressure or cholesterol is estimated to increase the lifespan by four years."

Yale University is not alone in this finding. "According to the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, optimistic patients live 19 percent longer than pessimistic patients... in a thirty-year follow up study."

This only makes sense. If you associate aging with "the creaky joints, shriveled body and failing memory", would you want seven more years of old age? Of course not. Yet if you associated aging with "greater freedom, joy, and pursuit of your most precious interests", you would go for those extra seven years with gusto!

That is the real reason why those with chronic illnesses do not live long. They usually contract such illnesses because their lives are filled with negative experiences and emotions such as shame, guilt, or anger. This negativity manifests as illness and in the continued presence of such negativity, the individual is not able to do what is needed to save their lives. Often their illness is the one way ticket out of a life that they can no longer tolerate.

So to live a long life, you must first be happy because happiness always creates health. Liking and loving yourself is the first step on the road to happiness. When you believe that your body and mind have the capacity to meet life's challenges, you can walk down that road. You have "an enormous capacity to adapt, heal, and grow".

Part of that capacity is the body-mind's ability to age without suffering impairment. I know this from personal experience because my life has been a study of aging in reverse. At 20, I was so hammered by health problems, I am amazed that I survived. At 40, I have rebuilt my body to such a degree that I am barely recognizable to those who knew me when I was younger. I believed that I could get better and I did!

You can too... if only you will believe!

"Are YOU Ready to Be Prosperous?"

Ask anyone if they are ready to be more prosperous and chances are they will answer with a resounding "Yes!"... but is it really true? If you are as abundant with money, property, opportunities, people, etc as you would like to be, it was because you are ready to be prosperous. If you are not abundant as you would like to be... then you are not ready to be prosperous... it is just that simple.

In the past, I had trouble accepting the blessings of prosperity and consequently, I was not as abundant as I wanted and needed to be.

Partly it was because I was laboring under the constraints of vows I had taken in past lives in religious orders... that committed me to poverty forever and ever. (I have since broken those vows... and you can too using the
"Breaking the Vows" exercise.) Partly, it was because to get the relationship with abundance I wanted... I needed to change how I felt about prosperity, specifically it's effect on my spirituality which was and is an important part of my life.

This went beyond transcending the mistranslations of the Bible which hold so many in their sway. As in it is "the LUST after money which is the root of all evil": money is not evil but the lengths that people will go to get it many times can be evil. As in it is "easier for the PUFFED UP man to pass through the eye of the needle rather than enter the Kingdom of Heaven: the puffed up person is the one who is full of pride (hubris) which can give them delusions of grandeur.

This meant coming to the astonishing realization that God wanted and needed me to be rich to accomplish His work in the world. It would be great if I could tell the power, telephone, internet companies, etc that I helped people transcend the pain of past lives... so they should just forget about my bills. Yet it does not work that way: I have bills to pay like everyone else and free sites to support unlike everyone else. So I need money just like you and everyone else.

So it comes back to the original question: are you ready to ALLOW the constant flow of prosperity in any form into your life? All it takes are three things: a decision, a belief, and a willingness to accept the consequences flowing from that decision and belief.

The decision is to become like a billionaire... easy so far. The belief is trust absolutely in what billionaires believe that most others cannot bring themselves to accept. That belief is that there is always abundance of money and resources available to everyone, that includes you. Most billionaires know and trust with an absolute certainty that all their needs will always be met... getting harder.

This is a tough belief because having it forces you to make decisions based on what you want instead of limiting yourself to ONLY what you think or believe is possible. It is a lot like jumping off a cliff and knowing that not only will you find a parachute on the way down but you will have time to put it on and open it before you reach the point of no return. Billionaires know everything is possible.

Yet the hardest part of readying yourself for prosperity is the total willingness to accept the consequences flowing from that decision and belief. At one time or another in their careers, most billionaires have been broke or close to it... because they were willing to risk all they had to get all they wanted... which is incredibly hard.

They can do this because even if they were to lose all they had... their belief in abundance teaches them that they can always get it back. Like in the song from Evita, they will say: "put me down for a lifetime of success, give me credit, I'll find ways of paying!"

So to start getting ready to be prosperous, you need to change your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions around money. To start thinking like the billionaires do, ask yourself this about your dreams: "If money was not a factor in this decision, what would I do or how would I feel about this decision?" You will be amazed at how many answers will come that do not require money to make them a reality.

To become a billionaire, continue asking yourself this: "If I knew what I truly want is absolutely possible and that I can only succeed in achieving it, what would I do next?" Try it... billions may be just around the corner... if you can believe that they are!

"The Greatest Prosperity of All"

"We who lived in concentration camps can remember those who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken away but one thing: the last of human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in an given set of circumstances." (Victor Frankl, "Man's Search for Meaning")

By our choices each moment, we define the quality of the life we live. By choosing at each moment, to be happy, no matter what life brings our way, we show ourselves the greatest love of all. There will always be things in life having the potential to move us off the path of happiness. They can only do so, if we CHOOSE to let them.

