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Rules #31b: "Untangling the Web": Qualities of Past Life First Contact

"As Fragile as Gossamer"

Our first contact with past life awareness is usually in the dream state. Next, we will get "glimpses" while we are awake... that will later lead us to basic past life clues to our existence.

Instant Flashback: is when the past life cause of a present issue "pops" into your mind.
Offhand Remark: is when a past life pattern is revealed by an otherwise inexplicable remark.
Weird Thought: is when a past life pattern is revealed by an otherwise inexplicable thought.
Common Object: is when past life recall is triggered by an otherwise common object.
'Accidental' Return: is when there is an accidental return to the site of a past life death.
Scene of the Crime: is when there is an intentional return to the site of a past life death.

Instant Flashback

"Flashbacks give us an awareness of the fluid nature of time and help us to explore living fully in the present moment." (Mark Cole)
When you really need to know about your past lives, you will get an instant flashback.

* Physical Reactions: Instant flashbacks are usually accompanied by physical sensations like goose-bumps, chills, and tingles. These are designed to convince the one experiencing the past life flashback of the absolute truth of what they are seeing in their mind's eye and what they are feeling inside their heart. This instant flashback is often experienced like a mini-movie where the individual momentarily relives the past life (all of its key events) which is the root cause of their present karma.

* Mental Reactions: Instant flashbacks are usually accompanied by unexpected thoughts. The past life cause for the present life situation will just "pop into" the individual's mind (as in the case above). This new knowledge will help the person to better understand their present issue and to react more appropriately now (ie. by not repeating past life mistakes). They will realize how their past actions have contributed to their present dilemma. They will become free to do things differently than in the past and to do different things now to create a better future.

* Emotional Reactions: Instant flashbacks are usually accompanied by strong emotions. If their flashback was prompted by seeing a particular individual, then the person will re-experience how they felt about them. If there was love for that individual, there will be warm feelings while if there was hate, there will be fear. If the flashback was prompted by visiting a certain place or recreating a certain event, then they will re-experience their feelings at the moment of death.

* Spiritual Reactions: While the instant flashback is in progress, the individual will be totally connected to their divine nature as Soul. They will know - for an instant - why they have chosen their life experiences… and then will quickly forget it. They will be left with an indelible memory that will persist both in mind and heart.

Offhand Remark

"Out of the mouth of babes." (when children speak unexpected words of wisdom)
Do you pay attention to your offhand remarks? You should as they are clues to your past lives, especially when they come out spontaneously, unexpectedly, and violently.

* Spontaneous Example: "I am NOT your whore!" I blurted this out while arguing with my then husband. The content and force of this remark surprised even me. "Where did that come from?" he asked. I did not have the answer then. Yet this "Offhand Remark" stayed in my mind... until I could find where it came from.

Past Life Source: My "Offhand Remark" came from a past life in what is now Canada. I was an Indian female who never could be as docile or submissive as the tribe wanted. He was a Frenchman who bought me from my tribe. They were all too happy to get rid of a troublemaker like me. In that life, I WAS his whore. We had an abusive, violent relationship which ended with me killing him.
* Out of Context Remark: "Offhand Remarks" are totally out of context. They are out of context given the conversation, the relationship situation, and the circumstances of the present life. They are as much of a surprise to the person who says it as it is to the person who hears it... making no sense at all to either one of them (unless they knew the past life history). Yet, at the same time, the remark will resonate with both people... as containing a nugget of hidden truth.

* Past Life Context: The "Offhand Remark" makes no sense in the present life... but makes perfect sense if the past life history was known. The "Offhand Remark" gets triggered when the present life situation "looks and feels" like an unhealed past life between the individuals involved. In my case, in that past life, my husband had constantly called me "whore" in French, referred to me as a "whore" to all others we met, and treated me with no respect like a "whore".

* Past Life Healing: The "Offhand Remark" is an unconscious cry for healing unloving patterns created in past lives. The truth was that our endless arguments while married this time around were word for word replays of past life arguments (especially from that Canadian incarnation). At least, we had solved our problems by divorce rather than murder. Had we known about what that "Offhand Remark" was trying to tell us about our past lives... our present would have been better.

