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IN THIS ISSUE: This Month's Theme - Power of Habits

1) Good Karma Health Tip: "How to Change Bad Health Habits"
2) Good Karma Prosperity Tip: "Correcting Poor Spending Habits"
3) Good Karma Relationship Tip: "Overcoming Destructive Relationship Habits"
4) Featured Page on the Site: "Reorienting Relationships: Dark & Light Roses"
5) Karma in the News: "OCD: Obsessive Habits Ruining Your Life"
6) Karma at the Movies: "Habitual Addiction: Fatal Attraction"
7) The Abundant Universe, Inspirational Quote, & Good Deed for the Month

"How to Change Bad Health Habits"

"Hi, my name is Ellen. I used to be a cynic, specializing in highly toxic verbal sarcasm. It has been two years since my last verbal attack."

To be honest, I used to take pride to cutting people to shreds with my sharp tongue and stinging wit. That used to bring me a great deal of comfort... and satisfaction. It also made me feel safe and protected... no one was going to get the better of me.

It was also ruining my life... because no one wanted to be around me either. Worse, the constant negativity was wearing me down. Quite simply, my sarcasm was creating more problems than it was solving... not to mention being incompatible with being a channel for spirit. When I finally realized that I HAD to change, I also found that my sarcasm was a deeply embedded habit that was very hard to break.

So I went through a process of trial and error and discovered some simple steps that proved helpful in breaking me of my bad habit. These steps can help you to correct your own "bad" habits.

Making the Committment: The hardest part of breaking any bad habit is deciding that you are ready to make the commitment to change. Often when people fail to break habits, it is because they are not truly committed. Committment is not a "should", not a "it would be nice to have", not a "better do it", it is a "MUST" do. Until you MUST change, you cannot break the bad habit. It's just that simple.

Start Observing Yourself: Bad habits usually arise as a means of coping with specific people, events, or situations. To break them, start observing your thoughts and feelings to find what is triggering your bad habits. Observing thoughts and feelings is a skill which takes time and practice to master. If you are having trouble doing this, put up notes reminding you to do it where you are sure to see then.

Consciously Respond to the Trigger: When you can figure out what consistently triggers the habit, you can break it by consciously choosing to respond differently to the trigger. For example, if you are trying to break patterns of negative thinking, STOP, and replace your thoughts with something positive. Or if you are trying to stop negative speaking, STOP, and say something positive. Remember that when you turn a frown upside down, you create a smile.

Plan and Adjust Your Responses: Planning your responses in advance and adjusting them based on how they are working helps you to develop new, positive habits in place of old, negative ones. For example, I had a hard time breaking my sarcasm because it was rooted in truth - truth negatively expressed but truth nonetheless. I just could not be positive where I would have to lie, so I adjusted and learned to be neutral. For example, instead of telling someone their purse looked like a fish bag, I would say I never saw anything like it.

Use Positive, Reinforcing Affirmations/Visualizations: By speaking and thinking positive affirmations which reinforce your new, good habits every day, you will break old, bad habits much more quickly. A good affirmation about positive thinking would be "I only think positive thoughts, I only create loving feelings" while one for speaking would be "I speak only what is true, necessary, and kind. I use words of love." Visualize all the wonderful things flowing to you from your new, good habits "as if" they were already in place.

Observe and Be Patient: Each day, assess your progress. How well did you do in having only positive thoughts and emotions? How often did you fall back on old, bad habits? How often did you practice new, good habits? How did that compare to yesterday? How can you do better tomorrow? Are you going in the right direction? Be patient with your faults and be happy with your success.

Habits took time to create and they will take time to break. Changing habits is like turning a ship in the ocean... it does not turn on a dime. Yet with consistent course corrections, you will get to where you want to be... just trust and love yourself and all will be well.

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"Correcting Poor Spending Habits"

If you find there is always "too much month at the end of your money", then you probably have poor spending habits.

You know what they are:
Buying things on an impulse... and never using them.
Maxing out your credit cards... because you are behind in payments.
The Bottom Line: Spending more money than you have manifested.

