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IN THIS ISSUE: This Month's Theme - Power of Beliefs

1) Good Karma Health Tip: "Believing Your Way Into Vibrant Health"
2) Good Karma Prosperity Tip: "Beliefs Powering SuperStar Meltdowns"
3) Good Karma Relationship Tip: "As We Believe, So Shall We Marry"
4) Featured Page on the Site: "Clustering: Surfacing Core Beliefs"
5) Karma in the News: "Psychological Captivity of Elizabeth Smart"
6) Karma at the Movies: "Catch 22, David & Goliath, Gods & Generals"
7) The Abundant Universe, Inspirational Quote, & Good Deed for the Month

"Believing Your Way Into Vibrant Health"

Hope is the belief that you can have what you desire regardless of how likely others think it is that you will get it. Translated into the world of illness, hope is the belief that "I can get well, no matter how sick I am." Hope is one of the most empowering beliefs when it comes to illness. For it is powerful doses of hope that always separate those who survive illness from those who do not.

Yet the same beliefs that have the power to cure also have the power to kill. For example, after an individual has seen a board of seven oncologists who pronounce that they cannot survive their tumor, it becomes hard for that patient to believe that they can.

It is the rare person who can simply ignore when trained health professionals decree a death sentence and decide to "hope against hope"... let alone take the actions needed to fight for their life.

That is why it becomes so important for you to remember that you are the creative power in your universe. You are not done until you choose to believe that you are: "while you are in life, you are yet in hope". You can use that hope to believe your way into vibrant health. "So who has done that?", you ask. I answer, "Me."

My life has been a study in overcoming the decrees of doctors... simply because I refused to believe in them. I was born with a rare disorder and the longest I could expect to live was 21, I am 47.

I was told I would not be able to drive a car, hold down a job, or live on my own, I have done all those things. I was told I would be in chronic pain all my life, I ended it at 40. I was told that I would never be cured of debilitating allergies, I cured them at 41.

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, I ended it at 47. I was told that to save one eye the other should be surgically shut down, I am now almost free of glasses with both eyes intact. Although I still have fibromyalgia/ chronic fatigue in my system, I have not had problems with those in years. My present project is eliminating my recurring bronchitis which is the last barrier between me and vibrant health.

I will achieve vibrant health simply because I believe with a certainty that this will be so... as I believed I could overcome my other problems with a certainty and this was so.

The good news is that traditional health care professionals are now beginning to do the same thing by "focusing on what is right with the patient not on what is wrong" with their health.

In this new approach to health, professionals are encourage to have the patient identify five things that bring or increase the meaning in their lives. Working together, doctor and patient can systematically begin to implement these meaningful things into their lives.

In doing so, they will also look at the obstacles to implementing them. They usually find that what interferes with this process the most is the emotional pain created by unhealthy beliefs. Luckily, our beliefs are something we can choose. And since we can choose them, we can change them. Believe you can be vibrantly healthy and it must be so!

"Beliefs Powering SuperStar Meltdowns"

The history of Hollywood is strewn with stars who shot to the top only to crash and burn out spectacularly once they got there. Their names and their tragic histories are well known: Judy Garland, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Sharon Tate, John Belushi, and so on.

For many people their stories serve as cautionary tales on the perils of becoming successful. And just when Hollywood has been quiet for awhile: new stars, like Robert Downey Jr and Wynona Rider, will continue the tradition of superstar meltdowns.

So why do some stars melt down? The answer is, as in all Greek tragedy, they carry the seeds of destruction within themselves. Deep inside, unconscious beliefs that "I do not deserve too much success" or that "when I have too much, it will all be taken away from me" are sure to manifest as self destructive behavior leading to meltdown.

"SuperStar Meltdown" is an extreme example of how beliefs create an individual's reality. Notice the stars believed that they deserved the success - which allowed them to create it - but that they also believed they could not have it past a certain point - which caused them to destroy it once reached their self imposed internal limit.

Beliefs power what everyone, not just superstars, can create. Most people have limiting unconscious beliefs which stop them well before they achieve the success they desire. If you are not now everything, you want to be or if you do not have all that you desire, be honest and ask yourself if you have any of these kinds of limiting beliefs:

"It's lonely at the top." Those who believe this fear that others will use and betray them because of their success so they will end up alone and unhappy. Those who do not fear enemies may still fear losing friends and alienating family members if they become too successful. So they stop themselves from ever getting there because of the fear of loneliness. After all, Princess Diana was one of the richest women in the world but also, by her own admission, one of the loneliest... and who really wants to be lonely?

