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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

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Short Description: Chimerism
"Chimerism" (from the Greek "chimera" meaning monster -or- creature composed from parts of various animals) is a condition where the DNA (genetic makeup) of children does not match the DNA of their parents.

Causes: Chimerism raises an important point about how past lives influence the creation of present life DNA. From the standpoint of karma, children are attracted to parents with the same unresolved issues. Therefore, most children usually can be "constructed" directly from their parent's genetics. This is most noticeable with physically based illnesses that "run" in the family. Since illnesses raise issues, the same illnesses raise the same issues. So the child "inherits" their illness from the parents through genetics. Notice that it is the unresolved issues which drive the acquisition of genetics and not the other way around (as modern science teaches).

Yet if past life karma needs to bring parent and child together BUT their issues are so radically different so that alternative genetic patterns are required, nature will find a way. This "way" is Chimerism: where a child is "constructed" from the parent's genetic material in such a way that there seems to be no DNA connection. The child's body is perfectly formed for their life path -AND- if it's DNA does not match that of either of its parents, karmically that is not a consideration. Only in the modern era would such an discrepancy in DNA be noticed. So the next time that science claims that there is 100% certainty, remember this story of fallible DNA.

Symptoms: Fallible DNA? DNA tests are considered infallible. Ask any lawyer, DNA evidence is the "gold standard" in court because DNA has solved crimes and gotten convictions time and again. So could it be possible for a woman to give birth to her children and NOT match their DNA? The answer is YES!

Chimerism has happened. Search the "New England Journal of Medicine" for the story on Karen Keegan of Boston, MA. Or better yet search ABC News for the story on Lydia Fairchild of Washington State. Both these women's DNA when tested showed that their genetic makeup did not match that of their children.

After Effects: Due to the modern belief that DNA is infallible, it creates a breeding ground for karma. Mothers and fathers whose DNA does not match those of their children encounter immediate problems with the state.

Since their DNA does not match, child protective agencies suspect foul play and take action to separate parents from their children. Those suffering from Chimerism have to take the extreme measures of taping the birth of their children, getting on the spot DNA tests, and having doctors and nurses testify to the fact that they have witnessed that parent giving birth to their own child. Such is the power of the belief in the infallibility of DNA... even when DNA's fallibility is caught on tape.

Advice: Modern science theorizes that Chimerism is the result of an individual being their own twin. In other words, inside the womb, twins are conceived. One dies, one stays alive. The living twin somehow absorbs the DNA of the dead twin and this process somehow skews the DNA of the living so that it does not resemble the DNA of its parents. "Somehow" is not explained. If this sounds like a science fiction novel gone wrong, reconsider the past life explanation.

How, for example, was Leonardo DaVinci, one of the world's greatest geniuses, conceived? His mother was by all accounts an "ignorant serving girl" who was impregnated by a moderately successful but not especially intelligent business man. Clearly, DaVinci's gene pool was pretty thin but out of it emerged genius.

DaVinci's genius was developed over the course of many past lives. When he reincarnated as DaVinci, the genes of his parents were scraped together to form his body. Yet, it is likely, because his intelligence was at such a higher level that that of his parents, that DaVinci's DNA would not have matched theirs!

Chimerism shows that nothing in nature is as perfect and as simple scientific theories would have you believe. It is also shows that when science fails right before people - as in DNA failing to match between mother and child - science (like the church before it) stubbornly clings to its belief in DNA. The scientific community would rather believe that DNA is completely infallible and discard any evidence to the contrary... than to admit the possibility of fallible DNA.

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Case History: is included in the above descriptions of Chimerism.

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