More likely than not, others in your life have already told you where you have "poor spending habits" and/or you already know what they are. Knowing what they are... and deciding to change them are two different things. Yet once people do decide to change, they do not always know what they can do to turn the tide of their finances.

Although it is takes work, the good news is that it all can be done for FREE! For this purpose, the level of your income is assumed to be fixed. In reality, your income is never fixed... unless you believe it to be so. More money is always available to you if only you will take the necessary actions to manifest it. Ironically, more money will come to you once you start acting responsibly with what you already have.

Take Charge: Begin by knowing how you are spending your money now. If you have no clue, begin collecting your receipts and note on them what the purchase was for, why you bought it, and whether it was a "good" or a "bad" purchase. Just by doing this, you will see where you could begin to improve in using your money more wisely.

Decide on Change: List all the "poor spending habits" that you have. Beside them, list how you will change them. If you have a problem with maxing out credit cards, stop using them and pay cash. If you have a problem buying things on an impulse, decide that before you can buy anything it must be on your list of "approved" purchases. Prepare this list in advance and walk away from items not on the list.

Get Real About Money: No one likes to do this... but it works... create a budget showing money coming in and going out. What you need to figure out is your "discretionary income" (what you are "free" to spend) versus your "committed spending" (what you MUST spend on the necessities of life: food, clothes, rent/mortgage, telephone, and so on). Then plan your spending and spend to your plan. So often people get into trouble by not setting aside enough for "committed spending" and by spending too much as if it was "discretionary".

Commit to Savings: Save something everyday. It is easy to dump pocket change into a jar... that you do not touch. It is amazing how quickly that change will start adding up. The next step is to begin saving higher denominations each day (in the US, start saving one dollar each day and work your way up to saving dollars each day).

Stop Throwing Money at Problems: Always look for alternatives and substitutes to spending money. The easiest way to implement this is to start doing things yourself that you paid others to do previously (like cutting the grass, shovelling snow, etc). The best way is to invest "sweat equity" where it has huge payoffs. For example, I do all the maintenance on the site instead of paying to have it done. Not only did this save me tons of money but things come out exactly the way I want to see them and I can put things out in a flash if I need to because I refuse to pay huge prices for simple programming.

Do Your Homework: Start from the place that what you want already exists for free or at a low cost in the universe... and then, if you cannot find it, work your way up from least to most expensive alternatives. Separate your shopping trips (when comparing prices, quality, features, etc) from your spending trips (when actually making the purchase). Avoid carrying credit cards, cash, or checkbooks on the shopping trips: you are more likely to spend on an impulse than to lose out on a "great" deal. Not only can comparison shopping can save you 50% or more, it often helps you get great package deals.

Take Advantage of Discounts: Be among the few who use coupons and apply for mail in rebates (I have gotten more "free after rebate" software that you would believe... can you use $25 three months from now? - yes!). Have the discipline to wait for sales and use frequent buyer cards. Buy used or rebuilt items and factory seconds where you can be assured of the quality. Hunt bargains!

Credit Counseling: If you decide to go for credit counseling, you will still need to take all of the above steps. If you go for genuine credit counseling (where you pay a fee), you will save lots of money by having done all of the above in advance. If you go for the FREE kind, brace yourself against being pressured into a debt consolidation loan (which is always the end result of their free advice).

See what you can do on your own first. The reality is that only you can get your spending habits under control. Until you do, no amount of credit counseling will help. Only by taking charge of your money can you control it... otherwise it will most certainly control you!

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"Overcoming Destructive Relationship Habits"

Among the questions I am most frequently asked about relationships is this one: "Why do I keep failing at romantic relationships? What am I doing wrong?" If romantic relationships keep destructing on you, then you may have self defeating habits. Below are some "bad" habit patterns that will quickly end a relationship before it even starts.

Hasty-Hearts - "You are the One: Now Marry Me"

Hasty-Hearts have been known to use past lives as an excuse to "rush" into relationships. They will claim "we were everything to one another in past life... so quick marry me". They will declare that "you are the one" even though they barely know anything about you.

