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IN THIS ISSUE: This Month's Theme - Family Karma

1) Good Karma Health Tip: "Is Nightime Fight-time with Kids Who Can't Sleep?"
2) Good Karma Prosperity Tip: "Was Mom Right? Is Money is So Hard to Get?"
3) Good Karma Relationship Tip: "Fighting With Parents Through Your Spouse?"
4) Featured Page on the Site: "Walking the Minefield: Karma & Childhood"
5) Karma in the News: "The Not So Rosy Childhood of Rosie O'Donnell"
6) Karma at the Movies: "From Babes: After Life Communication in Dragonfly"
7) The Abundant Universe, Inspirational Quote, & Good Deed for the Month

"Is Night-time Fight-time with Children Who Will Not Sleep?"

The last thing that any parent needs at the end of a very long day is to fight with their children about going to sleep... and yet that is what so often happens. Parents who love their children know them well enough to tell the difference between when their child does not want to sleep because they want to play... and when they are truly terrified that if they go to sleep, they will "die" or "never wake up".

For most of human history and - unfortunately - in some parts of the world today, parents have been forced to make decisions about whether or not to keep their children based on their finances. Many times those who could not afford to keep their children and who could not find other homes for them put them to death. More often than not, the children were suffocated while they slept. So when they come into another life, they unconsciously "remember" sleep is unsafe.

How to tell if your child is effected by such past life trauma... is to ask them why they do not want to go to sleep and be open to the answers. If you hear things like "I will never wake up if I go to sleep" or "I will die if I go to sleep" or "The bad people will get me if I sleep" or "I heard of kids that died in their sleep" or "I'm scared to sleep" etc. then your child very likely has an unhealed past life issue.

What NOT to do is to try and reason with them as in "it's perfectly safe to sleep" or "you see Mom and Dad get up everyday" and so on. "Reasoning" with them will only shut them down... not convince them of the safety of sleep. You are arguing with their past life experience here... and it is an argument that you cannot win by appealing to their minds. You can only win it by appealing to their unresolved emotions.

What to DO is to explore their feelings... as in "Why are you scared to sleep?" and listen to the reasons. Let the child talk about it... in a safe and non judgmental space. Even if you do not believe in past lives, just let the child express their feelings. Often just talking about it is enough to heal the past life resonance... and to end the fight time at night time. And - for those of you who were wondering - the Nikken Sleep System is totally safe for children old enough to sleep in a bed.

I continue to LOVE the Nikken Sleep System because it is healing my life. Not only is my insomnia gone... I hardly ever nap... and this month I woke up without an alarm for the first time ever. And - those of you with Fibromyalgia take note - not even close to a flare up since I have been on the system. Check out our pages for more...

"Was Mom Right? Is Money is So Hard to Come By?"

Money is a lot like air... like it or not, you cannot live without it and you are highly dependent on it. And there is no use complaining about air when it is the only thing to breathe... or money when so much of your time is spent on either "earning it" or "spending it".

So given that money is "everywhere you want to be"... it is a great idea to take a good hard look in the money mirror... for when you do, you will see that your relationship with money can tell you a lot about yourself. It will show you negative attitudes towards money "inherited" from your family... which you were attracted to in the first place because of unresolved karma from past lives. For example...

If you never have enough money, it is because you believe money is "the root of all evil" or that you are not worthy enough to receive it. And yet you never question if there is enough air or doubt your right to breathe it... air and money are both energy that you need to live. This is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Root Chakra.

If you sincerely believe that you need to be rescued financially by winning the lotttery or by inheriting money from a rich relative, you really believe that you are not the creative force in your universe. Yet you do not worry about if you will have enough air to breathe tomorrow or sit around waiting for that big windfall of air to arrive. This is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Sacral Chakra.

If you think other people are going to cheat you out of money, you are afraid of karmic retribution for when you cheated others. And yet no one can cheat you out of air... it is there for all. This is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Solar Plexus Chakra.

If you are never able to buy things you want or if you are stingy with money, you believe deeply that deprivation is "good for the Soul". Try depriving yourself of air... and see how good that is for you. This is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Heart Chakra.

If you often say "I'm broke" or "money just slips through my fingers" or "I just cannot afford it", you are telling the universe that you just do not deserve prosperity because you cannot even ask for it. You never have to ask for air... you just expect it... so you get it. This is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Throat Chakra.

If you are constantly worried about running out of money, you are afraid of being abandoned... just as you once were in past lives. And yet you never worry about air... when it goes, you immediately find out that it is far more important and essential than money. This is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Third Eye Chakra.

If you feel ashamed when you look at your bank balance (maybe it is too high or too low) or if you get something just for yourself only because you want it, you believe that scarcity and lack are the natural human condition. Air is still here... and so will money be. This is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Crown Chakra.

Money is available to you... it is part of your divine birthright of abundance... if you do not have all that you desire... what you need to do is become more available to it. So it becomes up to you to take the action to heal those blocks or to learn to live with your financial situation... the choice is yours. Here is what can help...

For our Abundance Healing Program - which is FREE - see

For our Abundance Healing Tape - which is not - see

"Still Fighting With Parents Through Your Spouse?"

