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Rules #31c: "Untangling the Web": Qualities of Past Life Relationships

"Not Usual, Not Normal"

Past Life Explanation: is sought when the past has severely disrupted the present.
Past Life Under-Current: is when deep past history cannot be overcome now.
Past Life Skew: is how the past can and does alter the present "unexpectedly".
Karmic Allies: is when-how a new family member creates unexpected alliances.
Past Life Fantasy: is how present sexual fantasies were formed in past lives.

Past Life Explanation:

"Thus the whirligig of time brings in his revenges."
(William Shakespeare, "Twelfth Night")

When do individuals most often seek a past life explanation for present events? Here are common causes:

* Unusual Relationships: Past life questions are asked when… A parent treats one or more of their children with more respect and consideration than they do their spouse. A parent favors one child over the other siblings in terms of time, attention, and money spent on them. A child feels closer their grandparents, aunts-uncles, or cousins than they do to their immediate family. In these cases, those involved are reacting to their past life experience not present circumstances.

* Reversal of Fortune: Past life questions are asked when… An adult, who has been healthy all their life, suddenly contracts a serious illness. A child who has been very good meets a bad companion and plunges into bad behavior. A person who had always been financially abundant unexpectedly loses everything. An individual who was just at the wrong place at the wrong time is convicted of a crime and imprisoned although "innocent" of the charges. When this kind of misfortune strikes someone, there is always past life karma at work behind the scenes.

* Mature Experience: Past life questions are asked when… A child can speak intelligently about places they have never visited. A child can use words and phrases from a profession outside of their experience. A child knows minute and "hard-to-research" details about a past life existence when they were an adult which are later verified. When this happens, it is very likely that the child is connecting with and channeling an adult past life personality with precision.

* Unexpected Talents: Past life questions are asked when… A child displays skills, abilities, or talents they were never taught like singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, and creating art. A child speaks a language they were never taught. A child knows obscure historical details which only exist in archives only available to research scholars. When this happens, it is talents developed and perfected in past lives that are surfacing in the present.

* Present Purpose: When any of these situations arise, a past life explanation will make sense of what is otherwise inexplicable in the present. The purpose is to create an opening for healing in the present and empowerment in the future.

Past Life Under-Current:

"We may not live in the past, but the past lives in us." (Samuel Pisar, Holocaust Survivor)

When, for no good present life reason, individuals cannot get along, it is the past life under-current at work.

* Under-Current: Under-currents happen when the ocean appears smooth on the surface but underneath there is a powerful force directing the flow of the water. These forces are so powerful that one can be gripped by them and carried far into the ocean… against their will. Past life karma works the same way: individuals can be slammed together or torn apart by the under-currents of karma between them.

* Present Connection: Those who have dark, heavy, negative under-currents of karma between them can start their present life association with positivity and even enthusiasm. At the start, they can recognize the good qualities in one another. They can even like one another for a time… that is all too brief. Soon each will recognize the other as a "past life enemy" and change their conduct toward one another.

* Present Paring: Usually those with negative under-currents between them have one of three outcomes in any lifetime. They will "nullify" and just avoid one another. They will "intensify" and bring their warfare as enemies to even worse places. They will "magnify" and finally resolve the long standing differences between them.

* Nullify: When the wounds between the parties are too deep, when their history is too bitter, and when their pattern of dealings keep reincarnating with alarming ferocity, it is (perhaps) best for them to avoid one another. It is better for the combatants to part than to create another lifetime of bad karma between them.

* Intensify: When these individuals try and fail to work it out, their bad feeling intensify. Their arguments become more frequent, more violent, and more physical. They will hit one another with fists and weapons. They will wound one another until they require medical attention and/or until one finally kills the other.

* Magnify: It can take many lifetimes before these people put their animosity behind them. This often requires each one to "magnify" their awareness and their evolution as Soul before the negative under-currents between them can be broken. When you can see the good inside your old karmic enemy, they cease to be one.

Past Life Skew:

"Hearts understand in ways minds cannot."
(Lois Wilson, Alcoholics Anonymous)

What is deep inside the subconscious mind is formed by past lives and always skews the present.

* It's All Inside: Deeply embedded within the subconscious mind - from the moment of birth - are the results of the many assumptions, conclusions, judgments, results, experiences, promises, and vows made in past lives.

These results all form the accumulating wisdom that is carried for lifetimes as part of the soul's evolving consciousness. These in turn form an individual's beliefs and attitudes which filter their perceptions and form their present interpretation of people, situations, and events.
* Skew on the Inside: Past lives are what makes an individual more introverted (inner directed) or extroverted (outer directed), more thought or feeling oriented, more structured or spontaneous, and more intuitive or practical. An individual's attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, interpretations are molded by past lives.
How much an individual can demonstrate love, joy, trust, kindness, compassion, tolerance, and other positive traits are heavily influenced by past lives. Similarly, negative traits, obsessions, compulsions, tendencies, and habits are also the legacy of past lives.
* Skew on the Outside: The influence of past lives is most noticeable from the outside. Many times, it can be measured by how far an individual has progressed from the circumstances of their birth family.
- Work: Individuals will continue in the same lines of work as in past lives. The more "natural" their talent is for the work in hand, the higher their skill level, the quicker they can perfect their craft, the more reincarnation is at work. When it comes to work, others expect that a person's choice will differ from their family… not so in other areas.

