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Rules #26c: "You'll Be Back": How Reincarnation Works - Mechanics

Reincarnation is Making a Comeback

Each life is woven from the strands of the ones before it. Here are key blocks in building a new life:

* Past Quagmire: Individuals must reincarnate when they have become too stuck in the past.
* Dying Thoughts: The highest past life charges are from dying thoughts of "unfinished business".
* Birthday Message: The date of our birth often contains the key to our most unhealed past lives.
* Baseline Personality: All we take with us in any life is who we are and what we have learned in past.

The Mechanics of How Reincarnation Works

The "Building Blocks" of Forming a New Life

* Past Quagmire:

"Sin makes its own hell, and goodness its own heaven." (Mary Baker Eddy)
Are you trapped in the quagmire of the past? Is being stuck in the past keeping you from living now? All those who are irretrievably stuck will be "busted loose" by reincarnation.

* Dead While Alive: In any lifetime, it is easy to become "stuck in the past". Reincarnation ensures that we are constantly moving forward in our journey as Soul by putting an end to "dead men walking" and "dead men sitting" in the quagmire of the past. Although these people are physically alive, they are karmically dead.

* "Dead men walking" are those individuals who cannot forgive themselves for what happened - what they did or did not do - in the past. They mourn a past event for the rest of their lives and become frozen at the stuck point in the past unable to move forward. For "dead men walking" it does not matter how much good they do in the future, their life remains about what they did or did not do in the past. Ask anyone who has served a term in prison. Even when jail sentence has been completed, their past crime follows them everywhere they go like a shadow.

* "Dead men waiting" are those individuals who have lost what has given their life meaning... and are just waiting to die. Whether it is a lost loved one who filled their life with joy or the inability to do the work that gave their life meaning, for "dead men waiting" their life is over and they are just marking time until they die.

* "Dead men sitting" are those who "have achieved their dreams" and decide to "rest on their laurels" for the rest of their lives. For "dead men sitting" they have such a hard act to follow that they are afraid to follow it. For their second thing they do may not have lived up to the promise of the first great thing they did.

* Release from the Quagmire: All these "dead men" have stopped their karmic evolution because they are stuck in the past. Their stuckness dies with them: having forgotten about it, they become free of past baggage. So, in new lives, the tides of karma get them to stop mourning or rejoicing in the past… by fully engaging them in new experiences, so that they can move forward - karmically - into the future.

* Dying Thoughts:

"The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid, deeds left undone." (Harriet Beecher Stowe)
Today your life may well be about resolving dying thoughts from one or more past lives. The older you are as Soul, the more "unfinished business" you are likely working on now.

* Dying Thoughts: While we live, we always have the chance to put right what once went wrong. Yet, when we die, if there is unfinished business (especially if we believe it to be important), it becomes the rocket fuel that powers one or more future lives. These past life "dying thoughts" will persist in our beingness until we finally resolve them and we feel the business is finished - for good.

* Words Left Unsaid: At times, we will want to speak our full heart and mind to those we love but death by illness, injury, or accident get in the way. For example, in one life, a man discovered that others had spread false rumors about his marital infidelity but he died before he could refute them to his wife. In a future life, when the couple was reunited in marriage, this man went out of his way to say or do whatever would prove his total faithfulness and proved to be a model of fidelity.

* Words Said but Unfulfilled: At times, we will make promises to loved ones that sudden and unexpected death will keep us from fulfilling. For example, in one life, a servant promised his master to "take care of the house" while his master went off to war. The master was killed in battle while the servant died from illness. When the former servant reincarnated, they fulfilled the promise by reincarnating as the caretaker of the master's historical house... which this person did for many years.

* Deeds Left Undone: At times, we will feel so wronged by the actions of others that we must pick up that fallen banner in the past and see that justice is done in the present. For example, in one life, a woman was murdered very cruelly by a serial killer. She reincarnated into the field of criminal justice and eventually was drawn into the historical case involving her murder. She spent a fortune and years of her life to solve the case and finally name the murderer of so many, herself included.