Weird Thought

"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our own thoughts. It is with our thoughts that we make our world." (Gautama Buddha)
When we experience strange, unusual, or weird thoughts, it just may be past lives crying out for healing.

* Case in Point: "I had this thought that came out of nowhere: if I was successful at [a career] then that meant I would lose [body part] and would experience [harm-death]." The answer is: "It is a weird [past life] thought."

* Its All Inside: The easiest way to glimpse your past lives is to pay close attention to your own thoughts and words.

Many times when you ask a question about your present life - and the answer lies in past lives - it will "bubble up" from deep inside you. If you catch yourself thinking or speaking of what seems to come from outside yourself or your own experience, this "weird" thought or speech most often comes directly from unhealed past lives.
* Common Example: As an individual grows up, they find they have a natural talent. They decide to cultivate that talent and, at first, all goes well. Then, at some point, they come up against internal resistance to pursuing it to a professional level.
This internal conflict comes to a boiling point: the person has to have an answer… and they get one. The thought goes like this: "Well if I go farther, I will [re-experience a traumatic past life injury and/or death]."
* Getting Unstuck: If the person is "stuck" because they cannot get an answer and if the only answer lies in past lives, their mind will give them one.
Often the individual will know it is a past life answer because of its content. For example, if the answer about potentially dying includes forms of execution no longer practiced (like being beheaded or burned at the stake), then the origin of the problem lies in past lives.
* Moving Forward: Once the person receives this information, they must decide what to do about it. Many choose to dismiss it and chalk it up to daydreaming. Others will pay attention to it but will not know what to do about it, will be too afraid to find out, and so will end up pushing it to the back of their mind.
Yet those who choose to take action and pursue past life healing in response to such weird thoughts and words have the best chance to become unstuck. They are the ones who will move forward in their lives now and continue to develop their past life gifts.

Common Object

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose." ("The Wonder Years")
When you really need to know about your past lives, it can be revealed to you through a common object.

* Buried Treasures: When we come into a new life, we enter into an agreement to forget about the old ones. Although they are "forgotten", our past lives lie just near enough to the surface of our conscious awareness for us to access them. Often all we need to do is look at the surface and see the outlines of the buried treasures that are strewn like little diamonds across the sands of our awareness. Common objects can help you find those buried past life treasures.

* Finding Treasure: The common object that will unlock the door to your past life awareness is one that is a meaningful symbol of your past life experience. It is one that was chosen before you were born and it remains deeply buried in your subconscious mind until it is time for it to emerge. It is one that is unavoidable because it is so common that you are sure to encounter it. It is one that you will instantly recognize as being significant to you in some meaningful way.

* Treasure Troves: The common object can be anything. Most often, these are personal items like clothes, shoes, jewelry, books, and tools (like ropes, knives, utensils, etc). Usually when the individual finds the particular object that is their key to past lives… this recognition is intense, overwhelming, and unmistakable.

* Finding Meaning: Finding a meaningful object is best explained by an example. The story of a tragic lost love was anchored to a gold chain bracelet. It "looked and felt" like a rope bracelet I had worn in a past life. This past life was so painful and buried so deep that my subconscious mind would have stopped me from remembering had I tried to access it directly. Yet it was something I needed to know because knowing the past life story explained and help me overcome the deep seated fear that I had of becoming seriously involved in intimate relationships.

* Finding Understanding: Once the common object has unleashed your past life awareness, the healing begins. Your understanding of its past life significance to your life today will guide you to take the actions needed to heal it. Once you do, the past life block to present life actions will be removed, helping you to create the future you desire. For an exercise to help you with this discovery, click here.

'Accidental' Return

"The best lessons are learned from the past. The error of the past is the wisdom of the future." (Dale Turner)
What it is like to return to the "scene of the crime" (a very traumatic death in an past life which has yet to be healed) is best illustrated by a true story... mine.