Hasty-Hearts want intimacy "the sooner, the better". They will "reveal everything" about themselves right away and expect you to do the same. They will "come on really strong" by lavishing huge attention on you and will expect the same. They tend to "force" relationships: if it will not go on it's own, they will make it go.

The surest sign of a Hasty-Heart is that they have "married you in their head". They destroy relationships under the heavy weight of their expectations, scaring off partners intimidated by the intensity.

Hostage-Takers - "You and Nobody Else But You"

Hostage-Takers do not want a relationship, they want to take a hostage. They tend to view relationships as if they were their personal property to which they held a title of ownership. They get irritated if you are not at their "beck and call all the time". They assume that you exist only for them and THE relationship.

Hostage-Takers love it when you forget all about your life, your family, and your friends for them. It turns them on when you give up your opinions, values, and beliefs... and adopt theirs. They will do what it takes to make you their prisoner: having sex right away, alternatively demanding, clinging, or begging for attention.

The surest sign of a Hostage-Taker is their insistence that you give up everything in your life for them. They destroy relationships because they act like jailers not lovers and once their partners cannot bear the imprisonment any longer, they set themselves free.

Sculptors - "You're Perfect, Now Change"

Sculptors do not want a relationship, they want a project. They want a partner with "potential" to be molded and shaped into the perfect form. Sculptors use the words "should" and "should not" a lot as these are the chiseling tools they use to sculpt you into "perfection".

Sculptors will tell you how you could be more like 'so-and-so' who was a previous creation of theirs. They will often compare you to others, show you how you fail in comparison, and tell you how you can improve. They are certain that they can "save or fix" you. They ignore what in you that does not fit in with their values and beliefs.

The surest sign of a Sculptor is how they consistently ignore personal boundaries or hurt feelings. They destroy relationships because they enjoy "fitting a square peg into a round hole" even though the pain this causes their partner will eventually motivate them to leave.

Taskmasters - "Just Take a Few Simple Tests"

Taskmasters require constant proofs of love. They like to make sure that you "really love them" by putting you through a "few simple tests". They will show you how they are at their worst... and test you to see your "love for them" will survive this ugliness. They act as if you can "read their mind": you love them and you should just "know" what they want, need, and must have at any point in time.

Taskmasters keep lists of things you must do to win their heart. They love to keep the relationship "on it's toes" by always testing it. This often means they will withhold everything and anything from you - physically, sexually, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually - as part of the test. They will reward you when you pass the test but will punish you horribly when you fail it or "step out of line".

The surest sign of a Taskmaster is their constant refrain of "if you really loved me, you would..." do whatever they want. They destroy relationships because they challenge their partners in front of others with their simple tests and usually humiliate them into leaving.

Players - "Just Play Some Mind Games"

Players only love you when you are playing their mind games. Players always create lots of drama in the relationship. Literally there is never a dull moment because Players love to put their partners off balance. Players will keep you guessing as to what they really want.

Players love to manipulate, control, and lie to their partners... that is all part of the game. They fight to win and will use any tactic like name calling or dragging skeletons out of the closet. They do not like to answer questions but instead like to ask leading questions that will draw you ever deeper into their mind games.

The surest sign of a Player is their constant resort to ultimatums and emotional blackmail. They destroy relationships because they always have to "up the ante" by escalating the mind game to get their way at any cost... including the cost of ending the relationship.

All these destructive relationship patterns have one purpose... to block true communication from taking place between you and your partner. If your partner is doing these things... you might want to make a change. If you are doing these things, you might want to stop or live with the pattern of failed relationships these habits create.

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"Reorienting Relationship Beliefs: Dark & Light Roses"

The most important mission we have on Earth is to learn to love one another. So often the relationships we have or want to have with others become complicated by the baggage of beliefs we carry along with us. This "baggage" clouds the energetic space between us and our loved ones often blocking us from receiving or giving love.

The exercise on this month's featured page allows you to clear your own energetic space so you can improve an existing relationship with someone or attract the relationship that you want with another person. Since we are all connected at the level of Spirit, doing this exercise should have positive impacts on any relationship you work on - even if the other person is not at all aware that you have done this exercise.