"Rich people become sick and twisted." Those who believe this fear the alcohol and drug abuse that are sure to greet them when they arrive. So they stop themselves from ever getting there because of the fear of self destruction. After all, Howard Hughes, one of the richest men of all time, died alone in rags, filthy, and mentally ill... and who really wants to become sick and twisted?

"It can never last." Those who believe this fear the "inevitable fall from grace" that will occur after they get used to being a success. So they stop themselves from ever getting there because of the fear the sudden reversals of fortune. After all, how many child stars like Todd Bridges who became a criminal, Gary Coleman who lost all his fortune, Dana Plato who committed suicide, and so on, had it all and lost it... and who really wants to experience a painful fall?

"Rich people have too work too hard." Those who believe this fear they are really not enough in themselves and see only hard work can compensate for this. Secretly, they are terrified that others will see them as something they are not and expect them to be impossibly perfect. So they stop themselves from ever getting there because of the fear not being able to measure up without working too hard. After all, how many singers just burn out and collapse after non-stop work like Mariah Carey as the most recent and spectacular example... and who really wants to experience a painful burnout?

These are only beliefs... and beliefs can be changed. If you have any of these beliefs, you can change them. Your experience of life can be whatever you are willing to make it... if only you will try.

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"As We Believe, So Shall We Marry"

Of all our relationships, the ones we create by marriage are the most driven by our "true karmic" beliefs. "True" beliefs are the unconscious ones, the ones we carry deep inside ourselves. They are what "get us" to marry people... that others tell us... that we consciously know... are not always the best choices for us. They are so powerful that they get us to ignore "what we should do" and forget about what is "best for us" by any objective standard so that we can attach to our karma.

We know we should marry another who is loving, kind, and has our best interests at heart. Yet we marry those who are "somehow like" the parent/caregiver that we have the most unresolved issues with.

Modern psychology tells us that our romantic beliefs come from our childhood observation of the "relationship dynamics" of our own parents/caregivers. What we internalize about their relationship becomes what we believe to be true of all romantic partnerships. And of course, we became attracted to these parents/caregivers so that we could form these beliefs to attract our romantic partners in karma.

Let's see how this can work for women. Take a woman who sincerely believes and says that men are wonderful because she knows many good men at work. However, as a child, her father left her family. Deep inside, she has a more powerful karmic belief that no matter how good men seem, they will always leave her in the end. So she starts attracting men who cannot commit to her.

Wanting a committed relationship, she breaks up with them. Even though she wants to date men seeking a committed relationship, she does not believe they really exist. She does not believe it because her "real life" experiences have shown her "it's true". Her belief that "it's true" keeps her from attracting men who would be committed to her... and so she never gets the love she wants.

Let's see how this can work for men. Take a man who sincerely believes and says that women are caring because he knows many good women in his church group. However, as a child, his mother was cold, critical, and uncaring. Deep inside, he has a more powerful karmic belief that no matter how good women seem, they will always turn out to be totally unloving in the end. So he starts attracting women who are cold and do not appreciate him.

Wanting a loving partner, he breaks up with them. Even though he wants to date women who are loving, kind, and warm, he does not believe they really exist. He does not believe it because his "real life" experiences have shown him "it's true". His belief that "it's true" keeps him from attracting women who would be kind and loving to him... and so he never gets the love he wants.

Often, the only way for you to recognize your "true" relationship beliefs is to look at your relationship history and behaviors. In the past, you created relationships that exactly fit your beliefs about what "the way they really work". If you do not like what has happened in the past, then you need to look at your beliefs more objectively so that the same things will not happen to you again in the future.

Start questioning the things about relationships you believe most strongly. If you think that something really awful is true about relationships and you really wish that it was not, ask yourself this.

Why do you believe it? Why should you go on believing it, especially if it hurts you? What is the payoff (money, security, religious beliefs, family expectations, etc) for believing it? How would you have to change or give up if you stopped believing it?

Start believing that you can ask for what you want in a relationship and get it. If you think that something really wonderful is possible about relationships and you really wish that it is, ask yourself this.

Who have you seen that has the relationship you desire? What do they do in their relationship that keeps it working? Could you see yourself doing what they do? Could you see yourself in a similar relationship? If not, why not? How would you have to change to attract a wonderful romantic partner?

