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Exercise: Hearing the Whispers of God: Contacting the Angelic Realms

Summary: Harmonizing Your Vibration with the Angelic Realms

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Goal of This Exercise
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Background: Everywhere you go these days, you find that angels are there too: from popular movies (like the "City of Angels" which they say is a more accurate depiction of their experience) to television shows (like "Touched by An Angel" which receives less high ratings from the angelic community).

That is because angels are the "whispers of God" whose joyful noise grows louder all the time. They are among the most dedicated co-workers with God: in fact, the universe would be a bleak place without them. More than ever before, angels are reaching out to the mass consciousness: and people are responding.

Goal: The goal is to help those - who wish it - to get more or better contact with angels & other servants of the universe. Angels are as close to you as your breath: they travel at the speed of thought and are instantly available to those who ask.

Therefore, to experience angels directly, it is necessary for you to get closer to them for they are always with you. The angels wish to do all in their power to help make your journey back home to God a safe, smooth, and pleasant one.


1> Before doing this exercise, you need to be as physically clean as you can be. In other words, your body (especially your hair) needs to be recently washed. Your body needs to be as free as possible: so go the bathroom first, wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing, scrape off the makeup, unload the glasses, watches, jewelry, and any other items that would not make it through a metal detector.

2> It is best to do this exercise at the same time everyday. You need to be in a quiet, clean, and well lighted place where you will be completely undisturbed for at least 20 minutes. Any time is good except from 3am-4am or 3pm-4pm in your Time Zone because this is "angel time". "Angel Time" is when angelic energies are unusually concentrated in an area of the Earth for the fulfillment of special intentions.

3> Sitting up is recommended but lying down is acceptable as long as you are well rested and are not likely to fall asleep or lose focus. If you cannot focus, then this exercise will not work at all for you. So wait 60 days and try again!

How to Do This Exercise:

1> First Part Angelic Vibration- Clearing: Getting in closer contact with the angelic realms is much like tuning in your television set to a hard to get channel. It takes patience, time, and focus: pointing your antennae (in this case, your intention) in the right direction. As in this example, the channel (angels) is always there, it is the ability of the television set (you) to receive that is the "problem".

a> To begin your "fine tuning" into the angelic realms, you need to empty yourself - body, mind, and spirit.

Empty your body of all pains and weariness: by sending relaxation to every part of your body. Empty your mind of all worry and care: by just turning down the volume on this noise. Empty your emotions of confusion and excitement: by getting totally still by deep breathing.

b> Fill the empty places in your body, mind, and emotions with spirit.

"I am spirit. I have a body but the I that is me is my spirit. I fill my body with my spirit. I have a mind but the I that is me is my spirit. I fill my mind with my spirit. I have emotions but the I that is me is my spirit. I fill my emotions with my spirit. The Kingdom of God is within me. I am spirit."

c> Once you feel the loving energy of your spirit fill you up: body, mind, and emotions, ask for your energy to be clarified.

"I am spirit. I ask for my body to be cleansed for this session to allow it to be a clear channel for divine, angelic guidance. I ask for my mind to be cleansed for this session to allow it to be a clear channel for divine, angelic guidance. I ask for my emotions to be cleansed for this session to allow me to be a clear channel for divine, angelic guidance. I am spirit."

2> Second Part Angelic Vibration- Harmonizing: The clearing opened the channel - similar to turning on the television set. Now that you are clear, the next step is to harmonize your energy with the angelic realms. This is like adjusting the fine tuning on the TV set so that the channel comes in loud and clear.

a> Put both hands together and cup them as if you were holding water. Look at your hands intently. Imagine that your hands are being filled with a warm, glowing white ball of light.

b> Once you feel the energy of this imaginary ball vibrating in you hands, move your hands as if you were putting it straight into your heart. Feel it move from your hands into your heart.

c> Close your eyes and see the ball going into your heart.

"I am spirit. I have a body, a mind, and emotions but I have opened them fully to loving angelic guidance. I love myself. I love others. I love God. I feel the love of God within and around me. I am spirit. The Kingdom of God is within me."

3> Third Part Angelic Vibration- Connecting: The harmonizing has focused the channel so that now any messages or guidance can get through. In other words, the television is on and you should be able to receive signals from angels and/or other servants of the universe who are grounded in loving kindness.

a> Close your eyes and imagine the glowing ball expanding from your heart to fill your body. See your body glowing and sparkling with the golden white loving and healing light.

b> While you are filling yourself with the love of God...

"I am spirit. I allow my angels or other servants of the universe, who love, guide, and protect me, to give me the benefit of all your love, wisdom, and guidance. I am open to receive all your guidance. I open my heart to see divine visions, hear divine words, feel divine guidance, or know the divine purpose for my life now. I am spirit. I am ready - NOW."

c> Now the channel is fully open. Now it is up to the angels or other servants of the universe to contact you - you have done all you can. Just wait and expect miracles to happen.

Since you are now open to the angels and etc, this exercise should naturally complete itself. You will just feel when to open your eyes and to resume your life. If you are the controlling type (like me) and hate to leave such things to chance, then set a timer to snap you out of it after whatever time you feel comfortable with.

Example: Instead of providing an example of people's actual experiences with this exercise, the angels have something better for you. They wish to tell you about how this exercise can be used. Before I do - I am adding - that when someone wants to begin contacting the angels, they should be a little patient. Although "miraculous" results are possible, developing this contact usually takes a bit of time.

1> "Clarity": For those who want continual contact with the angelic realms, concentrate in the beginning on achieving clarity. For once you are clear, miracles of guidance will flow into your life.

2> "Special Intentions": Most people will not want to have continual contact with the angelic realms. Instead, the angels know that people are most interested in getting help when they need it the most. If you do have a "special intention" for receiving guidance, then declare it out loud before you begin the session. Hold it in your awareness as you do this exercise... and the angels will answer.

3> "Part Time, Night Time Workers Wanted": For those who "feel called" by this angelic ad, there is part time angelic work available for "humans". This is the best kind of work because it will be done "while you are sleeping" and the training is free. Since your body will need you to be there some of the time for normal biological processing, you will end up sleeping more than normal. Although you will gain the benefits of being routinely "touched by an angel" which are increased insight and awareness, greater compassion and clarity, and a more open, loving heart. So the choice is yours: just let the angels know.

Credits: inspired by Renee Levy, Kathleen Kologinsky, and the Angels Themselves

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