At the heart of it, karma is extremely efficient teaching device: fail to learn the lesson at one point in your life and it simply pops up again later on: where the stakes are higher and the lessons more intense. Nowhere is this truer than with the person we end up choosing as our marriage and/or romantic partner. As most hard bitten veterans of "relationship counseling" can tell you, it is not long before the same question gets asked... "So how is your partner like your parent(s)?"

This question gets asked for an important reason... because 99.9% of the time we drag into our marriages or significant relationships with romantic partners the unhealed issues that we have with our parents. Just as 99.9% of the time our unhealed issues and karma from past lives determined the parents we "ended up with" this time around.

If your parents did not "love you enough" as a child, it is likely you may attract a partner who cannot "love you enough" as an adult. This is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Root Chakra.

If you expected your parents to "solve all your problems", then you may attract a partner who will want to "control you" as if you were a child. This is a sign you need to heal blocks at your Sacral Chakra.

If you could not trust parents to always treat you with love/kindness, then you may attract a partner who will "use and abuse" you. This is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Solar Plexus Chakra.

If your parents were always depriving you of what you truly needed or wanted, then you may attract a partner who will do the same to you. This is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Heart Chakra.

If you often say "relationship partners are... (fill in the blank with the same negative things you say about your parents - who are your role models for romantic partners), you are telling the universe about the romantic partner you "agree to deserve"... which is who you get. This is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Throat Chakra.

If you were constantly worried about your parent abandoning you... (leaving you alone, forgetting to pick you up, ignoring your problems, etc), then you may attract a partner who will do/not do the same. This is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Third Eye Chakra.

If you feel ashamed when you look at your parents or if they have you convinced that you "think too much of yourself", then you may attract a partner who feeds that shame or becomes the burden you 'deserve'. This is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Crown Chakra.

Happiness is available to you... it is part of your divine birthright of abundance... if you do not have all that you desire... what you need to do is become more available to it. So it becomes up to you to take the action to heal those blocks or to learn to live with your romantic situation... the choice is yours. Here is what can help...

For our exclusive and powerful Chakra Cleasing Tape, see

"Walking the Minefield: Past Life Karma & Childhood"

It is the age old question: what effects our journey through life more: heredity (nature, genetics) or environment (nurture, experience)? As you might expect from a past life site, the answer is neither: it is the cumulative effect of all our experiences in past lives.

On the side of Heredity and Nature, modern science tells us that we all are "genetically predisposed" to think and act in predefined ways. The links between genetics, disease, and behavior are becoming more firmly established all the time.

So science has us believe, the fault lies not in our stars but in our cells. And yet science fails to answer why our cells formed in one way and not another. However, reincarnation can provide that answer which is that resonances from past lives carry over and determine the manner in which our cells are formed in this life.

On the side of Environment and Nurture, modern psychotherapy tells us that most present day problems spring from the never ending bucket of "childhood issues". So everything that "happened to you in your childhood, especially if it "gives you trouble" as an adult, is the "fault of your parents"... what they did or did not do in childhood.

And yet psychotherapy fails to answer (after numerous studies) why given the same environment do different people so react differently. Again, reincarnation gives the answer: individuals react to the life experiences they are presented with using the cumulative learnings gained from their own unique past life journey through the universe.

To grow in awareness, we consciously incarnate into situations that will bring us to heal unresolved pain and issues from past lives so we can advance our spiritual growth. We set the stage for the karmic drama we choose in any given lifetime by participating in experiences where our old patterns of being will no longer serve us. This brings us to new learnings about our life in the universe to help us grow in love.

Although we can attach to our past life issues at any point along our journey, we tend to pick up the majority of them in our "young and impressionable" childhood. Since past life issues attach to us so firmly in childhood, it is there that traces of our existences in past lives as well as the nature of our karma most strongly reveal themselves.

For it is past lives - via our cellular memory - that have formed our nature. And it is past lives - via the choices about reincarnation we are entitled to make (choosing our parents, our life circumstances, our romantic partners, etc) - that have formed our nurture. Finally, it is what we carry with us from past lives - our skills and abilities, our wisdom and instincts - that help us along our journey through life.

To see exactly how past life karma attaches to you in childhood, see

"The Not So Rosy Childhood of Rosie O'Donnell"

The past is still present... even looking in the present day news.

From ABC News PrimeTime: "When Rosie O'Donnell's adoption hotline got a call from a despondent mother saying her 14-year-old girl was raped and impregnated by a youth minister, she felt compelled to help. Two months later, she found out that both the mother and her daughter were in fact the same woman who suffered from a severe mental disorder.

Now, two years later, O'Donnell reveals to ABC News' Diane Sawyer that the little girl she ended up rescuing was herself. "I was an abused kid," she writes. "This is something I've chosen not to dwell on in my public life. It sounds trite... However, sometimes you can't escape a cliché. So yes, I have been abused."

The details, she says, are not relevant or "for public consumption. Just know that the effect of that is devastating. It is soul crushing, is almost life-ending for many children . And it takes a very long way and a very dedicated pursuit in order to put those pieces back together."

