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PAST LIFE HEALING! The True Experience of Unwinding the Past

If a loved one is receiving past life healing, here is what you need to know:

Grinding Machine: What it is like to live with constant pain medicine cannot eliminate.
Metaphysical Pain: When your doctor cannot find the cause of your pain, it may be metaphysical.
Hypochondria-Hypervigilant: What karma causes someone to be obsessed about their health.
Long Change Process: What it is like to go through a long cycle of past or present life healing.
Black Box: Why past life healing can be hard for "outsiders" to fully believe, understand, or accept.
Making Allowances: When one has a past life problem, you must make some allowances for them.
Metaphysical Healing: How metaphysical healing differs from "regular" physical healing.

Grinding Machine:

If you have not lived with chronic pain, then you really cannot know what it is like for yourself. Here is my personal experience of chronic pain as well as how it grinds down the machine of your life. I sincerely hope it will increase your understanding and compassion for those who always suffer.

* Physical Pain: When "normal" people are in pain, it usually lasts for minutes or hours but not for days or weeks. The pain starts and ends and is not permanent. When pain persists around the clock without relief, day after day, year after year, and is a storm that never ends, it is chronic pain. I lived with chronic pain for 40 years of my life. I know all too well that "normal" people just cannot understand it.

* Endless Agony: Those in chronic pain usually do not complain about their endless agony because it does not do anything to alleviate it. Those around them just do not want to hear it… because there is nothing they can do to help. The problem is that others forget that those in chronic pain are going to be slowed down, are going to be less functional than "normal" people, and are going to tire more easily and more often, because their pain grinds away at them endlessly.

* Mental Weariness: Those in chronic pain usually are ground down mentally... because they are very reliant on mental processes to deal with their physical pain. Whether those in chronic pain meditate, do bio-feedback, practice visualizations, and use other pain control techniques, they wear down their brain with the endless effort. "Normal" people just cannot understand how very demanding and time consuming such mental processes are because they do not have to rely on them.

* Emotional Exhaustion: Those in chronic pain usually are ground down emotionally… because the constant pain is grinding down their body and mind. They constantly feel drained, irritable, and weepy. Their stress threshold is lower than for "normal" people and so they will lash out "more" than usual for "less" cause. They are more easily triggered by loud noises, bright lights, and other external stimulation than "normal" people. They have less emotional control then "normal" people because they are so physically uncomfortable and so mentally weary.

* Advice: So, now that you know what it is like to be in chronic pain, I hope that you will have compassion and understanding for chronic pain sufferers. Please understand when they need to sleep more, when they are irritable, cry, or lash out, and when they require greater compassion and understanding of their situation.

Metaphysical Pain:

Medical pain ... originates from known, traceable, and treatable physical, mental, and emotional causes. Metaphysical pain ... originates from spiritual and karmic causes which can be discovered, can be traced, and can be treated... more effectively by non-medical means.

* Physical Causes: When you are in physical pain, you should first consult a doctor and make sure you do not have a problem that requires and is treatable by medical attention. Yet, when you have been through a series of doctors, and some will not even acknowledge your pain or others will say "it is all inside your head", or a few will agree you are in pain but offer you no viable medical solution… you are most likely experiencing metaphysical pain, rather than medical pain.

* Metaphysical Pain: When you have seen a series of doctors, when you have tried a series of physical-mental-emotional cures, and when you have found no relief, your pain is most likely metaphysical in nature. For example, one ankle had been in constant pain my whole life. Medical tests (x-rays, etc) showed that there was nothing wrong with my ankle physically and it should not have been in pain. Once I healed the past life causing the pain, it was finally gone for good.

* Path of Growth: When you are in metaphysical pain, it is because you have committed yourself to a path of karmic growth. This means you have given permission to your body, mind, and emotions to lead you to where you need to go to learn, experience, and explore so that you can accelerate in awareness.

* Advice: When you are in metaphysical pain, the cures come when you have learned the spiritual lesson that is associated with the pain. For example, when you are having recurring nightmares about a past life event, they will end when that event is healed. Metaphysical pain exists only to motivate individuals to resolve their past life karma and to move them forward into a more harmonious future.

