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Guestbook Entries #481 - #500

   Entry #481:   JoNellS - USA

I want to say thank you. Your Past Life reading was quite amazing. It gives me hope and a desire to work a little harder at resolving my karma. Once again thank you I am truly grateful with this new insight and I hope to use it wisely.

   Entry #482:   YvonneSR - USA

Ellen, THANK YOU for BEing exactly where I needed you to be and for assisting me in moving towards who I AM. The work we have done together and the advice you have giving me, whether from my Higher Self, Management, or your personal advice, has helped me believe in myself and live a better life. Without opening myself up to asking for help and advice I don't believe I would have taken the chances I have gotten to do and be more. Much love, light, and peace to you from my heart, YSR

   Entry #483:   FrancisAW - USA

Thank you very much for giving me guidance to work on my issues through the Past Life Profile. The information was very helpful and the exercises are an additional benefit. May God Bless you in your work and life.

   Entry #484:   MaryleeM - USA

I just got the Past Life Profile and Exercises eBook. I am looking forward to working on clearing up the past life stuff that has been holding me back. Thank you, Ellen, for giving me the tools to work with!! Much Love, Light, and Peace!

   Entry #485:   Se7en - USA

Thanks Ellen! The phone reading was quite helpful and a lot fun. I will get back to you when that "breakthrough" happens. Thanks for all the info!

   Entry #486:   KaterinaK - Australia

Ellen's reading was absolutely fantastic, very informative and helpful, full of insight. If you want to heal yourself, I recommend a healing from Ellen!

   Entry #487:   PeteT - USA

It's always a beautiful thing to see people from around the world writing in this Guestbook, sharing their experiences. And I've enjoyed reading them all. I've known Ellen for many years now and I trust no other. She shoots straight with me and she really does have an extensive knowledge of history, which I find important to me because it helps me untangle the karmic threads of so many lifetimes. I was so tired and depressed in this lifetime and Ellen has helped me deal with many of these problems. I am getting better now as I move forward with self- forgiveness. Thank you Ellen! :)

   Entry #488:   DebbySB - USA

This is an amazing website. Serendipity helped my find it and I am so very grateful. After reading one page after another, after another, 2 hours went by quickly by. And today, here I am again soaking in all the new found, enlightening info. Thank you for putting this here, thank you for "giving" it away, and thank you for your generosity. I am so grateful and appreciative. Take good care now and always.

   Entry #489:   MarjorieC - Scotland

For spiritual advancement, this is among the best web-sites. I have been working very hard to alter concepts, schemas, beliefs, etc. I study psychology in an attempt to understand and help others. In particular those who have low self esteem due to "nasty" treatment from others. Let's all be more understanding and lend a helping hand. Kindest regards to Ellen for her boundless help and insights.

   Entry #490:   Meredith - Australia

Hi Ellen, I just wanted to thank you for your site. I have been a student of reincarnation, karma, and past lives for many years. I have always found how interesting situations, people and experiences are interwoven. Having a deeper understanding can help relieve if not heal many physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. Your site is the most honest, straight forward and detailed site I have seen. You are appreciated! :o) Many Blessings!

   Entry #491:   Lynda - USA

I would like to thank you. You have put my heart, mind and soul more at ease. Through taking a whole day to read and think about what is written here, I have found that I am doing exactly what I need to be doing at this point in my life. By no means am I finished reading what you have to offer, but just being able to consider what I have read, is enough to put my once unsure self at ease. Thanks!

   Entry #492:   CarolynZ - Australia

Nice to see your genuine interest in making this site easy and accessible so people can benefit from this amazing information. Finding it yourself without having to have pay someone to tell you is great. You should make a DVD. [One day I will make a DVD. Thanks for the suggestion! -EM]

   Entry #493:   DiannaS - USA

Nice to see Lightworkers gathered in one spot! Nothing easy about being a 'chosen one': we have to stick together. Love and every blessing to you all.

   Entry #494:   Aron - Panama

Hello! You have an outstanding good and well structured site. Good bye.

   Entry #495:   DianneBB - USA

All I can offer is a heartfelt "thank you".

   Entry #496:   Maria - El Salvador

Really great site! Thanks!

   Entry #497:   RimmaD - Ukraine

THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Thank You again.

   Entry #498:   RoseC - USA

Thank you.

   Entry #499:   BjørnÖ - Norway


   Entry #500:   ChristineG - USA

Keep It Gold... Golden8



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