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Guestbook Entries #401 - #420

   Entry #401:   Brett&Pam - USA

We have had several sessions with Ellen now and each time we are truly amazed by the amount of validated information we receive. We both have had many readings over the years but none so insightful and "right on" as the ones we received from Ellen.

The information on this website is astonishing. This website reads like a well written book. We find some new information every time we visit it. Nothing has helped us as much as the information and
exercises we have received from Ellen. She truly is an earth angel. You owe it to yourself to try just one session.... we guarantee you'll be hooked and will book again and again... I know we do!

   Entry #402:   ElviaH - Mexico

Your past life reading has helped me understand a few things in my present life. I will look into the exercises suggested. Maybe I will stop feeling so disconnected from this life now. I have never trusted anyone enough to talk about this. So thanks for listening and letting me talk to you.

   Entry #403:   SusanR - Australia

Terrific past life reading: it added much needed insight for me. This was a reading that confirmed a past lifetime that I was already aware of (but never told Ellen about)! So I can absolutely guarantee the service that Ellen offers. Thank you.

   Entry #404:   LindaS - USA

Wonderful past life reading, came at a good time for me - however there is SO MUCH to learn... Thanks for all the little exercises, they will keep me busy for quite some time. :O)

   Entry #405:   GwynnethLD - USA

Thank you so much for your service!! I find your website and past life reading to be incredibly informative, comprehensive in information, and suggested healing techniques, and honest in feedback. She also is genuinely interested in helping us with our self-improvement. Thank you, Ellen, for helping me on this journey!

   Entry #406:   KennethK - USA

The past-life reading was very informational. I'm still undecided as to my beliefs regarding past lives, but the information was quite interesting.

   Entry #407:   CharlotteEB - USA

Thank you for your work and your excellent information. You have helped me immensely in understanding abuse and the spiritually lazy. Thanks for giving me permission to cut off these types of relationships. I always thought to be 'good' I had to suffer bad relationships in order to 'help' or heal these people who suffer from these problems. You have given me the freedom of understanding that it is OK to bless and release. Even as I type this the key board dances with the flashes of blue light that have accompanied me all my life. Know that what you have taught me is correct. Thank you and Blessings to you. Libby

   Entry #408:   NicholasV - USA

I just needed to say - you are truly-amazing! I have been suffering-frozen in terror-for most of my life-every single night! Just recently have I realized it is about being alone with my-self! I have had a hard life in general but, after visiting your site, I truly understand more about what has happened to me and why! God bless you! You are awesome!

   Entry #409:   MattS - USA

Good site. Intrigue, mystery, personal stories of loss, debauchery and heroism, all here. Amazing anyone survived to recount their tale of the sinking of the Titanic. I so enjoy stories of long ago when memories of survivors are all we have to piece together what must have happened in the past.

   Entry #410:   LazyCory - USA

Sometimes I just get sooo lazy. I wanted to see if there was help and thoughts aimed specifically to this. I am lazy and have far too many unproductive days. I appreciate your thoughts as expressed on this web site. Thank you.

   Entry #411:   JoanM - Australia

This was my first visit to your website. I clicked a link from Pat O'Bryan's Blog. Over an hour later, I realized I hadn't even scraped the surface. So I will be back again many times. Thank you for such an interesting and informative website.

   Entry #412:   Brandi - USA

This site is amazing and thorough. If I could know for sure this was all true, particularly reincarnation, that I will not just come to a complete end at death, then I would be the most happy and motivated and enthusiastic person I've ever known. Thanks for all the time you have put into this site.

   Entry #413:   AnneL - USA

I stumbled into here in a search for what may be wrong with my friend, who displays her laziness in the most annoying ways. Maybe it is me too. Not sure, I'll keep reading to find out.

   Entry #414:   JacqD - Australia

Well constructed, easy to navigate site. Content is very thought provoking and has given me assurances of my own spiritual journey. Think good, be smart. [I will! -EM]

   Entry #415:   Chyna - England

Namaste, I am fascinated with your site. Its amazing and really resonates with me. OM SHANTI. Peace and happiness to you, Ellen

   Entry #416:   MichaelP - USA

Thank you. I enjoyed your site and expect to visit it often as I was destined to land here. Blessed be!

   Entry #417:   SLS - England

I really enjoyed your Guestbook and found a lot of interesting things in it.

   Entry #418:   MichaelH - Australia

Hi Ellen, Just love your stuff. Thanks so much.

   Entry #419:   Katie - England

Is this all true? [All the information channeled here is true. All the Guestbook entries here are from real people and were unsolicited. This is all true! -EM]

   Entry #420:   KyleN - USA

The effect your reading has on me recalls a poem I wrote from a perspective filled with love...

"Everyone's soul needs a bit of smudging, Now is the time to broadcast loving, Vibrations through the art of living, We are here in this moment to learn something. Analyze your dislikes about anyone, Sure it is something we have all done, If not in this life most likely in a past one. One must forgive to be forgiven. Judging another is failing to recognize, we are judging ourself, their lies our lie, not realizing we are a cosmic eye, looking at itself from all sides. So do that which you came to do, while realizing that I am you, I shall look for what I came to see, while realizing that you are me."



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