Chronic Pain:

Chronic pain may mean that your problems are metaphysical rather than medical. If you have you suffered from chronic pain for most of your life without any doctor able to offer you any real relief, it is likely to be metaphysical. Here is how to tell if the pain is metaphysical (rather than medical):

* Never an Abnormality: If you were born with a defect or other abnormality in your body that could explain your physical pain, it would show up on a medical test (like an MRI, EKG, CAT scan, etc). When it is a physical problem, if doctors ran the same tests, they would get the same result. Yet, when you are in chronic pain and no medical cause is determined, then 99.99% of the time... it is metaphysical. The vast majority of metaphysical pain is driven by unhealed issues from past lives... that are crying out - quite literally - for resolution.

* Never an Injury: If you had an injury in your body that could explain your pain, your medical doctor would diagnose the problem and prescribe a course of treatment. Most metaphysical problems wrap around what physicians and medical tests certify as healthy body parts. So if physically uninjured body parts are in chronic pain, then this pain is most likely to be metaphysical.

* Never a Disorder: If you had a disorder in your body that could explain your pain, your medical doctor diagnose the problem and prescribe a course of treatment. Metaphysical issues can create pain in otherwise healthy bodies. Even if the individual never had a physical disorder and has gotten a clean bill of health from a doctor, they still can experience metaphysically based chronic pain.

* Never a Problem: If you spent many years never having the slightest problem, when you enter a new karmic cycle, you can "suddenly" start having metaphysically based pain. As time goes by, that "new" pain becomes your way of life and you soon conclude it is chronic. When an abnormality, injury, and a disorder cannot explain it, it is metaphysical and will continue until it is healed metaphysically.


When preventative healthcare is too much (Hypochondria) or too cautious (Hypervigilant), past lives are most often the cause. These kinds of "defense mechanisms" kept individuals alive during times when medicine was not much help. That is why such behaviors carry over into the present.

* Origins of Hypochondria: Past lives have taught most of us to be hypervigilant our health. In the past, illness and injury often created permanent impairment. A broken bone set improperly meant life-long pain and dysfunction. A deep wound to the skin meant constant pain from infection. So it was better to treat "your bones like glass" and "your skin like paper" to stop problems before they started.

* Hypervigilant Scale: To better understand the need for hypervigilance, the past provides an answer. For example, in the novel, "Wuthering Heights" (1847), "Mr. Edgar Linton" catches a cold which persists for several months and then kills him. Today, if we take cold medicine, we are upset if our cold lasts for more than a few days. Most people do not know that, in past lives, the common cold was an equally common killer of both children and adults. That is the origin of the phrase: "stay warm because you do not want to catch your death" from the cold.

* Best Medicine: When medical technology is lacking, hypervigilance in stopping problems before they started was a wise strategy. Even for those who had access to medical help, many ancient cures were worse than the cause of the problem. Those who lived the longest were those who focused on prevention and wellness.

* Ignorance is Not Bliss: The opposite of hypervigilance is the belief that "it will get better on its own!" Many times, in past lives, this attitude got people killed when the problem worsened and became life threatening. Most who are hypervigilant now got that way when those they depended upon died from not seeking healing.

* Advice: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" When you are feeling well, stop imagining yourself to be ill. If you feel ill, seek immediate assistance and follow the treatment. Get regular checks up… then trust your body to keep you well. That is your body's job. It will do it for you - if you take good care of it.

Karma Hypochondriac:

Most people with serious health problem have the same three choices. Either conquer their health issues, live as a slave to them, or die. If you are like me, slavery will not be an option and you must resolve to conquer them or die trying to. To do this, here is what you need to know:

* Medical Paradigm: The "Medical Paradigm" is the "state of the art" knowledge in medicine. If what ails you readily fits into the "medical paradigm", doctors will be very effective at helping you heal. If not, rather than admit that they are clueless about what to do to help you (because it does not fit the medical paradigm)... doctor after doctor will say there is nothing wrong with you. They will tell you "it's all inside your head" and then they will label you as a hypochondriac.

* Personal Expertise: Although doctors may have more knowledge about the functioning of body, mind, and emotions, they are lacking in one critical area of expertise. They do not know what it is like to live in your body 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Only you know that. So if your doctor starts telling you something about your body, mind, or emotions that you know to be untrue... get another doctor who will listen to your personal expertise.

