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IN THIS ISSUE: This Month's Theme - Sleep & Karmic Dreams

1) Good Karma Health Tip: "How to Get the Best Night's Sleep You'll Ever Have"
2) Good Karma Prosperity Tip: "The Trick to Getting Money is..."
3) Good Karma Relationship Tip: "How to Attract Your Soulmate"
4) Featured Page on the Site: "How to Tell If They Are Past Life Dreams"
5) Karma in the News: "While They Were Sleeping, and Sleeping..."
6) Karma at the Movies: "Wheels of Karma in the Count of Monte Cristo"
7) The Abundant Universe, Inspirational Quote, & Good Deed for the Month

"How to Get the Best Night's Sleep You'll Ever Have"

WHAT IF... every night when you went to sleep... your energy field could be more efficiently and effectively circulated through your body non stop? WHAT IF... every morning when you woke up... you felt TOTALLY refreshed and energized by your sleep? WHAT IF... you slept less hours but felt better awake? Did you know that the "quality of your life is the quality of your sleep"?

Did you know that of all health problems, inability to get "quality" sleep is among the most widespread and under-reported? Did you know that more fatal car accidents are caused by sleep deprivation than by drunk driving? Did you know that in today's non stop, 'round the clock society, we sleep two hours a night LESS on average than our great grandparents did?

Since the design of the human body has not changed since then, it will not surprise you to know that we have become... a planet full of sleep deprived people. If you are wondering if you are among the sleep deprived, then then take this simple test... it's easy and quick:

Do you wake up after sleep feeling exhausted or needing more sleep?
Do you spend time thinking about how to/when next you can sleep?
Do you have to have an alarm to wake you up or else you oversleep?
Do you have to "sleep in" on the weekends/free time to feel normal?
Do you fall asleep at parties or outings when you do not want to?
Do you often feel groggy such that you must nap during the day?
Do you conceal your sleep or sleep when you want to be awake?
Do you consistently have trouble falling or staying asleep at night?

If you have answered "YES" to four or more of these eight questions, then you are sleep deprived. And the traditional alternatives are often far worse than the problem (CPaP and BiPap sleep machines which force air into your lungs and dry out and damage your nasal passages and mouth). I have had pleasanter tortures in medieval times!!!!

And yet, it is a spiritual principle, that each problem contains the solution within it... and if you ask the question "what if" there is always an answer... which at last I have found in the Sleep System from Nikken. This month my time on the Nikken System has made the following wonderful improvements in my sleeping life:

1> Both of my insomnias (falling and staying asleep) are gone.
2> I wake up refreshed every morning (not just some mornings).
3> When I wake up, I am fully awake (not stumbling around groggy).
4> I no longer think about when next I can get my "fix" of sleep.
5> I actually look forward to going to sleep (not dreading it).
6> The dark circles under my eyes are slowly going away.
7> Places of deep, residual past life wounds are being healed.

For more on the vital importance of Sleep, see

"The Trick to Getting Money is..."

"The Trick to Money is... Having Some!" is a book written by Stuart Wilde which contains a simple yet powerful exercise for manifesting more money into your life. It works because it opens you to receiving more abundance by getting you in the habit of seeing abundance everywhere you go.

The "trick" is this... to look for money everywhere all the time. If you think that money is not just "lying around", I challenge you to prove Stuart and myself wrong. I find money all the time just lying on the ground, waiting for someone to find it. It is mostly coins... but when I find them I say "Thank you universe for this abundance, please send me more!" And, it does not fail, I will get more work after finding the money and giving thanks!

And I extend Wilde's exercise by giving away all the coins I find which is quite easy to do. There are always collection cans at supermarkets or restaurants asking for donations for worthy causes. As I return the money to the universe from whence it came, I say "Thank you for all the gifts of life... may this money help another to experience these gifts for themselves."

I give because I know that there will always be more money coming to me when I need it... and so there is. For that is how money works, it is meant to flow in continuous circles of giving and receiving. "Money is like water in the hand. Leave the fingers open and it stays, clutch it and it darts away."

For more on the Spiritual Energy of Money, see

"How to Attract Your Soulmate" (You Asked for It!)

Perhaps the most frequently asked question I have received is... "How can I attract my Soulmate?" This is a question that is asked by both women... and men... because it is an inbred universal longing... to be reunited with those special others with whom we have shared the deepest love in our past lives.

Soulmates are those for whom we have strong feelings - of love or of hate - and it is those feelings which bind us together. Yet when people commonly yearn for their Soulmate, what they are really yearning for is "the one and only" person who can make them complete. This is their "twin flame" or "Bashert" (the Hebrew word meaning one's predestined mate). When we are with our Bashert, we realize that we are "two halves of the same person".

When we are with our "Bashert" that is when we feel the most at home... which is why we will always desire to be reunited with them. And so the question becomes... "How can I attract my Bashert into my life?" And the answer is... by becoming all of who you can be right now and by living life to the fullest.

When you are fully present and alive in each moment now, when you are completely happy and joyful just as you are now, when you choose to be all that you can be now, you are shining your special light as brightly as you can. And it is your own special flame which attracts your Bashert to you. In other words, it is not deferring your joyfulness until your Bashert can bring it to you that attracts them. Rather it is being as joyful as you can that attracts your Bashert.

It is the halves that are whole and complete within themselves that are ready to come together as one... and to bring their love to ever deeper, more satisfying, and more challenging places.

