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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Pseudo Suicide
    (Emotional - Sleep Disorder - Fatal Sleepwalking)
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Short Description: Pseudo Suicide
Pseudo Suicide happens when recurring nightmares are NOT dealt with -and- they grow more and more powerful until they result in uncontrollable sleepwalking which can result in serious injury first and, if untreated, later into fatality.

Causes: Most times, recurring nightmares are the result of unresolved past life karma. Nightmares that have past life origins are those where the replay of the nightmarish dream events seemingly cannot be changed no matter how hard the nightmare sufferer tries. When nightmares turns into sleepwalking that causes a person to take actions in sleep that are truly dangerous in the waking world, unintentional suicide can be the tragic result.

Symptoms: How Pseudo Suicide can happen is best illustrated by an example. For many years a man had a recurring nightmare of a hooded figure which he chose to ignore in his waking life. These nightmares became more frequent and terrifying until one day he started sleepwalking to "run away" from them. At first, he ran around inside the confines of his bedroom. Then he burst through the window and ran into the street where he was hit by a car which killed him. He had not intended to commit suicide but this was the unfortunate end result.

After Effects: In this example, the man's recurring nightmare was part of his life's agreement to work through his past life karma in the dream state. In a past life, he had turned a friend into the Inquisition. He was hiding in the shadows and watched as hooded figures took his friend away. For the rest of that life, he wondered what had happened to his friend and died feeling enormously guilty. This past life guilt caused him to agree to have recurring nightmares now so that he could explore and resolve it... unfortunately, he never found that resolution.

Advice: Pseudo Suicide comes with warnings... if they are heeded and healed, then the end result need not be fatal. Here is the progression of Pseudo-Suicide:

* Recurring Nightmares: The individual will experience recurring nightmares that will escalate in both frequency (how often during a given night or week that the nightmares are experienced) and severity (how long the nightmares last and how terrifying they are). The longer that the individual takes no action to heal the nightmares, the more the energy accumulates until it can no longer be confined to the bedroom. The individual will "break through" their dream state by getting up and sleepwalking into the waking world. The best time to prevent Pseudo-Suicide is while it is confined to the bed... before it escalates into sleepwalking.

* Contained Sleepwalking: The individual's recurring nightmares will agitate them enough to get them on their feet. They will begin to act on the nightmare. If they dream that others are fighting them, they will get up and start fighting back. If they dream that someone is chasing them, they will run away. If they dream that they have to escape at all costs, they will damage their body and their property in an attempt to get away. At first, their sleepwalking will be contained. When they reach the boundaries of their home (a door or a wall), these barriers will be enough to jog the sleepwalker into wakefulness. When they wake up, they cannot help but notice the damage to their home. While the sleepwalking is contained, it is relatively safe.

* Uncontained Sleepwalking: Uncontained sleepwalking is where the individual is completely locked into their nightmare. Barriers will not stop them. Pain or injury will not stop them. Even other people shaking them will not stop them. They will be completely oblivious to what is going on in the waking world because only the sleeping world seems real to them. Often these individuals are killed when they walk into oncoming traffic or when they hurl themselves through windows or doors... and so this is not real but Pseudo-Suicide. It is not real suicide in that the individuals in waking life are almost always not suicidal.

Case History: When the life lesson associated with the nightmare has been fully learned and "absorbed" into the person's body-mind, the "disempowering" habit of sleepwalking will fall away... assuming that the individual heals it before it becomes fatal. Going back to the past via past life healing can free those "afflicted" from their nightmares... usually once Pseudo-Suicide is overcome, it is healed for good.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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