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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Selective Mutism
    (Spiritual - Toxic Past Life Resonances)
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Short Description: Selective Mutism
Selective Mutism effects children who are highly communicative in one setting (a safe place like a home) but are completely shut down in most other settings (an unsafe place like a school) due to carryovers of highly toxic past life resonances.

Causes: Selective Mutism is a defense mechanism - on over-drive in the present - to keep the child safe from traumatic situations that "look and feel" like those from past lives which resulted in pain and/or death.

Symptoms: The symptoms of Selective Mutism are wide ranging because they are as unique as the individuals experiencing them. Still, there are several distinct types of Selective Mutism syndromes which all inevitably result in an ever deepening downward spiral of isolation and uncommunicativeness:

* Fragile & Frozen: Without proper medical care in past lives, children learned to act as if "their bones were like glass" and "their skin was like paper". For broken bones which were set and healed improperly caused a lifetime of pain. While broken skin could easily lead to infections so severe that death resulted. Better to "glue one's lips" and act frozen than to risk harm to bodies that were all too fragile.

* Dumbing Down: Children, who are bright, communicative, and intelligent at home, choose to be dull, silent, and dumb at school or in society because they fear standing out. Some past societies killed children who were "too" intelligent because brainy people were feared to be unruly. Brainiacs tended to question the rules and want to change them... and were considered to be too dangerous to be left alive.

* Beaten Senseless: In past lives, behavioral infractions (like passing notes or giving the wrong answers) usually resulted in physical punishments. Some were so severe that they resulted in death or in a lifelong impairment. Children soon learned that the rod would not be spared at school and that it was to be feared.

* Soldiering On: In past lives, unless you were on your deathbed, you were expected to get out of your bed - sick or well - and soldier through school in silence. Education was usually a rare and precious gift and children were taught to put their schooling above their physical well being and never to admit to being ill.

* Safety in Silence: In times and places where anyone could get away with murder, children learned that there was safety in being seen but not heard. "Say and do none harm" was a protection against others who were ready to lash out at the slightest provocation... especially against weak and defenseless children. Similarly, those in religious orders were taught to be silent and learn from those who were more senior in time and experience. Those who did not obey this rule were often punished with solitary confinement for months at a time. After such confinements they understood that their own true safety lay in remaining silent.

After Effects: Some who suffer from Selective Mutism are completely uncommunicative while others can communicate with gestures. The sooner the suffering child can be transitioned from non-existent or nonverbal to verbal communication, the better. If Selective Mutism is left untreated, it will only get worse over time. The child will feel progressively more fearful until the root cause of their Selective Mutism from past lives is identified and healed.

Advice: When the fears (usually from past lives) which are driving the Selective Mutism are healed and the child begins to feel safe everywhere, the mutism will fall away from them. Going back to the past to heal the sources of these fears can free those "afflicted" by them to live a normal life in the future.

Traditional cognitive behavioral therapy is also effective because it is slower and more gradual. Here the child's communication is healed by "baby steps": getting them to communicate first with non-verbal gestures (nodding, pointing, etc), next with non-verbal sounds (grunts and hissing letters), and finally verbally with words, then phrases, then paragraphs, etc until they can speak in an age appropriate manner.

Case History: is included in the above descriptions of Selective Mutism.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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