* Vacation Disguise: I had gone on a vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia with a friend of mine. It was a pleasant trip which I undertook with a much enthusiasm. I had always been fascinated by the history of the settling of Virginia by English colonists. The last stop on our trip was Carter's Grove Plantation.

* The Karmic Route: My friend, who loves going the scenic route, insisted that we travel there by the country road (instead of by the highway). That road wound for a few miles through beautiful wooded scenery. The closer we drew closer to Carter's Grove, the larger knot in my stomach got.

* First Resistance: Reasons for not stopping there raced through my mind but none of them were good. Hating to spoil my friend's fun, I swallowed my dread and in we went. Carter's Grove was a lovely place and my fears melted away. My friend was fascinated by it and, with her usual charm, she instantly bonded with the tour guide. This was my cue to leave so she could grill the guide about the house.

* The Crime Scene: Relaxed, I walked down to the river. The guide told me that a long, abandoned English colony - Martin's Hundred - had been discovered there. Since I loved ruins, I could not wait to see it. Excitedly, I raced to the top of the hill overlooking the outline of the fort. It only took a moment for the scene to change.

* Past Life Vision: Instead of mid afternoon, it was early morning with the sun just rising. Instead of a bare, modern reconstruction of the fort, I saw the complete settlement. The shore line instantly moved farther out. The buildings instead of being outlines were whole but were on fire. Smoke and screams filled the chilly air.

* Past Life Recall: Then, suddenly, I stopped being the observer… and started reliving the events leading up to my past life death there. I instantly saw that the fort had been taken by surprise. I knew the only thing I could do was get help from one of the other settlements. Or, at least, warn them that the Indians had finally attacked. Studying the massacre in this life, I learned that settlements up and down the river had been stricken at the same time. For the rest of the story, click here.

Scene of the Crime

Returning to the "scene of the crime" - where you died in past lives - is a traumatic event. Partly it is traumatic because it is a strange sensation to feel death while still alive. Partly it is traumatic because you must unexpectedly relive a very difficult moment without advance warning.

* Crime Scene: For me, it was just outside of Chiswick House in London. In a past life, I was killed there when I was coming to the aid of a neighbor who was being robbed. I grabbed her purse from the thief who then stabbed me in the stomach. The knife dug deep and I quickly bled to death. When I returned in this life to visit Chiswick (pictured), the exact spot where I was killed is now a bus stop… where I had to wait 20 minutes for it to arrive. As the time went on, I became increasingly uncomfortable... as I flashed back to that past life murder.

* Physical Manifestations: When someone returns to the scene of a past life death, there can be a visceral physical reaction. The individual can shake, sweat, cough, gag, vomit, and experience pain. They can feel extreme cold (in cases where death resulted from bleeding out) or extreme heat (in cases where death was caused by fever). Their body will mimic (sometimes in precise detail) the last moments before the past life death with the same sensations and movements.

In the example above, I was shivering with cold (my body was remembering bleeding out) even though it was a hot summer's day. I could feel a quick sharp pain where I was stabbed. I could not stop shaking until I was some distance away from the scene of the crime.
* Mental Manifestations: When someone returns to the scene of a past life death, their mind can be overwhelmed by the thoughts of their past life self. They will remember exactly what crossed their mind as they died.
In the example above, I kept thinking how hard my neighbor/friend's life would be without the stolen money and my ongoing help. Yet I also remembered that I was quite relieved to die. I had lost an arm in the war and never lost the infection arising from the amputation.
* Emotional Manifestations: When someone returns to the scene of a past life death, their emotions take over. Especially when the death was very sudden and traumatic, the emotional feedback can be absolutely overwhelming.
In the example above, I was panic stricken. Given that it was a clear summer's day and that the other people at the bus stop were perfectly lovely, it made no sense to anyone. Although I tried my best to hide my feelings, I was actually making everyone else nervous. I could not return to my normally calm state of being until the bus took me away.
* Look & Feel: You do not have to return to the scene of a past life death to re-experience it. Whenever there is a situation that "looks and feels" like the scene of the crime... it will trigger the same reactions... so that past life healing can begin.

Credits: from channeled information.



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