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TESTIMONIAL: Past Forward, Fun Life Company

"I have had cold hands my entire adult life. I would always apologize about my cold handshake when greeting someone for the first time. For years I thought it was the way God made me. While that was partially true, it was I - and not God - who was the one holding onto the past hurt and allowing it to affect my present life.

During my session, I was brought back to my previous life as an assassin. I was back in Turkey, a scimitar in my hands as I was hacking the heart out of my latest victim. The heart and the pinkie finger with my victim's ring had to be brought back to the Sultan. Once I was in the Sultan's throne room with my gruesome evidence, he spoils a tray of food by dumping the bloody remains on top of it - this during a time when many people were starving to death. Enraged, I lunge at him, trying to choke him with my bare hands. His loyal retainers make short work of me. I'm on the cold marble floor, my blood flowing from a fatal wound to the heart.

After facing the truth about that life, my hands became warm for the first time in many years - they actually even sweat sometimes now! That's something that I can only remember happening when I was very young. I know this story must sound outlandish. However, this isn't a fantasy or a fairy tale - there has been an actual physical change in my life. Other people have noticed this change in me and I no longer have to apologize for my handshake anymore (well, at least not for being too cold)! This is all due to the past life healing I received from Ellen.

Another problem that I lived with for many years was with my throat. It was difficult for me to swallow pills. I always had to take them one at a time, the point of the pill facing my throat for easy entry. Beforehand, I would have prepared a full glass of water - sometimes I would have to repeat the process and could not be running around looking for water with a pill dissolving in my mouth!

After drinking from the glass and remembering to relax so my throat wouldn't close, I would carefully swallow trying not to gag on the pill as it went down. While I am by no means now able to swallow a handful of pills, I now no longer have to make such elaborate preparations just for taking a pill!

I also have never liked having things around my neck. Shunning scarves as a child and wearing them only when I really had to (and then as loosely as possible) as an adult - again - I just thought that was the way God made me. During my session, I found that there was a good reason for this - multiple hangings and slitting my own throat in past lives - their legacy was still sticking with me in this life.

The worst part was when I would be upset - I would literally be all choked up to the point where I have to swallow multiple times and breathe deeply before I can even strangle out a word or two. This problem, if allowed to go on unchecked, could have resulted in throat cancer. Which is ironic because in this life I feel God has called me to sing!

While I still have a long way to go to heal these past wounds, I now know that I am on the right path. With the God's grace and Ellen's help, I know that I can achieve everything God has called me to be.

'Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.' - John 8:32

J. D."



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