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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Munchausen (Mom) Syndrome - Munchausen's by Proxy
    (Emotional - Narcissism)
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Short Description: Munchausen (Mom) Syndrome
Munchausen (Mom) Syndrome (MS), also known as Munchausen's by Proxy, is a condition where the sufferer falsifies having a disease, illness, injury, or trauma in themselves or others to draw attention, drama, praise, or sympathy to themselves.

Causes: The syndrome was named after Baron Münchhausen (Karl Friedrich Hieronymus Freiherr von Münchhausen, 1720-1797) who told many fantastical tales of his life (published as "The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen" by Rudolf Raspe). Looking at the karma behind this disease, here is what drives it:

* Munchausen Mentality: The Munchausen mentality causes individuals to fabricate histories, signs, and symptoms of illness. Munchausen motivations include: the overwhelming need for constant attention, drama, and tension; the desire to manipulate others by using illness to control events; and the wish to avoid the normal responsibilities of life by drawing closer to death. Whatever the motivation is, the result is the same: a series of bouts with serious illness that keep the sufferer or someone close to them (their proxy) on the brink of death.

* Munchausen by Proxy: The Munchausen mothers who are addicted to the attention that their sick children bring them and so secretly work to keep their illnesses going. Their condition is often an occupational hazard that is inherited from past lives. Many of them were former "court fools" whose job it was to attract attention of their kings anyway they could. Failure was often fatal: lots of kings loved to see the fools tossed out of castle windows to their death. When these people reincarnate, they bring with them the craving for large scale and continuous attention that can tragically lead to the torture and even death of their own children.

* Hospital Addiction Syndrome: Some Munchausen sufferers are addicted to spending time in hospitals. These individuals did not have the talent, temperament, or training to become medical professionals and so they gain routine access to hospitals by inducing illness in themselves or others. The constant pattern of being well in the hospital and being ill at home is a key indicator of Munchausens. Another indicator is when sufferers seem to enjoy their 911 calls, their emergency medical transports, and the sympathy from medical professionals.

* Fabricated or Induced Illness (FII): Closely related to Munchausen's Mom Syndrome, FII is normally caused by caregivers who want to stay employed. For if the person they are caring for ever gets well they would be out of a job. So it is in their interest to keep their patient alive but not well enough to terminate care. So these caregivers, just like the Munchausen mothers, induce illnesses to keep their jobs as well as the bonus of praise for the job they are doing!

Symptoms: Those suffering from Munchausen Syndrome both create and exaggerate symptoms of illnesses in themselves or others (by proxy) to get medical personnel to investigate and treat them/others as well as to elicit lots of attention, sympathy, and comfort from family and friends. Often they are knowledgeable about medicine and/or have performed extensive research on illnesses to make them appear to be caused naturally. Munchausen's is NOT hypochondria because hypochondriacs want to get well while MS sufferers do not.

After Effects: Munchausen's sufferers rarely stop themselves: their addiction to the high they get from fooling others keeps them going. They are quite aware of either how they are exaggerating their condition or how they are intentionally keeping others (usually their own children) sick. Even the risk of permanently harming or killing themselves or others is not enough to stop them. They almost always are stopped by others who have closely studied the patterns of their or others illnesses and have determined that it is Munchausens at work.

Advice: For those suffering from Munchausen's, admit what you are doing to someone and have them get you help. For those who suspect Munchausen's in another, do whatever it takes learn the truth and act accordingly. For more on this kind of destructive behavior, see also Munchausen Hero Homicide.

Case History: One of the worst cases of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, took place between 1949 and 1968, when eight of the ten children in the Noe family died of mysterious causes which were at first attributed to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Later the mother Noe admitted to suffocating all eight of her children.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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