* Deeds Done but Unfinished: At times, we will do something for others that, instead of protecting them, results in their tragic death. For example, in one life, a scientist made detailed predictions about the weather that proved false and ended up killing the explorers who had relied on it. The scientist reincarnated in the same field, studied the historical case, and discovered that an anomaly was responsible for derailing their otherwise accurate prediction... finally putting their mind at ease.

* Birthday Message:

"Nothing is as well concealed from prying eyes as what is hidden in plain sight." (Karmic Proverb)
The circumstances of your present birth usually contain clues to your past lives. If you want to heal karma, examine your birthday carefully... and clues to your past will be revealed.

* Date: Your birth date is no accident... it is calculated as a reminder of who you have been... and most often a reminder of the one past life you most need to heal.

For example, my birthday in this lifetime was the same one as an extremely problematic past life personality. This was the individual who had created the most difficult karma for me to heal. Every time my birthday rolls around I am reminded of this person and so I renew my efforts to heal those past flaws that are still present for me.
* Location: Where you were born is no accident... it is calculated to help you pick up now where you left off in the past (often quite literally).
For example, the place where I was born was full of synchronicities. As a reminder of my military past, I was born in an Army hospital located along the path where I had marched off to war in a past life. As a reminder of a staged suicide (meaning I goaded another into killing me), I was born less than 50 miles from the scene of that crime. As a reminder of a super tragic past death, I entered this life at the exact time of day that I had died in that previous one. All of these were birthday messages that took me years to understand.
* Events: What is happening around you when you were born is no accident... it is calculated to remind you of what from the past needs healing in the present.
For example, I was born in respiratory distress. This was a reminder of my last previous life where my lungs were seared by mustard gas in World War 1 and shut down by poison gas in World War 2. This was also a reminder of another past life where I died from pneumonia.
* Birthmarks: The birth marks present on your body at birth are no accident... they are reminders of wounds from past lives... that need healing in the present.
For example, there is flesh missing from my forehead where I was wounded with an axe in a Viking past life. There are birthmarks all over one arm where I was shot in a past life. There is scar-like birthmark on one finger where it was cut in a knife fight in a past life.

* Baseline Personality:

"I shall always exist... I shall not object to a new edition of mine; hoping, however, that the errata [errors] of the last may be corrected." (Benjamin Franklin)
The essence of the "I"s that combine to create the "me" is past lives: both at birth as well as throughout life's journey.

* Baseline Personality: This essence is better known as the person's "baseline" personality. There are some past life workers who believe that there is no such thing as a baseline. Yet they see in their work how people's past lives set up the lessons of their present life and how karma sets people up to learn their lessons.

* Cumulative Baseline: Those who do not believe in the baseline concept miss the point that learning is cumulative as we move through our cycle of lives. It is this cumulative learning that forms an individual's baseline personality. Next is how this past life learning helps us to form our present life baseline personality.

* Physical Dispositions: When it comes to your body, what is important to you? Do you like lots of physical activity or do you like to be still? Are your looks or your health more important? Are you careful of your body or do you risk injury? How you prefer to use your physical body now has come from past lives.

* Mental Preferences: When it comes to your mind, what is important to you? Are you introverted or are you extroverted? Do you rely more on your senses or more on your intuition? Are you a careful planner or are you spontaneous? How you prefer to think and conceive of yourself now is influenced by past lives.

* Emotional Preconditioning: When it comes to your emotions, what is important to you? Does your heart rule your head? Are you calm and controlled or are you passionate and open? Do trust your feelings more than your thoughts? How you manage your emotions (or fail to) are patterns from past lives.

* Weight of Experience: Since your baseline personality is composed of mostly past life experience, your present life personality is bound to be deeply influenced by all who you have been and all you have learned in past lives. This "weight of experience" becomes the big building blocks in your life now. This ensures that the best from the past is kept while leaving plenty of room for growth in the future.

Credits: from channeled information.



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