Always remember that your relationship history is valid evidence of what happened to you in your past. It does not have to be your future... if only you will believe "it's true" and act on it!

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"Clustering: Surfacing Core Beliefs"

One of the easiest ways to surface core beliefs, especially when they are causing you problems, a technique called clustering. It is often taught in writing classes as a method for overcoming writer's block.

What happens in clustering is that your left brain (the logical, analytical part) is temporarily out of control. This allows your right brain (the intuitive, creative part) to take center stage.

When it comes to surfacing core beliefs, your right brain is less protective of you than the left brain is. If you are truly ready, it will allow you to find out why you believe what you believe.

Here is how it works: Pick a word that is emotionally charged for you. The key is to pick a word that relates to an issue that you are having in your life now.

If you cannot think of a word on your own, here are some you can choose from that are bound to unearth some issues:

Afraid, Angry, Betrayed, Damned, Death, Depressed, Desperate, Education, Frustrated, Guilty, Hardship, Hatred, Helpless, Hopeless, Land, Life, Love, Marriage, Money, Outraged, Relationships, Romance, Sadness, Sex, Trust, Work, Men, Women

Place the word you have chosen in the center of the blank paper and draw a circle around it. Get in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths.

Ask the universe to send you the information on your current life that are the root cause(s) of the issue you have selected above.

As quickly as you can, open your eyes and draw a line from the circle and write the first word which comes to you next to it. If there is a second word related to the first word, write the second word down and draw a line connecting the words. Then connect a third word to the second word in the same way.

When you come to the edge of the page or run out of related words, stop with that word. Go back to the circle and begin with another word. Select the next word and connect it quickly. If you are having trouble with clustering, you are thinking far too much. The idea is to let your "true karmic" unconscious beliefs just pour out of you.

Repeat the process until the page is filled or until you have run out of word associations. For this to work you must do this as fast as you can. Do NOT think about it, just let the words flow freely.

You will be truly amazed at what will bubble up from your unconscious mind! To see an actual example of a clustering, check out this month's featured page.

"Psychological Captivity of Elizabeth Smart"

Early in the morning of June 5, 2002, Elizabeth Smart was abducted at gunpoint from her home in Salt Lake City, Utah. The only eyewitness to the kidnapping was her younger sister, Mary Katherine, who later revealed that Elizabeth may have been taken by a man the family knew as Emmanuel. Brian David Mitchell, aka Emmanuel, had worked as a handyman in the Smart home. On March 13, 2003, she was found alive in the company of Emmanuel and another disciple.

When she was found, Elizabeth was wearing a wig, a veil, and clothing which concealed her identity. A family spokesman said Elizabeth had had no chance to escape during the nine months she was away from her family because someone was always with her.

Police believe that Elizabeth had been "psychologically imprisoned" by Emmanuel. Once he was convinced that she would not try to flee, he took her on walks through the streets of Utah. She was found by someone who recognized her from one of the posters from the massive search campaign conducted by her family.

Elizabeth's psychological imprisonment worked: for even when she was first brought in by the police and was "safe", she was very reluctant to admit who she really was. For she was still living in the prison of fear that was skillfully created in her mind by her captors.

The experience of Elizabeth Smart demonstrates the power of beliefs. For the greatest belief that Emmanuel instilled in her was that it was impossible for her to escape. Since she believed this was true, Elizabeth did not see the options for escape that were open to her.

There were opportunities... Like calling out to searchers that she heard nearby. Like getting up in the middle of the night and just running away since she was in sight of her home. Like finding a pay phone and asking the operator for help. Like just going up to a police officer as she and the Emmanuels walked the streets of Utah.

This illustrates a powerful spiritual lesson. That nothing can happen for us... unless we first believe that it is possible. When we find ourselves caught in the space of impossibility, this means we cannot take any action for ourselves because we have surrendered our free will. This state of inaction puts us into the space of karma which dictates what happens to us based upon our actions in past lives.

It was no accident that Elizabeth was chosen to experience a cycle of "bad karma" with the Emmanuels. Just as it was no accident that her "good karma" with her family led to her eventual rescue.

The first step to freedom from karma is the belief that it is possible. The next steps are the actions taken based upon that belief. When you find yourself thinking that something is impossible, think again and ask yourself, "Is it really impossible?" and "How can I use my free will to get what I want?" The answers just might surprise you.