Religions: Most follow the religion of their parents. When someone makes a conversion to another religion, it is past lives at work. This is especially true when it has been a radical conversion (like when it is a conversion from Christianity to Islam or from Judaism to Buddhism).

Lifestyle: Most people adopt a lifestyle similar to their family. When someone chooses a completely different way of life, it is past life preferences driving that preferred way of living. For example, those growing up in a rural area who prefer to live in a city, those growing up in a stable home who choose to live on the road, etc.

Relocation: Most live within driving distance of their relatives. When someone relocates thousands of miles away, especially when it is to another country where another language is spoken, they are usually returning to a well beloved past life home.

Marriages: Most people marry the opposite gender and within their own culture and race. When someone marries an individual of the same sex, from a different culture, or another race, it is a deep past life attraction that has created a present family relationship.

Karmic Allies:

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend." (Proverb)
When alliances within a family suddenly change as new members are added, it is "Karmic Allies" at work. New alliances form as karmic partners are forced to choose sides between various ancient enemies from past lives.

* Case in Point: "Unexpectedly, a close bond was formed between my two children by the birth of [child]. Prior to this, they were very cool towards one another, but when the birth was imminent, the two became inseparable. Why?" The answer is: "This realignment of allies within the family was caused by their subconscious reactions to entrance of a new karmic partner."

* Past is Present: You always reincarnate with individuals (by prior agreement) you have known and loved (or hated) in past lives. The goal is to bring more love into your relationships with these others. Yet, the reality is individuals will tend to stick with those who have been their allies in the past and will avoid those who have been enemies. They will naturally seek alliances with those who have protected them and shy away from those who have harmed them in the past.

* Survival Alliances: When a new family member enters the mix (even if that individual is a baby), this addition will cause the balance of relationships inside the family to shift. Those who have been threatened (in past lives) by the new family member will band together. This will happen even if their previous relationship in this life was not close. Literally former enemies can turn into fast friends if there is a bigger threat to their survival from the new family member.

* Survival Threats: Threats from new family members are seldom physical (although some children do grow up to slay or harm their parents or other close relatives). Mainly, the "threat" is that the new family member is a "handful" that requires several adults (who band together) to handle. Often, when the new family member is an "old soul" whose youthful maturity is not that of the typical child, the adults around them will become allies in their care giving.

* New Equilibriums: Each time there is a new addition to the family, the old equilibrium among individuals will change. Old alliances will crumble and new ones will form along the lines of past life karma. The way out of this default pattern of karma is for each family member to learn to love one another more and to release antiquated alliances created by fears. When everyone inside the family can love one another equally and unconditionally, karma will dissolve like magic.

Past Life Fantasy:

"The judgment of others does not change who I am. It is the opposite, it reveals who they are." (McPherson)

Did you know that most present life sexual fantasies have deep roots in past lives? Yes, it's true!

* Pleasure Imprint: Just as intense past life pain leaves it's imprint on our lives, so too does intense pleasure. The most common "pleasure imprint" from past lives shows up in the kinds of people and experiences we are sexually attracted to.

* Karmic Attraction: For example, many people are attracted to others of races, religions, and national origins... very different from their own now. For example, it happens to Caucasians who are drawn to Asians, Catholics who are drawn to Jews, etc. Those preferences were formed in past lives when they were the same race, religion, origin, etc as those they are attracted to now. Usually this attraction was created by powerful sexual experiences during those past lives.

* Sexual Fantasy: Among the most intense pleasure imprints from past lives are sexual fantasies. For the vast majority, past life sexual pleasure directly translates into present life sexual fantasies... which the individual will be powerfully compelled to recreate... which in turn just reinforces the power of that sexual fantasy.

* "Rape Fantasy": In the books, "My Secret Garden" and "Forbidden Flowers" by Nancy Friday, a common theme in women's sexual fantasies is the "forced" abduction and rape scenario. As Friday is quick to point out, none of the women who fantasize about rape really want to be brutalized or harmed in any way.

What these women want is to experience wild passion without having to ask for it or admit they desire sexual pleasure. This is a carry over from past life beliefs reinforced by religion and society that "only bad women" want sex... and a "forced rape" is how they can get it and still be a "good person" (many women still hold this belief).
* Blast in the Past: How you can find out the past life origins of your personal sexual fantasies is to use the "Unleashing Past Life Talents" exercise. Instead of asking to be shown the origin of your past life talents, ask to be shown the past life origins of sexual fantasies. Since this is a pleasurable pursuit, you should have no problem in finding out just where you had a "blast in the past!" Enjoy!

Credits: from channeled information.



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