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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Nightmares, Recurring
    (Spiritual - Sleep Disorder - Past Life Dreams)
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Short Description: Nightmares, Recurring
Recurring nightmares are frightening dreams, usually caused by past life karma, that are designed to motivate the individual to heal their unresolved issues.

Causes: Recurring nightmares start out as recurring dreams… and if we had taken care of the recurring dream by exploring and healing it, then it would not have turned into a nightmare. Nightmares are usually a last ditch effort to get the person to heal their life before the problems manifest into "physical, waking reality."

Symptoms: Regardless of your level of spiritual advancement, the primary purpose of your dreams is to give you "coaching" about your life. Therefore, most dreams will be filled with people, places, and things that are familiar in your life now.

When you find yourself dreaming about "historical" people, places, and things that is the surest sign you are in the process of tapping into your past lives. In other words, if you find yourself dressed in "period clothing" or in "historical settings", or if you see yourself living through "significant events" from times that could only have been experienced in past lives… you are having a "karmic" nightmare.

You will know when recurring nightmares come from a past life because you will not be able to change the replay of the nightmarish dream events, no matter how hard you try. Unfortunately, those events will just continue to replay in your nightmares until you take action on them in your waking life. Usually the longer you ignore the symptoms, the more progressively violent the nightmares will become.

After Effects: The longer the individual has had the recurring nightmares in this lifetime, the more healing will be required to move past them. The good news is that once the recurring nightmares are confronted and healed, they are gone for good. Literally, the individual can be free from the nightmare the very next night.

Advice: When it comes to working out past life karma, there is no difference between what is "real" (happening in waking life on the physical plane) and what is "imagined" (happening in sleeping life in the inner worlds of God).

Recurring nightmares are often harmonious way to work off karma now. So to "get the karma over with" as quickly as possible, there are two things you can do if you suffer from violent nightmares.

1) Take Charge: To do that, start by practicing "Lucid Dreaming" (our exclusive exercise). When the nightmares start, stay "awake" in the dream state, keep on following the events. Do not stop for anything!

2) Punch Through: When you are having a nightmare, ask "Am I working off karma?" until you get an answer.

If the answer is "Yes, this is karma", then lean into the nightmare, experience it fully no matter how "real" and terrible it seems, and stick with it until the end. If you can do that, you will have released the need for the nightmare and it will stop. Do not worry that you will be harmed now by reliving a past life death. The point of punching through the past life nightmare is to re-experience the emotions so that you can release them forever.

If the answer is "No", then just decide how you can change the nightmare so that it can be pleasant, happy, and joyful. "Rewrite your dreams" to create new happy endings. You are the creator of your universe: transform your experiences - even your nightmares - into how you want them to be: create a new, happy ending.

Case History: One client suffered from nightmares of "fields of dead bodies" and "dead people dressed like they were in the late 1800s/early 1900s". These were flashbacks to the lifetime as the soldier in World War 1. Before our session, the client did not get much sleep and their nightmares of "fields of dead bodies" intensified. In their nightmares, the client was instructed to "touch the dead bodies".

Being fearful of doing so, the client did not take this advice. The dream experience was trying to tell the client that, only by reconnecting with the pain of the past, could they let it go. This was the client's body's way of preparing for our session together so the pain of this past lifetime could be released. After these nightmares were explored in the session, they stopped.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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