* Exotic Disorders: Doctors are trained to recognize "common" diseases: those problems afflicting 80% of people 80% of the time. If yours is an "exotic" disorder, chances are that you will know more about your problems than your doctor does and often you will have to educate them about "what's wrong" with you.

* Advice: The vast majority of rare diseases are "caused" by unresolved past life karma. If you are ready to face up to the karma, you can either eliminate or mitigate the suffering that is part and parcel of these difficult, rare diseases. So you must resolve to conquer them or die trying to: the choice is yours.

Long Change Process:

"The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step." (Chinese Proverb) I have been healing all my life. This is what I have learned about the "Long Change" process: the journey from almost total incapacitation to vibrant health within a single lifetime.

* Invisible Progress: When your healing journey is a long one, it can seem that no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, that nothing is happening. Yet, as long as you are actively working on improving your health, nothing could be further from the truth. Every time you go for healing you take another step forward.

* Healing Analogy: Like those who dug the tunnel for the Chunnel, the train from London to Paris, all you seem to see is endless mounds of problems. You clear one and another comes up. You do this day and night for years on end. You know you are healing but you have not broken through to the vibrant health you are seeking. Then, one day, like the Chunnel, you break through and you start feeling better. That would not have been possible unless you had faith in your progress all along.

* Always a Step Forward: Whenever you go for a healing, you always get a benefit. Even if the benefit is only that you have declared your intention to create vibrant health by taking positive steps to heal your health karma. Each healing step you take leads to the next one and the one after that. Perhaps this means you wander down some blind alleys until you find the true path to your own healing process. Yet remember: it took 10,000 tries before Edison found the one way that led to the invention of the light bulb. All you need is to find your way.

* Modalities Revisited: Just because a healing process did not work in the past does not mean it will not work in the future. Many times, a healing modality did not work because you were not ready for it when you tried it. So try new things, old things, new and old things in different combinations, etc. Listen to your heart and try, try again whatever feels right to you. Constantly picture yourself enjoying vibrant health, always take action toward that goal, and you will achieve it.

* Advice: Only Quitting is Failure. In the physical world, the only way to fail is to quit. As long as you keep on doing what you are guided/inspired to do in your healing process... you cannot fail. Just keep on taking healing actions... and you will start to feel better... a little at a time. Remember that the "Long Change" process is just that: it takes a long time but you will change in the direction of your dreams.

Black Box:

If you have a past life healing problem, it is likely that you have a "Black Box" problem as well. Your nearest and dearest are probably not going to understand what you are going through... nor what it takes for you to transcend your issues. This is very common and not to be feared.

* The Black Box: "Black box" is a term from engineering. It is a device, system, or object which can only be viewed from the outside in terms of its input and output without any knowledge of its internal workings (like transistors). For most, devices, like TVs and PCs, are black boxes: they use them without knowing (or caring) exactly how they work. Ironically, the ultimate "black box" is the human brain.

* Past Life Box: For those who receive past life healing, their experience can be a "Black Box" to their loved ones. When people have "normal" problems, loved ones can understand them even if they not personally experienced them. For example, if someone breaks their leg, loved ones can "wrap their head" around what this means, they can understand the treatments given, and they can track the progress of the recovery. When people have "metaphysical" problems, their loved ones often cannot comprehend the treatment process or sympathize with the recovery time.

* PL Box Reactions: Since most people have "no frame of reference" when it comes to past life healing, they tend to view it as a "Black Box" with unknown contents. The most common reaction is "fear": fear of the unknown (about how such treatments work), fear of failure (if the treatments will work/how long they will take/how much they will cost), and fear of the unconventional (if knowledge of past lives will interfere with their religious beliefs). These reactions to the "Black Box" may often cause conflict between the one being healed and their loved ones.

* Advice: If there is one area where people seldom agree, it is on matters of belief. So, if one person wishes to open up the "Black Box" of past life healing for someone else, they should do so only as far as the other person's religious belief system will permit. The bottom line is that a loved one should trust the person who is receiving past life healing. They should forget about those aspects of the "Black Box" that they can/will never understand and believe in God's protection!

Making Allowances for Past Life Illnesses:

"One reason God created time was so there would be a place to bury the failures of the past." (Anonymous)
When a loved one has a past life problem, this means you must make some allowances for them while they heal and put their tragic past (lives) behind them.