Start by writing out the following lists:
a> The list of "dark roses" (negative) which represents the energetic baggage you want to clear.
b> The list of "light roses" (positive) which represents the life affirming energies you want to have.
c> Each "dark" rose must have a corresponding "light" rose to match and balance your energy.
Remember: your heart is like a garden- it will take sometime to weed out the dark roses and to grow the light ones. The steps below must be repeated for each pair of "Dark and Light Rose" Statements.

See yourself plucking the "Dark Rose" (DR) from your heart while using a circular, counterclockwise motion with your non-writing hand.

Release the "Dark Rose" into the universe by dissolving it into the universal love stream of golden light.

See yourself planting the "Light Rose" (LR) into the empty space in your heart using a circular, clockwise motion with your writing hand.

Make the new "Light Rose" take root with the "water" of pure, loving energy that you beam into your heart using your writing hand.

Repeat the process until all "Dark Roses" are plucked from your heart and all "Light Roses" are firmly planted and rooted in your heart.

For the next 7 days (or as long as needed), "water" the "Light Roses" with pure, beamed, love energy until they are flourishing inside you.

Weed your heart often, making sure to pluck out "Dark Roses" that might have come back and to replace them with "Light Roses".

Although it seems pretty simple, it is powerful and can transform what you attract in intimate relationships into what you always dreamed of.

"OCD: Obsessive Habits Ruining Your Life"

The past is still present even in the present day news.

From ABC News: "Becky, a schoolteacher, is frightened of contamination from cleaning products. Lee, a chiropractor, fears accidentally bumping into things, and can't walk past a mirror without turning back to look again. Danielle, who is terrified of eating with plastic utensils, obsessively washes her hands."

"Each has been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD, an illness that affects as many as 3.3 million adults and about 1 million children every year. It can ruin lives and even drive some people to thoughts of suicide."

"It is also a disorder that is so embarrassing to sufferers that most never seek help. On average, people see 3 to 4 doctors and spend at least nine years seeking treatment before they get a correct diagnosis, and even then, it can take even more years to get the right treatment."

"'It's sort of the purest form of torture, because these are people that aren't crazy or insane, and yet they're unable to see that ... or unable to stop what they're doing,' said Dr. Michael Jenike, who heads the (Belmont OCD) Institute. (His) patients learn how to overcome their obsessions by confronting their fears head-on."

At the OCD Institute "therapists push boundaries, immersing the patients in the things they fear the most... Experts now believe that such 'exposure therapy' may be the only way for some patients to overcome the disorder. Pushing anxiety to its limit while resisting the urge to give into obsessive fears may control OCD.

"It is unclear what causes OCD, but some speculate that it could be hereditary, while others say it may be the result of a chemical imbalance of serotonin, a neurotransmitter linked to mood and depression. But other brain chemicals are almost certainly involved, and stress can be a trigger for it as well. Because of their odd behavior, people with obsessive compulsive disorder are misunderstood, and often miserable about their obsessions."

It is quite clear to me what causes OCD: it is unhealed traumas from past lives seeking resolution in the current one. Yet the closed minds of the scientific community are not open to this truth. How believable is it that there is a chemical in the brain which, if missing, causes fear of cleaning products, that another one causes fear of mirrors, that another one causes fear of plastic? Gimme a break!

How much simpler and more reasonable are the karmic explanations for the behaviors of these three people? You decide.

Becky fears contamination from cleaning products now because in a past life she was a professional hat maker. Arsenic was the ingredient in the adhesive she handled to glue hats together. This slow poisoning made her "mad as a hatter" and causing not only her insanity but a painful death... which her body is trying to protect her from now.

Lee fears mirrors and accidentally bumping into things because of a past life self as a rich but unattractive woman. It took her parents forever to marry her off. They created the habit in her of always turning back to look in the mirror to adjust her appearance so she could be her best. In the end, her husband "bumped her off" by bumping into her at the top of the stairs. At the bottom was a mirror where she watched herself die... she thought if only she was less clumsy and checked the mirror more... so the problems as Lee now.