As Victor Frankl so points out the greatest prosperity that exists in the universe is our freedom of choice in any situation. Where that prosperity of choice can be most clearly seen are in those places where most would believe that no choice could even exist.

It took me this whole lifetime to see the tiny seeds of it that took root in the rocky soul of Hitler's death camps. I can still remember with perfect clarity one of the prisoners in the camp I was in (during my last previous life on Earth). He was always smiling... even though at the end, there was so little fat on his face, that it had to be painful for him to smile... but he did it anyway.

I called him "saintly man" because he was a Catholic priest who had been imprisoned for giving Jews false baptismal certificates needed to escape Europe. When he was unclogging toilets and scrubbing the officer's latrine with a toothbrush, I would ask him, "Hey, saintly man, why are you smiling?" He would say, "I am about my Father's business as are you." I would grunt but keep on asking him the same question on burial detail, in the property room, in the punishment circle, and anywhere else... and the answer was always the same.

One day the commandant had enough of the saintly man and decided to "wipe the smile off his face forever". He had the man hung on the barbed wire. There was so little flesh on him by then that he had to be hung by his bones. Although the pain had to be unbearable, still he smiled. Risking the commandant's wrath, I went up to him where he was hung. I had a sharp knife and I knew just where to cut him in the neck to bring an swift end to his horrible misery.

I was surprised when the saintly man refused my kind offer. He smiled and said, "If I agreed to let you do this, it would be a mortal sin on both our Souls. Me for suicide, you for murder. Better for you to leave me in this place..." I could not believe my ears! To be honest, I was furious... here I was risking my life to help him end his pain and the "saintly man" had the nerve to turn me down!

Before I could say anything, I heard the commandant call my name. Instinctively, I turned around and was greeted by a barrage of bullets whizzing by me. I turned back to see a smile on the saintly man's face as blood ran down his chest from where he had been shot. It was obvious by the gasping quality of his next words that his lungs had been punctured. He looked down at me and said, "I told you this was better. My loving God did not leave me in this place. He did not forget me." Then he smiled, shut his eyes, and died.

That old priest was the richest man I ever knew. He was like a walking piece of the sun beaming his rays of goodness and happiness on anyone lucky enough to be near him. He had kind words for everyone, even for the "poor cynic" (his name for me). He returned love when he received hate. He gave out kindness when he was given cruelty. Once he was gone, the camp was the poorer place for it.

When the "saintly man" had called me "poor" back then I thought he meant "misunderstood". "Poor" as in "if only I understood God better, I would not need to be so cynical". Now I realize that he meant "poor" in the sense of poverty. For in that life, all I felt was bitterness, anger, and hate... the emotions which keep those who hold onto them poor in spirit. The poverty only got worse in that life as I watched the slaughter I helpless to prevent... I could only save handfuls of people as rivers of them flowed into the gas chambers.

"I am about my Father's business as are you." I wondered if he knew that I was helping others to escape. I wondered then if it even mattered. The Talmud says that "when you save a life, you save a universe" and so it did matter after all. When I was caught, I was relieved to be killed... determined to give God a piece of my mind about the whole situation when I left this pitiless world.

Yet I never forgot "saintly man". In this life, I understood what he meant when he said, "My loving God did not leave me in this place. He did not forget me." His God had sent the priest there to bring a ray of light and hope to one of the darkest places in the universe. In doing so, God was showing that he had not forgotten all those whose karma had attached them to the concentration camp experience.

The priest taught me important lessons about poverty and prosperity of spirit that I will not soon forget. If you can learn from the priest to prosper anywhere you go, you will be able to master any challenge that life can bring you... which is the greatest prosperity of all.

"Quotes on Abundance"

Think about the stars which stretch on forever throughout the universe. The God who conceived this vast Abundance does not know lack or limitation. "Letting go and letting God" allows spirit to move us in the abundant directions that we could not and would not conceive of on our own with our limited awareness.

"Ask and Ye Shall Receive, Seek and Ye Shall Find" is what God wants us to do. To claim your Divine Birthright of Abundance just "Knock (on the door of Abundance) and it shall be opened unto you".

The inspirational quotes on this page will help you to do just that. If you want to learn to be abundant, then you must learn from those who already are. For in the universe, ideas are the greatest abundance and are the only sources of true wealth!

"In Karma We Trust: White Collar Payback"

From ABC News: "'In God We Trust' it says on the back of a dollar bill. That may be the only bit of trust left in the U.S. financial system. Enron. Andersen. Tyco. Qwest. Global Crossing. Adelphia. Now WorldCom. Or should that be WorldCon? Where can anyone have any confidence in the probity of corporate America if a company's accounts aren't worth the paper they are printed on?"