* Past is Present: Beliefs, habits, and mannerisms are often how unhealed issues from past lives manifest in the present… and cry out for healing.

Take the case of Germophobia: the fear of germs. Those who suffer from this fear believe their life now is at risk from germs… because "unconsciously" they carry memories of deaths in past lives caused by germs. That subconscious past life belief-fear drives habits and mannerisms that can be very unresourceful in their present life.
* Bad Habits-Mannerisms: Germophobes can spend enormous amounts of time, energy, and money on "germ-avoiding" habits.
Their relationships are effected when they refuse to touch others - handshakes, hugs, kisses, etc - because of fear of contamination.

Their work-education is effected when they spend inordinate amounts of time washing hands, brushing teeth, taking showers, changing clothes, etc in an effort to stay squeaky clean.

Their peace of mind is non-existent because of constant anxiety over the juggernaut of germs that are everywhere!
* Delicate Balance: If loved ones try to get a Germophobe to "be normal" (by their definition) that will only aggravate their situation… because it is just like ignoring their problem. Here is where "making allowances" comes in.
Expect that the Germophobe will "cleanse" more often BUT only "complain" if that interferes with their normal functioning in the relationship, in the family, among friends, or in society.

There is a delicate balance to be struck between respecting the Germophobe's problems (which is good) and indulging it (which is bad). Respecting it means helping the Germophobe get professional help to heal the issue while indulging it means letting it get worse.
* Advice = Safe Environment: The core issue for Germophobes is SAFETY.
The first step in healing the fear of germs is to make their environment as safe and as comfortable as possible. This means making it as clean as possible: maybe that means dusting and vacuuming very often, laundering clothes frequently, having plenty of soap and cleansers on hand, cleaning up spills and dirt like a SWAT team, and so on.

The only true cure for Germophobia is for the sufferer to understand that they are safe and protected in the world, even though it contains unpleasant, harmful, and dangerous things like germs.

Metaphysical vs Physical Healing:

"It is a misnomer to call medicine 'the healing art.' The healing art is the secret wisdom of the body. Medicine can do no more than facilitate it. That is all healers can do, too." (Andrew Weil)

Here is how "physical" healing and "metaphysical" healing differ.

* Finite vs Infinite: The main difference is that "physical" and "metaphysical" healing is the predictability of the time required for healing. For example, compare the healing of a broken leg to the healing of the fear of getting a broken leg. Healing a broken leg is finite and so predictable. Healing fears is infinite and not predictable.

* Finite and Predictable: X-rays reveal where and how the leg was broken. Based on them, on the age and body type of the individual, and on the medical experience with others having broken legs, a doctor can predict with a high degree of certainty how long the leg will take to heal. That is how physical healing works.

* Infinite and Unpredictable: In contrast, the fear of getting a broken leg is an infinite matter, is specific to an individual's past life experience, and therefore is highly unpredictable. This fear could come from one past life (and so is easily healed) or from many (and is not so easily healed). An additional complication of metaphysical healing is that once a layer of past life issues is healed… new karmic layers can surface. This is how metaphysical healing works.

* Gradual versus Instant: Physical healing is a gradual process: each day the broken part gets better and it progresses towards becoming whole again. Metaphysical healing is an instant process: once the individual connects with their past life experience and "gets" the lesson and absorbs the learning, wholeness is restored in that "ah-ha!" moment as the underlying karma is healed.

* Tree Analogy: Metaphysical healing does have one important advantage over physical healing. When past life issue is "healed enough", it is like chopping off a major tree branch. Each mini-branch and each leaf of that past life tree do not have to be explored and they fall away when the main branch has been healed. This would be the equivalent in physical recovery of a bone which had been 80% healed and then becomes 100% healed instantly (truly a miracle healing!).

* Deep Bucket: Metaphysical healing does have one major disadvantage over physical healing. When the past life issues are intense, it can take many years in a physical body to heal 1,000s years of problems created in past lives.

* Advice: It can seem like the metaphysical healing will never end… but it does… and it leaves the individual so much better compared to when they started. All it takes is to be patient with this process and keep on going until the past is healed.

Credits: from channeled information.



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