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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Hoarding, Compulsive
    (Mental-Emotional - Compulsive Hoarding)
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Short Description: Hoarding, Compulsive
Compulsive Hoarding (CH) is defined as the excessive collection and retention of organic or inorganic items which interfere with day-to-day functions such as home, health, family, work and social life because of the massive volume of items stored.

Causes: Every attitude and belief you have comes from somewhere sometime. Compulsive Hoarding (CH) is a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

CH in this lifetime is usually directly traceable back to a past life where hoarding was a resourceful behavior. The spiritual purpose of CH is force the individual to seek the answer to why they are now being "plagued" (or obsessed) with hoarding behaviors that they have no control over now (compulsion).

* Life Saving CH: In past lives, physical goods (useful items like tools, weapons, equipment, etc) were scarce. As the old saying goes, "But for a nail the shoe was lost, but for a shoe the horse was lost..." Having physical goods on hand - in the past - was often the difference between life and death... and it often saved lives.

* Life Ending CH: In past lives, people were injured, maimed, or killed for having lost or damaged physical goods. When someone was hurt or died as a result of losing goods, their unconscious mind carries that memory and does all in its power to prevent future harm... and so this results in Compulsive Hoarding.

* Life Changing CH: In past lives, when people learned to "waste not, want not", hoarding was a behavior that was not only expected but was rewarded and praised by others. Since it saved lives and made life easier to live, hoarding changed lives... for the better in past lives... but for the worse in this lifetime.

Symptoms: Compulsive Hoarding sufferers will offer many (seemingly logical and/or rational) reasons for their collecting activities:

* Possessions=Love: CH sufferers perceive the items as valuable or as a source of security because they may get love from objects not found from people and so they do not want to give up those love giving possessions.

* Prevent Identity Theft: CH sufferers fear forgetting or losing items or that others will steal their personal information (identity theft).

* Poor Coping Skills: Stressful life events, learned patterns of self neglect, an inability to organize, physical frailty, and brain abnormalities may be driving the constant need to collect and keep things in CH sufferers.

After Effects: The effects of CH can be deadly. Hoarding of inorganic items (like newspapers, magazines, old clothes, etc) can cause fires while hoarding of organic items (like animals, feces, decaying food, etc) can spread contagious diseases. Severe hoarding causes public safety and health hazards which must be dealt with by local governments (who have published guidelines on how to handle CH).

Advice: When the life lesson associated with CH has been fully learned and "absorbed" into the person's body-mind, the "disempowering" trait or behavior will fall away. Often all that is needed is for the individual to confront the past life(s) where the CH originated. Going back to the past via past life healing becomes the means of freeing those "afflicted with CH" from being condemned to repeat these unsafe behaviors of compulsive hoarding in the future.

Case History: Compulsive Hoarding (CH) is one of the many obsessive compulsive patterns (OCD) that can be inherited from past lives.

Take the most famous recorded case: the Collyer brothers who "lived in terror that they would be poor and that people would steal their possessions, and so they hoarded everything" throwing nothing away. The Collyer brothers case was the first famous case of Compulsive Hoarding. Here are the facts:

"One brother booby-trapped the house with stacks of newspapers and trip wires. Eventually, one brother became ill and was an invalid who stayed on the second floor… One day the mobile brother tripped a booby trap wire and was killed in the crush of newspapers. Bereft of his caretaker, the other brother died of starvation."

Their problem started in a past life they shared, they were servants of an Egyptian Pharoah who had them both gruesomely tortured over several weeks for losing one scroll (later found) among thousands. This ingrained in them a deep fear of letting anything go which was then intensified to extremes by the Great Depression.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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