"As Francis Fukuyama argues in Trust: 'The Social Virtues and the Creation of Prosperity', high levels of trust facilitate economic interaction and lower transaction costs, thus encouraging development of large-scale corporations which help a society compete in the global economy. Low trust entails higher transaction costs, as suspicious people protect themselves with negotiations, detailed contracts and lawyers. Development lags accordingly."

"The system only works if the penalties outweigh the potential gains from breaking the rules. In the tech bubble years they simply didn't. The numbers were so big, the enforcement so lax that the temptation became too great for too many top executives who started treating their companies like personal piggy banks. (So) make the rules we do have stick and the penalties for breaking them effective deterrents."

"If all CEOs were to face serious jail time for fraud if their accounts were bogus and were sure they had little chance of getting away with cooking the books, you'd find trust in the numbers and corporate America restored faster than you can spend that dollar bill. A previous generation of white-collar crooks learned that lesson the hard way. The abuses of the junk bond era came to an end once the likes of Michael Milken were put behind bars. That lesson needs to be taught to a new generation."

Enron. Andersen. Tyco. Qwest. Global Crossing. Adelphia. WorldCom. All fell to the impersonal forces of karma. The "evil deeds" done by these corporate giants were brought to light... and the people responsible will pay... if not in this life, then in a future one. All the so called innocent people caught up in these scandals were repaying financial karma from past lives... they only appeared to be innocent in the context of this life. As so it goes.

Karma is a perfect system of universal justice as Michael Milken and other "white collar criminals" will tell you. They did the crime and will do the time. In the context of one life, the linkage of cause and effect is crystal clear. In the context of all lives, linkage of cause and effect becomes even clearer. "In Karma We Trust".

For the whole story go to ABC News: "In Nothing We Trust: And That's Why Business Is Governed by Rules" by Paul Maidment.

"The Best Medicine: Patch Adams"

Laughter is the best medicine. If you have not seen the movie "Patch Adams" starring Robin Williams, rent it, you are in for a treat. "Patch Adams" is the "true story of a compassionate but outrageous medical student who risks his career by defying the medical profession with his unwavering belief that laughter is contagious."

"Hunter 'Patch' Adams was criticized in his official medical school record for 'excessive happiness' and was once told by a faculty advisor, 'If you want to be a clown, join the circus.'" Instead he went on to become a world famous physician.

"Inspired to become a doctor while institutionalized for depression as a teenager, Patch Adams attended the Medical College of Virginia in the early '70s. After graduation, he formed the Gesundheit Institute, dedicated to a more connected, personalized approach to medicine. Having initially resisted public attention, he began receiving media coverage about his unorthodox clinic in the mid-80s and eventually wrote a book about his work in 1993".

"Using unconventional methods and wacky surprises to ease patients' anxiety and enhance their healing, Patch helped pioneer the then-startling idea that doctors should treat people, not just disease. Compassion, involvement, and empathy, Patch holds, are as great a value to physicians as breakthrough medicines and technological advancements. Radical thinking, then and now."

"As depicted in the film, few others initially share Patch's philosophy... Fighting conventional wisdom, allowing himself to be vulnerable, and embracing the idea that service of others is the best way to combat your own problems, Patch Adams begins to reach people... The continuing pursuit of his dream is the Gesundheit Institute, a clinic where each patient meets not only a doctor, but a friend."

On a spiritual level, Patch Adams' story is the triumph of prosperity consciousness. Part of the "godlike doctor syndrome" is the belief that, to help you, doctors must inspire confidence by being unlike you. In other words, they need to be all knowing and invulnerable. To believe that a doctor could be a friend was simply not part of the mindset of the times then... or not. And, yet, there is room for all things in the universe... that is how prosperity consciousness works.

For the health of the planet, let's hope that laughter and prosperity consciousness both prove to be contagious.

Gotta pay my web fees... so please read on!

Special Thanks to Clients from Exotic Places:

Thanks to those who helped to support our holistic business this month. God Bless America and Canada... North America is our home and the source of most of our wonderful clients to whom we are grateful for supporting our work. Special thanks to international customers for their support this month.

Inspirational Quote for the Month:

"Opportunities multiply as they are seized."
(Sun Tzu)

"A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds."
(Francis Bacon)

"Do not go where the path may lead; go where there is no path and leave a trail."
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Good Deed for the Month:

From Joan Sotkin's book "Prosperity is an Inside Job": "When was the last time you thought about money? Probably within the last hour. Most people spend an inordinate amount of their thinking time focusing on how much money they have or don't have or how much money they owe. Or they worry about not having enough money. People lie, cheat, steal and even kill because of money."

"Others commit suicide. What incredible power money has over our lives! It affects what we eat, where we live, how we spend our leisure time, how well we take care of ourselves and just about every other aspect of our existence."

If you want to take charge of your financial life, Joan Sotkin offers many tools and tips to help you do this. There is a lot on this site for FREE to help you experience more prosperity in your life.

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