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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Parkinson's Disease
    (Spiritual - Mismanaged Body, Mind, Emotions)
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Short Description
After Effects
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Short Description: Parkinson's Disease
Parkinson's Disease (PD) is a degenerative disorder of the nervous system that impairs the an individual's motor skills and speech and also can effect sensory reactions, sleep, reaction time, and mood.

Causes: Although PD can be caused by chemical toxicity, drug abuse, genetic mutation, head trauma, or by other medical disorders, most PD is classified as "idiopathic" (meaning of no known cause). PD has been known since ancient times. It was formally recognized and its symptoms documented in "An Essay on the Shaking Palsy" (1817) by the British physician, James Parkinson. Whenever Parkinson's Disease is truly "idiopathic", it is definitely karmic:

* Body Stress-Out: These Parkinson's Disease sufferers, in past lives, often had a cause to which they dedicated their lives. They consistently put that cause above their body's need to eat, sleep, and be nurtured during illnesses. The PD is meant to break the sufferer of this karmic pattern of "body stress out" by forcing them to put total attention on nurturing their deteriorating body. The more love the PD sufferer can give their body, the less they will suffer.

* Mental Supremacy: These Parkinson's Disease sufferers, in past lives, focused on their mental development to the exclusion of their physical and emotional development. For example, some higher level yoginis ignore their bodies' suffering, blowing out hips, knees, and ankles in the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. Another example is the "Empire" guys who devoted themselves to the expansion of their country at the expense of their health, their life, and their family. Mission over body caused by mental supremacy in past lives creates PD now.

* Emotional Suppression: These Parkinson's Disease sufferers, in past lives, consistently suppressed their emotions. This was often an occupational hazards of soldiers (suppressing the fear of death), bureaucrats (suppressing the revulsion over brutal acts of torture required by governments), healers (suppressing the horror of watching others die from terrible diseases), and so on. Bottled up emotions in past lives creates the mood symptoms of Parkinson's Disease now.

Symptoms: Parkinson's Disease is characterized by this constellation of symptoms:

* Motor-Tremors: PD sufferers are subject to involuntary trembling which is more noticeable when the sufferer is at rest than when they are in voluntary motion (which can be disrupted and imbalanced by PD).

* Motor-Shuffling: PD sufferers' pattern of walking (gait) consists of short steps, with their feet barely leaving the ground. This may create torso swaying (with lack of arm swing), shuffling noises, and a "stooped" posture.

* Motor-Speech: PD sufferers may have speech disturbances like soft speech (Hypophonia) and/or rapid speech (Festinating). There can be swallowing disturbances which can result in drooling or vomiting.

* Non Motor-Mood: PD causes mood disturbances. 70% of PD sufferers with pre-existing depression subsequently develop anxiety. 90% of PD sufferers with pre-existing anxiety subsequently develop depression.

* Non Motor-Sleep: PD sufferers can have sleep disruptions like night-time insomnia and day-time sleepiness.

* Non Motor-Sensory Reactions: PD sufferers can experience double vision and spatial disorientation.

After Effects: Parkinson's Disease is usually a life sentence only for older Souls. The older the Soul, the more deeply entrenched their inappropriate coping patterns are, the more they resist changing them, the longer it will take to overcome the mismanaged body-mind-emotions that this disorder was designed to correct.

Often it will take several lives for the Soul to develop the necessary coping patterns needed to advance their spiritual development. Once the individual is in better balance in future incarnations, the individual will emerge stronger for the experience. For they will finally be able to move forward fully in their growth as Soul.

Advice: First, PD sufferers need to go on a strict Toxicity Diet as toxins can cause the same symptoms as Parkinson's Disease.

If, after 90 days of de-toxing, there is no improvement in symptoms, the PD should look to spiritual causes. If PD sufferers are willing to accept responsibility for and heal the past... their torture can end sooner because they can understand their suffering is not pointless.

The PD person's experience is never wasted. Every moment of their life is rich in experience and karmic burnoff. PD is only experienced by an individual once during their trail of incarnations. Since this is a very intense form of karmic correction it can only be experienced once regardless of whether the karma is balanced or not.

Case History: included in the above descriptions of common PD syndromes.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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