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Exercise: Ascension- Preparing to Transcend the Human Consciousness

Summary: Transcending the Human Consciousness with Inner Masters

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Background on This Exercise
Goal of This Exercise
Preparation for This Exercise
How to Do This Exercise
Example of Exercise Results

Background: The Earth is a great schoolhouse where every minute of every day, you are in the process of learning lessons. Just like in school, the lessons build on one other. Once you have mastered basic lessons, you move on to progressively more advanced lessons. When you have mastered enough advanced lessons, you earn the right to transcend the human consciousness. Since Spirit does not make mistakes, if you were led here, you have earned the right to do this exercise.

Goal: Transcending the human consciousness means advancing in awareness beyond the normal five senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. It means consciously expanding into inner realms of awareness, otherwise known as using the "sixth sense". This exercise takes you into the inner realms that currently exist on Earth to begin your expansion of this "extra-sensory" awareness into the greater totality of yourself. The goal of ascension is to get you "outta here" and onto "more exciting destinations" in the universe (and yes, there are more exciting places!).


1> Only do this exercise starting with Sunday and ending with the following Monday. Do not skip any days. If you miss a day, stop wait a full week and start again the beginning with the next Sunday.

2> Being comfortable is the key. You can lie down (recommended) or sit up. If you opt to sit up, you must be supported and feel fully relaxed and comfortable. It is essential that you do this exercise where you can be quiet and undisturbed for each daily session during the entire session.
......For more on "Relaxation Processes & Techniques",
click here.

3> Only visit each location once a day for 30 minutes at most. Preparation for ascension is VERY powerful. This exercise will effect changes in your inner bodies to ready you for ascension. These inner changes will flow from your inner bodies down to your outer body ("as above, so below").

4> Be patient with yourself. Visiting these masters means you are committing to advancing beyond the human consciousness. If you are doing this process to effect a change, then you should be fully prepared to expect a change. You know the old saying: "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it!"

How to Do This Exercise:

1> Take some deep, refreshing breaths until you are totally comfortable and relaxed in whatever position you have chosen (it should take you no more than 3 minutes to get comfortable).

2> Before you enter the Earth Temple for each day, do the invocation below which is the mechanism that grants you access to each of the temples (retreats). The invocation is:

In the name of God within me, my Divine Core Essence, I call to the Heart of God-Goddess-AllThatIs & the Angels of this Presence to take me in Soul Consciousness to...

3> Once you are there, ask to speak with the Keeper of the Earth Temple for that day. Focus on your energy chakra and it's color which are opened by your visit to the Earth Temple. Say the mantra which is associated with each day. Be sure to thank the Keeper of the Earth Temple for the wisdom you receive.

4> Once you leave the Earth Temple for each day, do the closing below which is the mechanism that ends your visit to each of the temples (retreats). The closing is:

I wish all information necessary to the fulfillment of my Divine Plan be released to my outer waking consciousness as it is required. I thank Thee and accept this done in the power of God-Goddess-AllThatIs. May the blessings be.

Below is listed for each day of the week, the Keeper of the Earth Temple, where the Earth Temple is located, what the Color and energy chakra you need to focus on, and what the mantra is for that day.

SUNDAY - Lord Morya at Darjeeling -
    Focus on WHITE & CROWN chakra

MANTRA: I ask that my lower bodies [physical, astral (emotional), causal (karmic), mental (thoughts), and etheric (intuition)] be charged with the Will of God and the Blueprint for my greater unfoldment as Soul.

MONDAY - Lord Lanto at Royal Teton -
    Focus on
PURPLE and 3rd Eye chakra

MANTRA: I ask to learn the way of wisdom and the lessons of right action for the greater awakening of the Christ Consciousness on Earth.

TUESDAY - Paul the Venetian at Tibet -
    Focus on
BLUE and THROAT chakra

MANTRA: I ask to receive instruction in the law of love and how to spread the Divine Eternal Love Flame throughout my being - body, mind, and spirit.

WEDNESDAY - Serapis Bey at Luxor -
    Focus on

MANTRA: I ask to join the candidates for ascension and to learn of the Redeemer that lives within the flame of my heart.

THURSDAY - Lord Hilarion at Crete -
    Focus on
YELLOW and SOLAR chakra

MANTRA: I ask to be taught the true revelations of Jesus Christ.

FRIDAY - Lady Nada in Arabia -
    Focus on
ORANGE and SACRAL chakra

MANTRA: I ask to be instructed in the mastery of emotions to facilitate the flow of peace within me & the anchoring of the flame of Peace to all humankind.

SATURDAY - St Germain at Cave of Symbols -
    Focus on
RED and Root chakra

MANTRA: I ask to be saturated with the Violet Flame focused there so that I may master the Ritual of the Atom for the peaceful transition to the Aquarian Age.

Be aware that once you have mastered the lessons of this Earth Temples, you have earned the right to visit the Major Temples of Golden Wisdom that reside elsewhere in the universe. To get more information on these Major Temples of Golden Wisdom, visit the ECKANKAR website ( This site will lead you to books that will tell you more about these Major Temples.

Word of Caution: please make sure that you are fully "grounded" in the wisdom of these Earth Temples before trying to advance to the Major Temples. This is only for your own benefit and well being. Once you have begun to transcend the human consciousness, only then can you safely begin to expand even more.

Example: The point of doing this exercise is to develop inner awareness. So if I gave you an example of what occurs when you do this exercise, I would be limiting the possibilities of your experience so... no example for you! I wish you well on these and whatever journeys in the inner worlds you may undertake.

Credits: adapted from an exercise shared by Donna Smith and Michael Schuster



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