"Catch 22, David & Goliath, Gods & Generals"

Although "Gods & Generals" is a "true story of the Civil War", it is also the true story of the power of beliefs and the tragedy that results from blind adherence to them.

The "Catch 22" of the Civil War was that "orders from superior officers are to be obeyed instantly and without question" because the Army must "move as one man" in "line of battle". Of course, line of battle made men convenient targets for sharpshooters and artillery fire that had them dropping like flies while they paused to reload their weapons. Yet that was how war was fought... with such "moves being learned so thoroughly that men could do them in their sleep".

Even though talented Federal soldiers could see in advance exactly what a bloodbath would result from running vast lines of soldiers against thin lines of opponents fortified by a rock wall and well positioned artillery, the battle of Fredericksburg happened anyway.

Why? Because the Federal command "under pressure from Washington and newspapers demanding quick action" believed they had "no choice" but to attack the Confederates where they had dug in. The reason underlying this "strategy" was to avoid making "the same mistake as their predecessors" and so they made a new one.

Perhaps the worst part of the Battle of Fredericksburg for the Federal soldier was being told that the bloodbath was "not an error but an accident" and casualties in the 60% range were "comparatively light". The silence from the surviving soldiers that greeted this announcement was eloquent testimony of what they truly believed.

Compare this to the spirit of the Confederate Army at the Battle of Chancellorsville. They marched quickly in silence for 14 miles believing that their surprise attack would succeed because previous victories had "taught them not to fear" being outnumbered.

They did not fear even when the odds should have made them afraid like being outnumbered sometimes as high as six to one. For they had already seen firsthand how their courage and belief in themselves had "driven the enemy from the field" time and time again. They believed that "like the biblical David of old they could go against the mighty giant Goliath and emerge victorious".

Their belief in their success gave them the courage and conviction to march in bare feet and rags with more primitive guns and fewer numbers and to fight against the more numerous, better armed enemy.

And they did succeed again at Chancellorsville in driving the enemy back across the river just as they believed they would do before the battle had even begun. Behold the power of beliefs! Deo Vindici!

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Special Thanks to Clients from Exotic Places:

Thanks to those who helped to support our holistic business this month. God Bless America and Canada... North America is our home and the source of most of our wonderful clients to whom we are grateful for supporting our work. Special thanks to international customers for their support this month.

Inspirational Quote for the Month:

"There is nothing too impossible to have happened, there are only things too impossible to be believed." (Thomas Carlyle)

"Cripple them, and you get a Sir Walter Scott or a Florence Nightingale. Lock them in a prison cell, and you get a John Bunyan or a Susan B. Anthony. Pit them against impossible, overwhelming odds, and you get a George Washington or a Joan of Arc. Raise them in abject poverty, and you get an Abraham Lincoln or a Mother Theresa. Strike them down with terrible illness, and you get a Franklin Roosevelt or a Charlotte, Emily, & Anne Bronte. Deafen them, and you get a Ludwig von Beethoven or a Helen Keller. Have them born black in a society filled with racial hatred and discrimination, and you get a Booker T. Washington or a Marian Anderson. Call them slow learners, 'retarded', or write them off as uneducable or crazy, and you get an Albert Einstein or a Marie Curie… and so it is that life is 20% what happens to us and 80% the way we respond to it."
(Ted Engstrom and Ellen Mogensen)

Good Deed for the Month:

"God and the soldier we adore, In time of danger not before, The danger passed and all things righted, God ignored and the soldier slighted." (attributed to Rudyard Kipling)

About Disabled American Veterans (DAV) in their own words: "Treaties are signed and the battles of nations end, but the personal battles of those disabled in war only begin when the guns fall silent. These men and women must struggle to regain health, reshape lives shattered by disability, learn new trades or professions, and rejoin the civilian world. At each step, they need help to help themselves."

"For three quarters of a century now, that aid has come from the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), a nonprofit organization of more than one million veterans disabled during time of war or armed conflict. It's nationwide network of services - free of charge to all veterans and members of their families - is totally supported by membership dues and contributions from the American public. Not a government agency, the DAV's national organization receives no government funds." Never forget those who fought for your freedom.

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Please note: Our subscriber list is NOT made available to other companies for any reason. We value each and every one of our subscribers and their privacy!

Please let us know if there are additional topics you would like us to cover in upcoming issues to help you on your journey through life.- Ellen

PS: Thank you SO MUCH for your referrals! We continue to get new clients as a result of your kind words to friends and associates. Thank you!

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