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Guestbook Entries #461 - #480

   Entry #461:   StaceyE - Canada

Ellen's Past Life Profile sparked a revolution in my life. Our recent Past Life Channeling session by phone was so eye-opening. I feel as though I have already dropped an unbearable weight and have new energy to move forward and shape my life according to my own desires. I can't wait to read and apply the various tools and books she had provided! Thank you, Ellen, for your invaluable service, your kindness, and generosity (and sorry for making you cough up all that stuff for me!).

   Entry #462:   Anita - Mauritius

Thank you, Ellen, for all this useful tips towards healing. I did not know that there existed a Vow of Celibacy. I am single for years now, though I meet interesting partners, yet I feel big headaches for commitment and prefer to run away. Of course, it's partly religion and elders that have taught us to be like this. Thank you and I do hope you are helping humanity and you will be blessed a million fold.

I feel so strong about this feeling, to ask you whether we all had karma together with you in past lives. May be we knew each other in past lives and that's partly one of the reasons we feel we all have to connect with all your good advices and lessons? This feeling came so strongly from my heart. Lots of divine hugs! [YES, this is true... Thanks! -EM]

   Entry #463:   Zofia - Poland

I have been living in Canada but I come from Europe. I like to share my personal short story of how my life changed. I have good relationships with people, but not in my family. When I left home, I lost my youngest sister for long time. She didn't want contact with me, and I cried, and my heart was full of sorrow. I try many times to contact with her, but she didn't want to and this was really painful.

Then I start to do cleansing of my soul and worked with your
"Forgiveness exercise". I meditate also on your "Loving Kindness" exercise, asking for more LOVE in my heart. Then my life changed a lot.

Now, in my life there is love, happiness, and harmony. I already am visiting my sister, and we're having a very good time, and I am so happy for that. In my life is not any more sorrow. I am sharing this with others, because I know many people are suffering and they don't know why.

The ansver is FORGIVENESS! We have to learn how to forgive themself, and others. I wish you all the best, love and happiness - always!

   Entry #464:   JudyP - USA

Ellen, You are awesome! I just read what you wrote about Opus Dei. You have cut through all the muddled messages "out there" and blew me away with your crystal clear explanation of what is and what is not love. Thank you for all your messages!

   Entry #465:   TrishA - Australia

I have found this site to be very useful in so many ways. I am very interested in past lives and karma. I am still afraid I may be repeating mistakes. The first psychic I went to informed me I had been branded a "witch" in a previous life but I was not a witch but just a psychic who saw things. Due to the stigma attached to this I was hanged and burned in this previous life. Now that I'm beginning to get over this fear of the gift I have, I can do amazing things with it. Thank you for your helpful website.

   Entry #466:   DavidT - USA

Hey Ellen, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the information you provided on this site: it is priceless. You are simply amazing for putting this all together. A Million thanks to you and everyone else who helped with this wealth of information.

   Entry #467:   DebbieDallas - USA

I want to say we honor & support your site, including many of the exercises you have in our classes/workshops, etc. Wonderful information. We appreciate the opportunity to share our information with your visitors as well.

   Entry #468:   DarleneD - Canada

This is the best site I have found on the Internet. I have been following it for a very long time. It has helped me through kidney stones, parents' death (both) I am so glad this site is here. Thank you!

   Entry #469:   DeAnne - USA

THANK YOU - I was searching for some inspiration and found your WONDERFUL site - Just what i needed - As always, the universe has once again provided - Blessings!

   Entry #470:   Sadiq - Pakistan

Well... God bless u... u have dare to enter the realm ... where few people want to navigate... Blessing and love, Bye!

   Entry #471:   ChristineMW - USA

Anytime you express your authentic self, you will discover avenues of achievements that you would never have dreamed of.

   Entry #472:   BeckyG - USA

Your website is the most informative past life site on the Internet. Keep up the good work!

   Entry #473:   Amanda - USA

Thank you Ellen, Tonight, I had to hear someone giving this particular advice, it's God thru you!

   Entry #474:   CynthiaH - USA

Blessings of Peace, Love, Light & Gratitude to you!!

   Entry #475:   LennyWise - USA

Enjoy the ezines very much. The best to you!

   Entry #476:   JuliaB - USA

I love this site! It's one of my favorites!

   Entry #477:   Navinsohanpal - England

Very good. Keep it up. Many, many thanks!

   Entry #478:   AnneLV - Norway

Thanks for all the informations.

   Entry #479:   KathyH - USA

Great Info Thank You!!!!!

   Entry #480:   Michele - USA

I just wanted to say thank you for the free course that I am receiving. For years I had a sixth sense and it got to the point that I asked God to take it away from me, because I was so frightened. Then someone came into my life now and I know they were from a past life. My sixth sense came back stronger than ever before.

What the free lessons are teaching me are so valuable in helping me use my gifts. I still have much to learn, but I feel I am making progress. Thank you. My soul is so hungry for the truth!



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