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Short Description: Exploring All Past Life Root Causes of Present Life Issues

Case Summary: This client's compulsive habit of finger biting in this life was traced back through the five past lives where it was created and reinforced. In each past life, the habit had a specific purpose and meaning. In this life, the habit had resurfaced to force the client to reconnect with the past so that they could remember who they had been so they could claim their power now.

Background: This client had an unwanted habit of finger biting (which was part of a diagnosed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) that they wished to gain greater clarity about so that they could get rid of it. Since this habit had been created and reinforced over many past lifetimes, we only explored the karmic threads around this specific habit without fully exploring each one of the past lives. Since this client was an old soul, special permission from management (God/Goddess/AllThatIs) was granted for this analysis of karmic threads to be performed.

Present Life Issue: Like most advanced Souls, this client had chosen a very difficult path in this lifetime. This person freed themselves from a disempowering marriage. They were healing the wounds from this situation when they came to me about their unwanted finger biting habit.

It became clear that this person's life challenge was to reclaim their personal power. The finger biting became the mechanism for getting this person to recognize their untapped inner power and to see themselves as they truly are.

Case Findings: The following karmic threads from past lifetimes were woven around the client's finger biting habit:

Thread #1: Holocaust Child - During World War II, the client was a very young girl. When her house was burned down, she lost her parents and everything she owned. The girl found an old coat with a Jewish Star on it and put it on, not understanding the trouble it would cause her. When she found herself being taken to a concentration camp, she bit her fingers to keep herself calm. Once there, her continued calmness because a source of inspiration to everyone around her. For if a young child could be calm, who could not be calm?

Thread #2: Wesleyan Minister - In this life as a minister, the client was a man whose mission was to spread the teachings of John Wesley to the world. His was a travelling ministry which meant that he was constantly speaking in front of large crowds. However, he was extremely uncomfortable with public speaking. He would bite his finger just before going on to remind himself that he mere flesh and that he was speaking on behalf of God. This action would immediately bring him peace and comfort... and the strength to go onstage.

Thread #3: Biblical Scholar - Here the client was a monk whose job it was to translate the Bible from the original ancient languages into Latin. Translation is a difficult task for one who wishes to go beyond the words and capture the true essence of one language inside another. When the monk needed inspiration for his task (which he felt was a sacred and holy mission), he would bite his finger and the proper words would "suddenly come" to him.

Thread #4: Chinese Empress - As Empress in ancient China, the client had extremely long fingernails. By the number of fingernails she chewed at any one time, all around her could tell what mood she was in. When she chewed four fingernails, people were terrified because it usually meant that someone was going to die. To the Empress, her fingernails were a symbol of her rank and her power. To her body, they were a sign of her power and her strength.

Thread #5: Egyptian Healer - This Egyptian healer had an unusual means of reading energetic imbalances in others. She would take their fingers and bite them gently. This would give the healer instant access to the full range of their medical problems. To the Egyptian healer, finger biting represented helpfulness with love.

Case Learnings: As you get more spiritually advanced, your find that your body seems to get a "mind of it's own" and can exercise a great degree of control over you. When you have as many lifetimes of experience as this client had, your spirit will direct you body to "do whatever it takes" to get you attention.

When it comes to getting your attention, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is "the perfect hook". A person with OCD has uncontrollable habits interfering so greatly with their life so that they are forced to pay attention to their "problem".

In this case, the client's body was trying to get them to reconnect with all that they had been and done in their remarkable past. In this life, the client was "minimizing" their own power by not acknowledging how successfully they had overcome a series of difficult life problems. The finger biting was their spirit's way of getting them "back on the right track" so they could reclaim their power in their present life.



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