When O'Donnell discovered that the mother on the telephone and her abused, pregnant daughter was really a disturbed woman her own age, she wasn't just shocked. "I felt like her," she says. "And that's what's hard for people to understand, because they see Rosie O'Donnell on TV and they think, well, what would you have in common with a crazy woman who lives in Oregon in a trailer?"

The answer, says O'Donnell, is "everything. We both had hard childhoods. We both had interesting ways of coping by becoming other people." When asked what Rosie thought had made her different from the "crazy woman from Oregon", she acknowledged the help of her first love and then replied, "It's just my DNA, I guess".

That answer was more accurate than Rosie could have imagined... For part of what makes up our DNA is the cellular memory that is carried in each of our cells. Our cellular memory is the means by which all the wisdom and knowledge from our experiences in many past lives becomes available to us in our life now.

In this case, it was their past life heritage which made the difference. Rosie O'Donnell has lived many past lives where she developed the strength and courage not to be crushed under by horrific child abuse in this one. While the woman from Oregon - relatively new as Soul - lacked the internal resources from past lives to cope with her abuse.

Good thing for Rosie... that her past lives were still present enough for her... to enable her to help one less fortunate than herself.

For more on Cellular Memory and How it Works to Help Us Grow, see

For the whole story on "All About Rosie" go to ABC News.

"From the Mouths of Babes: After Life Communication in Dragonfly"

If you have seen "Dragonfly" and think the whole concept of "after life communication" is just a screenwriter's fantasy, then I would invite you to check out Scott Rogo's book, "Phone Calls from the Dead". In this movie, a grieving husband is tormented by day (by seeing the same symbols over again) and by night (by having intense dreams).

One of the symbols - the Dragonfly - the husband recognizes as being his wife's personal totem... so he knows the messages are coming from her. Yet the other one - a squiggly cross - he does not recognize... and his search to discover it's true meaning leads him to discover what she is trying to tell him.

At first, he doubts what he is seeing and hearing because it does not "fit in" with the way "we know that the world works". Yet as the evidence mounts, literally coming from the mouths of babes, he finds that he just cannot ignore her tugging on his heart... and so his love leads him to where he "has to" go...

In many ways, "Dragonfly" is a perfect textbook case of "after life communication" (a form of "after life intervention").
- The messages relate to an urgent item of unfinished business between the people who are communicating (in this case, the husband wants to know what has really happened to his wife).

- The communication is simple (symbols that the husband must interpret) but effective (one that the husband is bound to get if he will just keep on doing what he normally does).

- The communication comes through others if we try to ignore it (children in the same hospital where both the husband and wife worked independently draw the wife's symbol for the husband).

- The after life messages stop once the purpose of the communication is achieved (once the husband agrees to go on the journey requested by his wife).

- And the communication accomplishes a goal that was not otherwise possible (to find out what that is in "Dragonfly" you will have to see the movie!).
The movie "Dragonfly" challenges us to look at our lives and to discover, as Shakespeare said, "there is more to heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your philosophy". It is easy for us to do that when confronted with a "mountain of evidence" that we just cannot ignore... like the husband in this movie was.

The trick is to do it everywhere all the time... for that is where the miracles of life are to be found... where we least expect them.

For more on "Evidence of Life After Death", see

Gotta pay my web fees... so please read on!

Special Thanks to Clients from Exotic Places:

Thanks to those who helped to support our holistic business this month. God Bless America and Canada... North America is our home and the source of most of our wonderful clients to whom we are grateful for supporting our work. Special thanks to international customers from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Iceland for their support this month.

Inspirational Quote for the Month:

For most people, this following quote sums up the results of one's walk through the minefield of childhood. "Anybody who has survived his childhood has enough information about life to last him the rest of his days" (Flannery O'Connor). More precisely, people usually emerge with all the karma they can carry for one life.

Therefore "we cannot stop the psychic archeology at childhood, or even infancy, but that past life patterns and memories also must be excavated for complete healing to occur" (Brian Weiss "Messages from Masters").

Good Deed for the Month:

WHO WE ARE .... Help the Afghan Children, Inc., (HTACI) is US based, grassroots, non-profit, non-partisan organization, devoted to helping Afghan children since 1993. Through fundraising in the United States and abroad, HTACI founded and operates several primary health care clinics, as well as educational and vocational training centers and home-education programs in Afghanistan.

WHY WE CARE .... One out of four Afghan children dies before the age of five. Over one million Afghan children are orphans. Over 500,000 are disabled. Over 400,000 children are amputees from land-mines. Over one million Afghan children are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress. 5 million girls (90.9 %) and 4 million boys (74.1%) below the age of 15 cannot read or write a simple sentence.

OUR MISSION IS .... To serve children and families in Afghanistan. Drawing on our background, experience and achievements, we are working hard towards a brighter and self-reliant future for Afghans.

Please note: Our subscriber list is NOT made available to other companies for any reason. We value each and every one of our subscribers and their privacy!

Please let us know if there are additional topics you would like us to cover in upcoming issues to help you on your journey through life.- Ellen

PS: Thank you SO MUCH for your referrals! We continue to get new clients as a result of your kind words to friends and associates. Thank you!

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