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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

    (Spiritual - Damaged Past Life Filters)
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Short Description: Schizophrenia
In many cases, Schizophrenia (SCH) is caused by damaged memory filters which allows the baseline past life personality to control the present day body-mind.

Causes: Memory filters in the mind are designed to help individual access their past life skills and talents without connecting with the "past life personalities" who earned them. What normally happens is, when an individual is in crisis, they access the "unused" part of their brain (where all their past life data is stored) to help them overcome it. Often the past life personality was an integral part of exercise of the talent or skill, which is why the mind needs to filter out the "personality" from the "learned skill or talent". When the crisis is averted, the pathway to that part of their brain is automatically shut off by the mind's past life filters.

The original definition of the Greek word "Schizophrenia" was split mind. Following this usage, from the standpoint of reincarnation, those who are Schizophrenic experience a split between their current and their "baseline" past life personality. The Schizophrenics will say that they do not experience an "alter" (an alternative personality as in
Multiple Personality Disorder) but rather a split inside themselves.

Schizophrenics are experiencing is similar to an alter but would be better described as a "baseline" past life personality. This baseline forms the background of their physical dispositions, mental preferences, and emotional preconditioning. This baseline personality is the sum total of the person's past experience (including past lives) up to and including the present moment. Since the baseline is composed of mostly past life experience, the present life personality can be overwhelmed easily.

Symptoms: Not all cases of Schizophrenia (SCH) have past life origins. Many cases of these disorders are caused by present day stresses. Here is how a dominating past life personality can manifest as a Schizophrenic:

* Paranoid Schizophrenia: is where the baseline past life personality causes the present individual to feel extremely suspicious (knowing someone else is present in their mind), persecuted (by the "other" person), grandiose (if their past life personality was more powerful), agitation (at their loss of control), or some combination of these.

* Disorganized Schizophrenia: is where the person is so torn by their split past-present personality that this results in delusions (the present person feeling like their "foreign" past self), hallucinations (seeing through two viewpoints), disorganized thinking (thinking with two minds), and incoherence (due to internal confusion).

* Catatonic Schizophrenia: is where the person is withdrawn (the past self always silencing the present one), mute (apathetic or socially withdrawn), negative (due to internal dialog), and may assume unusual postures (which were characteristic of the past life self).

* Residual Schizophrenia: is where the person is not delusional or hallucinating, but has no motivation or interest in life, a lack of drive or initiative, or emotional unresponsiveness (from an internal mental stalemate between the past and present personalities).

After Effects: Schizophrenia (SCH) is usually a life sentence without possibility of parole in any given incarnation, unless the sufferer works with a therapist to move their baseline past life personality into the background.

Advice: Those who have agreed to take on the overwhelming challenges of Schizophrenia (SCH) almost always have "heavy karma" that is unlikely to be resolved in the space of a single lifetime. The best thing they can do is to seek out the daily intensive psychiatric counseling with the emphasis on reintegrating the shattered pieces of their mind into a new wholeness so that it can be carried forward into future incarnations. Mind altering drugs should only be used in the worst cases only to move the healing efforts forward.

Case History: This information on Schizophrenia (SCH) has been published to help those who have loved ones "suffering from these afflictions" to understand the spiritual causes of this disorder and to bring more love and understanding to the situation. Those suffering rarely would qualify to to receive past healing services.

A famous example of Schizophrenia was the Nobel Prize winning mathematician John Nash of "A Beautiful Mind" fame (book by Sylvia Nasar). In that book, Nasar notes on page 287 that Nash had once given as this explanation of why he had self harmed: "Johann von Nassau has been a bad boy!" Nash was referring to his previous incarnation as Johann VI, Count of Nassau who was most famous for having had 24 children. When Nash's karma with Johann was resolved, he was able to return to an almost normal state of functioning because his mind could then heal on its own.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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