Danielle is terrified of eating with plastic utensils and obsessively washes her hands because of a past life as a leper. To those who are sensitive to energy, plastic has a "unclean" feel to it. The ancients believed the cause of leprosy was lack of personal hygiene and so was a punishment for being unclean. Since leprosy is a long, painful death, her body is now protecting her through excessive cleanliness.

Returning to the story: "In treating OCD, cognitive behavior therapy should be the first line of action, and it can be combined with anti-depression medications, which increase serotonin, ABC NEWS' Dr. Tim Johnson said. But a third of patients are resistant to the usual treatment, a mix of behavioral therapy and anti-depressants."

STOP THE INSANITY!!! Drugging away problems solves nothing... except lining the pockets of drug companies providing false solutions. The only way to heal the OCD is to confront the past life trauma and heal it!! The fact that fully a third of patients are resistant to modern medical treatments should be the first clue that they do not work!!!

The reason why "cognitive behavior therapy should be the first line of action" is that it addresses the fear underlying the compulsion. When the fear is truly confronted and resolved, the obssession will go away because the problem is solved. Notice that it is not necessary to go back and address the past life... what is necessary is handling the unhealed emotions from past lives that cry out for present healing.

For the whole story from ABC News Good Morning America, "Impulse Control Obsessive-Compulsive Patients Confront Fears in Therapy" go to ABC News.

"Habitual Addiction: Fatal Attraction"

While his wife and daughter are out of town, successful attorney Dan Gallagher, seeking some spice in his life, decides to "fool around". Through his work, Gallagher has just met a very attractive publishing executive, Alex Forrest. She is quite receptive to his advances and they share a passionate weekend of uninhibited sex.

Realizing that this was a serious mistake, Gallagher wants to just forget about what happened and never see his "one night stand" again. Alex refuses to let go of what she believes is a "real" relationship. The more she tries to hang onto Dan, the more he resists. It soon becomes clear that Alex is seriously mentally unbalanced.

Alex ups the stakes by harassing not just Dan but his wife and daughter. In an utter act of madness, Alex boils the pet bunny of Dan's daughter in their kitchen. There is a violent shootout where the Gallaghers fight for their lives against a deranged Alex. Of course, the movie has a "happy ending" when Alex is killed... for this was, after all, a morality play about the consequences of infidelity.

From a spiritual view, "Fatal Attraction" brought the phenomenon of stalking to public awareness. Stalking is caused by one person becoming addicted to another and results in them spending undue amounts of time and attention on the object of their desire. Stalking can have fatal consequences and shows how dangerous bad habits can be. Left uncorrected bad habits can escalate and become addictions. Addictions always carry the risk of fatal consequences.

If you suspect you are being stalked, notify everyone immediately: family, friends, and especially your local police department. Stalkers are dangerous criminals and should be treated as such. For online resources to help you combat a stalker, see the "Good Deed" below.

Gotta pay my web fees... so please read on!

Special Thanks to Clients from Exotic Places:

Thanks to those who helped to support our holistic business this month. God Bless America and Canada... North America is our home and the source of most of our wonderful clients to whom we are grateful for supporting our work. Special thanks to international customers for their support this month.

Inspirational Quote for the Month:

"I won't be ignored."
(Alex Forrest, "Fatal Attraction")

Good Deed for the Month:
Knight of Kindness (now offline) is among the world's largest self help websites. In their own words, "our goal is to help you find the information you need to change your world. This website began nine years ago with one person trying to help people change their lives."

"Since then with the help of people from all over the world it has become a large library of free information on how to change your life, the lives of those you care about and the world. It's here today because we care about you" enough to help you change your life.

The above link points to the stalkers page and will show you how to get Stalkers put in jail if they are a threat to your life. This site all offers: Abuse Resources (Laws and Shelters), Addictions (Starting Over), Adoption (Find Birth Parents), Disability (Agencies, Support, and Services), Divorce (Advice), Education (Find Scholarships), Emotional Support (Anxiety, Depression, Grief, and More), Medicine (Free), Missing Children (Support), Public Assistance (Homeless/ Poor), Sexual Abuse (for Survivors), Special Education (for Special People), Telephone Book (Find Any Number Anywhere), and more.

Get the information you need... so please read on!

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