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Rules #37e: "Walking the Minefield": Past Clues in Present - Advanced

Past Lives in Everyday Life

The past is still present... Few pursue their past lives through intermediate techniques. For those who have earned the right to go even further... they will get the best clues. These are the advanced methods:

Past Life Research Vortex draws you in to "force" you to resolve past life karma.
Past Life Conveyor Belt is what keeps you moving along your past life journey.
Guided Discovery is how you are led by an unseen hand along your past life journey.
Past Life Heart Punch is the deep, intense emotions driving past life exploration.

Past Life Research Vortex

When you are ready in your present life and have the need/desire to explore your past lives, the flood-gates of your past life awareness will open to you. The Past Life Research Vortex draws you into a deep and intense exploration of your past lives to help you move forward.

* Vortex Opens: There are two primary causes why you can find yourself either curious or compelled to explore your past lives. One, you have returned to the "Scene of the Crime" (where you return in this life to a place where you died in a past life) and you had a past life flashback (as I did in "The Bridge Across Time"). Two, you have seen a "Past Life Apparition" (a vision of your past life self as you appeared in that historical time period) in a dream (the vast majority of cases), in-between waking-sleeping (hypnagogic), or while relaxed when awake.

* Questioning: When you have fully connected with the reality of a past life personality who has helped to shape your life today, you will be filled with a million questions. You will want to know things like their name, their gender, their race, their appearance, their location, their time period, and other relevant physical details. For most these will be unavailable through traditional research sources… but this will not stop the questions or the answers from coming.

* Gathering: Most will receive details on their unhealed past lives through lucid dreams (where they feel as if they are awake) and/or lucid flashbacks (where information just pops into their head while awake). Those who have historical personalities will spend endless hours reading about their past life selves.

* Organizing: The greater your unresolved past life karma, the stronger the urge to explore your past will become. At times, it can be overwhelming to push your discovery forward. Once you have gathered enough information, then you will spend time trying to organize what you have gathered so you can make sense of it.

* Evaluating: The critical piece of past life research is the evaluation phase where you compare the organized past life information to your present life experience. How are you like or unlike your past life self? How have your past actions or inactions impacted the present? How can you make life today better than yesterday based on what you learned? How can you keep the best from the past while not repeating its errors? Past life research answers these questions.

Past Life Conveyor Belt

After the "Vortex" sucks you in, the "Past Life Conveyor Belt" pushes you forward. At this point, the train tracks of your life have been switched and your life will never be the same. Whatever you have imagined that your life would be, it becomes about past life exploration and unwinding karma.

* Conveyor Belt: When you are close to getting to the past life truth you need to heal your present, your journey will move forward rapidly. You will feel like you are on a "people mover" at an airport: you are being moved along by something outside of yourself. If you try to move backwards, you are only pushed forward.

* Automatic Writing: When necessary, an individual will "channel" the past life information they most need to know. For example, when I was connecting with knowledge of a lifetime spent in a concentration camp, I did not know at first which one it was. I was at a library catalog terminal and I heard the words "Raven's Brook" in my mind. Yet my fingers typed it as "Ravensbruck" which is the correct name of the concentration camp complex near Fürstenberg, Germany. When you receive "automatic writing" like this, it is almost always chillingly accurate.

* Rare Book: When necessary, an individual will "connect" with the exact book they need to read. For example, I found myself constantly walking into the same "used" book store known for its rare and unusual books. I kept being guided to look at a particular (super pricey) book. I would open it, read a few words, and then put it down. I did this often enough for the bookseller to offer me an attractive price on it. So I bought it and asked to be taken to the particular section inner guidance wanted me to read… and that is what started!

* Internet Treasure: When necessary, an individual will be guided to a particular search engine and asked to enter in a certain string of search words. For example, a client discovered my site by entering "past life mummy in chains" into Google and came up with the "Breaking the Energetic Chains Binding You to Past Lives" exercise. This person had no intention of seeking past life healing until their own inner guidance gave them this search phrase and they acted on it!

