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Rules #37c: "Walking the Minefield": Past Clues in Present - Basic

Past Lives in Everyday Life

The past is still present... Most first discover their past lives through their dreams. For those who have earned the right to go even further... they will get clues while in waking consciousness. These are the basic methods:

"Paycheck" Clues are incidents in your life now that gives you clues to your past lives.
Composite Face is when your present face was constructed from various past life faces.
Past Life Apparition: is when there is a spontaneous vision of a past life self.
Flying Dutchman Syndrome is where repeated patterns now reveal past lives.

"Paycheck" Clues

In the movie "Paycheck", the hero leaves himself a collection of items that he will need to successfully navigate his future. Like sparkling diamonds strewn in the sand, we too sprinkle such "Paycheck Clues" to our past lives in our present to help us become who we need to be in the future.

* Purpose: The purpose of "Paycheck Clues" is to open our eyes to the greater totality of who we have been in past lives. To find them, we must search the sand of our lives for diamonds from the past. Here are some places to find them:

* Out of Place Comments: Some "Paycheck Clues" will emerge in out of place comments we exchange with others. For example, if the woman who says "I am not your whore!" when there is no present cause for such a comment, she is most likely speaking about an unhealed past life. Or a parent who often tells their children, "I am not your jailor" most likely was their prison warden in past lives.

* Household Objects: Some "Paycheck Clues" will emerge through a common household object which is the symbol for the past life you most need to know about. For example, my past life story of a tragic lost love was anchored to a gold chain bracelet (for more, click here). Look around your house: there are bound to be clues to your past lives among the things you have chosen to own in this life.

* Birth Date-Anniversaries: Some "Paycheck Clues" will emerge when we understand what the day that we choose to enter this life has to tell us. In my case, every significant event in my life now (even before I knew of my past lives) was on either the birth date of my past life selves or battles I commanded in past lives.

* Travel Velocity: ome "Paycheck Clues" will emerge when we find ourselves compelled to visit places we have never been before. Often we will not know why until we get there and find we have come home to strange land. When we return to the "Scene of the Crime", it is because we are ready to know more about our past.

* Mannerisms: Some "Paycheck Clues" will emerge when we see some we have cared about deeply in past lives... their smile, their laugh, their turn of phrase, their facial expressions, their ways of moving... will re-activate our attraction to them. This helps us to pick up in the present where we left off in past lives.

Composite Face

Nature can reveal the miracle of reincarnation by allowing a person to be born with the SAME face as they had in a past life. This rarely happens - but when it does, it is nothing short of a miracle. To see such a miracle for yourself, click here More often people choose to reincarnate with a "composite" face (parts from many different past lives).

* Identical Facial Architecture: It must be emphasized that those who have reincarnated with the same facial structure "inherited" from a past life are few and far between. Anyone who sees the above picture cannot fail to be impressed by the similarity between the facial structure between Confederate General, John Gordon, and firefighter, Jeffrey Keene. It is uncanny to the point of being scary. They are virtually clones of one another as facial recognition software would conclude.

* Composite Facial Architecture: It has been my experience that most individuals tend to reincarnate with "composite" faces. These are faces that are made up with "bits and pieces" of other faces from different past lives.

Composite faces work like the faces depicted.

The eyes will come from one past life while the nose will come from another. The ears will come from a third past life while the lips come from a fourth.

For example, mine is a composite face. In my case, in this life, I have the piercing eyes from the American Civil War, the hideous nose from the Protestant Reformation, the sexy mouth from the Norman Conquest, and the long lips from medieval Venice.

* Visual Reminder: So you might wonder why people chose to have visual reminders of their past lives... in the one place that they absolutely cannot ignore... their own face. There are many reasons for reincarnating with a composite face:

- Their composite face carries traces of past life wounds which contain reminders of past lessons to remembered now.
- Their composite face carries a reminder of the one past life that they really need to heal this time around.
- Their composite face carries a reminder of the past life where they developed their greatest talents, skills, and abilities.
- Their composite face carries a reminder of the one past life when they were at their most powerful or fulfilled.
- Their composite face carries a reminder of the one past life when they shared a very happy life with a loved one.
- Their composite face carries a reminder of the one past life that most influences the life they are living today.