For more on Soulmates: Basherts & Partners in Love or Hate, see

"How to Tell If They Are Past Life Dreams" (You Asked for It!)

Regardless of your level of spiritual advancement, the primary purpose of your dreams is to give you "coaching" about your life now. Therefore, most dreams will be filled with people, places, and things that are familiar to you in your life today.

Yet part of what dreams are used for is to work through past life karma. How it works... when it comes to the "burn off" of karma is that there is no difference between what is "real" (happening in waking life on the physical Earth plane) and what is "imagined" (happening in sleeping life in the inner worlds of God). As long as you can feel it, whether in a dream or in "real" life, you can heal it.

If you are "just getting into" greater awareness of spirituality, then these past life ("karmic") dreams are a safe way of introducing you to the greater totality of yourself... to your past lives. In other words, you can relive a traumatic past life event even if your "waking" belief system does not support belief in past lives.

If you are "already on the path", then "karmic dreams" are a more harmonious way to work off karma. In other words, if you have past life "robbery" karma to work off, then getting your house vandalized in the dream state is much less disruptive to your life in the future than if it had "actually" happened in "real life" (ie. broken house).

Remember that karma is more about teaching than punishing, and, if you can learn lessons less painfully in the dream state, that is the surest sign of the working of a loving and compassionate universe. This featured page will show you how to tell if you have had a "regular" (present life) versus a "karmic" (past life) dream.

"While They Were Sleeping, and Sleeping, and Sleeping..."

The past is still present... even looking in the present day news.

From CBS News: "For some people, sleep can be too much of a good thing. Those who suffer from Kleine-Levin Syndrome sometimes sleep for days or weeks at a time. No one knows the cause of this strange disease. Spencer Spearin, a 15-year old from Florida, talks about trying to overcome the problem."

Often, the English translation of the phrase "no one knows" is "there is not an explanation if just present life explanations are the only acceptable ones". Take Kleine-Levin Syndrome for which there is no cure and which "mysteriously" just "ends". Past lives do explain the problem as well as why - sadly - there is no cure for the syndrome... and why there may never be one.

As with many rare diseases, Kleine-Levin Syndrome is one of the evolved Soul. These old Souls choose to come back into a human body WELL before their energy field is healed enough from their last previous life to support a new existence. As they grow, their new body just cannot support changes from the growth process along with healing overwhelming toxic resonances from past lives... and so it does the only thing it can do... sleep!

In essence, the prolonged periods of sleep become the physical equivalent of the "rest period" that most opt to undertake in the inner worlds after their last life has ended. How much sleep the person will require is directly dependent on the degree of repair that their energy field requires. The more damaged it is, the longer the individual will need to "sleep it off". Unfortunately, "sleeping it off" is truly the only cure for Kleine-Levin Syndrome. So be kind to these sufferers for they are truly fighting a hard and lonely battle.

For more on "diseases of the spiritually evolved", see the "Karmic Dictionary: Illnesses from a Past Life Viewpoint" on

For the whole story from CBS's 48 Hours, go to CBS News.

"Spinning Wheels of Karma in the Count of Monte Cristo"

From the movie site: "'The Count of Monte Cristo' is the classic story of Edmond Dantes, an innocent man wrongly imprisoned and his strategy for revenge against those who betrayed him. Dantes' peaceful life and plans to marry the lovely Mercedes are abruptly shattered when his best friend, Fernand Mondego, who wants Mercedes for himself, betrays him" with the help of a magistrate.

"Unlawfully sentenced to the infamous island prison of Chateau D'If, Edmond is trapped in a nightmare that lasts for thirteen years. He is haunted by all consuming thoughts of vengeance against those who betrayed him. With the help of an equally innocent fellow inmate, Dantes succeeds in escaping from prison." Finding the treasure from a map his fellow prisoner bequeathed to him, Dantes becomes "the mysterious and wealthy Count of Monte Cristo."

"With cunning ruthlessness, Dantes cleverly insinuates himself into the French nobility. He systematically destroys both the men who manipulated and enslaved him" by playing on the weaknesses of their characters. Dantes exposes the criminal conspiracy of the magistrate which led to his own imprisonment... and then results in the magistrate suffering Dantes' fate (perfect karmic justice sowing what he reaped).

For his former friend, Mondego, Dantes takes back from him what had been stolen... his wife, Mercedes, and her son... which Dantes learns was really his. In the climactic ending, Dantes and Mondego are both faced with the classic karmic choice: whether to choose from love or hate. Mondego's hate is what kills him while Dantes' decision to let go of the hate and vengeance in his heart is what saves him.

In our lives, no matter how difficult the experiences we have, we too will be faced with the choice to love or hate. What we can learn from the Counte of Monte Cristo is that hate kills... and that for any question, love - making the loving choice - is always the answer.

For "How to Live a Karma Free Life", see

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Special Thanks to Clients from Exotic Places:

Thanks to those who helped to support our holistic business this month. God Bless America and Canada... North America is our home and the source of most of our wonderful clients to whom we are grateful for supporting our work. Special thanks to international customers from the United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, and Belgium for their support this month.

Inspirational Quote for the Month:

"Too often we under estimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around."
(Leo Buscaglia)

Good Deed for the Month:

Sometimes those who are first are still the best. The Hunger Site was the first 'click-to-donate' site on the Web. Visitors to this site can donate staple food to a hungry person with just the 'click of a button.' These donations of staple food are paid for by The Hunger Site's sponsors and are distributed to aid of hungry people in over 74 countries, including those in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and North America. Give us a click!

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