* Getting Off: The only way to get off the "Past Life Conveyor Belt" is to be open to the experiences it brings you and to take steps to heal the related past lives.

Guided Discovery

What keeps the "Conveyor Belt" going is the mountain of evidence that emerges from the "Research Vortex". The whole point of wading through the mountain of evidence is to heal your past lives. While climbing up the mountain, you will gradually open up to greater totality of yourself.

* The Guided Missile: When you explore past lives, it becomes clear that your journey is being guided by an unseen hand. The "unseen hand" will unerringly guide you to where you need to go, what you need to see, and who you need to find to take the next step in your past life journey of exploration. When this keeps on happening, you are like a guided missile pursuing a preset course. Like the missile, someone else is at mission control and you are entirely in their hands.

* "This Day Only": What really convinces you that an unseen hand is at work... is eerie timing of "lucky breaks" ("This Day Only" incidents). For example, if you had come a day earlier/later you would have missed something, someone, or some event that you need to connect with to complete the next leg of your past life journey. When "lucky breaks" from "This Day Only" incident pile up high, you know that you are being guided and that you are on the right track!

* Past Life Keyword: Exploration of past lives is an "on again, off again" journey. Just when it seems that the trail has gone cold, people will get a "keyword" to keep them going in new direction. Literally this word is like a key that opens the door to the past. In my case, it only took one highly charged keyword to change the course of my entire life. Without this keyword, and all flowing from it would never have happened. That is how powerful past life keywords can be.

* Going Home Again: It is a strange sensation to go "home" to where you once lived. What is even stranger is when you "get" some time alone in your former home so that you can say goodbye. This happened to me twice: it is an unsettling feeling to walk into a place you have never been to before... and feel like you have come home... but no one of your family is there. It is very hard to accept that your old beloved home is no longer yours... and harder still to let it go - forever!

* Walking on Your Own Grave: It is an even stranger sensation to walk on your own grave. Nothing can prepare you for it. When you arrive there, even though your death was years before and you know exactly what happened, it is a terrible blow. Common reactions are: shaking, heart pounding wildly, uncontrollable tears, and the urge to get away as soon as you can. Yet once the past life pain passes, your life now will start opening up in new and wonderful ways.

Past Life Heart Punch

What keeps you climbing on up the past life mountain of evidence is the "Punch to the Heart" that happens along the way. Your past life exploration would not get very far unless there was deep and constant confirmation that this climb is not an intellectual exercise, it is an emotional necessity.

* Unexpected Emotions: There is nothing like intense emotional experiences to keep the past life healing moving forward. Jeffrey Keene (from "Someone Else's Yesterday") put it this way: " heart started beating faster. The beating built in intensity until it felt as though I was being punched to the heart... from the inside."

* Unexpected Overwhelm: When you return to a place you loved in past lives, it is a moment of extreme emotional overwhelm that can be felt physically. The best description of this physical sensation is a "punch to the heart!" It can be felt at any time where you encounter whatever "looks and feels" like something (a lifestyle, an event, a person, etc) that was extremely important to you in the past.

* Past Life Punches: These "Past Life Punches" can happen anywhere at any time. Many times I have seen others being "punched in the heart" by a film to the point that they ran out of the theater in tears. I have also seen others deeply moved while visiting historical sites or while witnessing historical re-enactments. Clients have remarked on being "punched" by watching television or by reading books.

* Emotional Impact: These "Past Life Punches" almost always take you (the small self) by surprise but they are always planned by you (the Higher Self). They are one means to keep you on track in achieving the goals of your Life Contract. Since everyone on Earth is here to resolve past life karma, it is likely that everyone at some point in life will receive a "Past Life Punch" even if it is very slight.

* Punch Purpose: These "Past Life Punches" are designed to alert you to past lives that are seeking healing. The more intense the punch, the greater the need for past life healing. Often, once the "past life punches" have started, they will not stop until the past life is healed. Sometimes they will grow in intensity if your guides have become convinced that you have no sincere intention of addressing the past life issues and that you need more motivation. In the most extreme cases (like mine), a "past life punch" can change the entire course of an individual's life.

Credits: from channeled information.



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