Past Life Apparition

What happens: "I could see a picture hanging… directly behind whoever this was… I was looking right through him… (he) did not move… All I could make out was (the) black hair combed back, dark sunken eyes, and hollow sunken cheeks… (of) this apparition." (Jeffrey Keene)

* Defined: Death ends a life not the pain associated with it: if so, you may be visited by a past life self. Past life apparitions are visions of ourselves as we appeared in one past life. The "face" will look exactly as it did back then. Usually this face will be from its most significant moment. Most often, this is: the hour of death, the happiest year, the moment when things changed radically, and so on.

* Face in the Mirror: Past life apparitions most often appear when you are looking in the mirror, usually upon awakening. You may see the past life face super-imposed over your own. You can also see face peering over your shoulder looking back at you in the mirror. Otherwise, they will appear to be like a hologram or a ghost. They will be a transparent image (where they can be "looked through") like the past life apparition described above by Jeffrey Keene.

* Significant Appearance: The day, time, or date that your past life apparition first makes itself known to you is almost always significant. Usually it is the anniversary of a significant past life event which (more often than not) is not healed and (most likely) is interfering with your life today. This can be the birth/death date of a past life child, spouse, or loved one, it can be a wedding or graduation day, it can be a battle/personal victory date, or whatever other date is meaningful.

* Powerful Message: Sometimes the mouth of the past life apparition will move and you will be able to see/hear their message (this is a rare event). More often, any message from a past life self will be sent telepathically (in other words, you will just "know" what they have to tell you). If you ever get such a message, take it seriously because such messages are rarely permitted to be sent in the first place.

* Haunting Penalty: If you try to ignore their past life apparition, you may be in for a penalty. They will haunt you until you take them seriously. At the very least, you will be expected to listen to them. More often, you will be expected to take a series of actions to heal your past life personality's issues. Being haunted by an entity who never sleeps (while you still have to) can be very unpleasant.

Flying Dutchman Syndrome

If your personal history seems to repeat itself over and over again, it is because you have not healed the related issues. The "Flying Dutchman" Syndrome is the name for a series of repeated patterns from past lives that prove unusually hard to heal in the present... hard but not impossible.

* Flying Dutchman Syndrome: The "Flying Dutchman" is a legendary ghost ship. It is condemned to sail the ocean, never to return home, until the Captain and crew can learn from their ship's original tragic ending. They must relive the same events again and again but as if for the first time. Until they can make better choices during those events… they must repeat them. That is how karma works… it sends you the same patterns of lessons until you can - finally - master them.

* Constellation of Karma: Case in point: my respiratory related problems. I was born with Asthma and Allergies. I was hospitalized four times with serious bouts of Pneumonia. For nearly 50 years, I had chronic Bronchitis and was classified as a respiratory cripple (less than 40% lung capacity). I had chronic Sinusitis until I had a huge nasal Polyp removed. I almost drowned six times by being swept out in the ocean by riptides. Three times I came close to choking on food (only to be saved by others). Family members have been diagnosed with Emphysema. One died from the "Choking Game" (asphyxiant sex) while another died from "Huffing" (inhaling chemicals for a high). Clearly, there was serious lung related karma in my past.

* Deep Need for Healing: The more serious the constellation of karma is, the greater the need for past life healing. The immediate cause of all this lung related karma was my most recent past life in Nazi Germany. Too young for World War I, I enlisted in the Army anyway. I emerged from the war with lungs scarred from a very brief inhalation of mustard gas which left me impaired for life. That life ended when I was gassed to death in a Nazi concentration camp toward the end of World War II. My broken lungs in this life led me on a healing journey to heal my deep respiratory issues. This resulted in my present line of past life healing work.

* Learning from the Past: Once I had explored and healed all the past life trauma that was creating my present life incapacity, my Asthma and Sinusitis were cured, my Allergies were significantly reduced, no more bouts of Pneumonia or Bronchitis, and I am enjoying 70% lung capacity. No more Flying Dutchman!

Credits: from channeled information.



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