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Guestbook Entries #361 - #380

   Entry #361:   AidanL - Ireland

Hi Ellen, Thanks for the quick reply. To be honest I was not sure what I was going to get by way of a reading . I suspected that you would have a large number of requests and that some computer automation process would be involved.

I see no evidence of automation in the reply and that greatly pleases me. I see you even corrected my inadvertant misspelling of ‘space’. I spelt it sapce accidentally. I do not like bad grammar or bad spelling and was not trying to be too clever.

My military past comes as no surprise as I have always had a fascination with all things military from a young age. However it is good to know I can move on from there. Hopefully, I can keep the positive things I learned from those experiences.

I was amazed to read that ‘you used to have great eyesight’. In this life up to my mid forties I never met anyone with better eyesight than I had. It is only lately that I need reading glasses, which I find a pain. Perhaps that is why I was a good shot.

In this present life I have had little or no connection with guns – except for one time when I was in the US of A (NJ in fact). I did some [skeet] shooting with some American relatives. I never missed. Not sure who was more surprised, them or me.

Another point that jumped up at me was your comment about music and the arts, ‘for you they were a waste of time’. In my youth this was very much the case. It is only lately that I have mellowed a bit and acknowledge the value of music and the arts. My daughter is very good at art and loves it. Perhaps she is having a positive effect on me.

Finally as I grow older I am more and more attracted to the idea of Karma and Reincarnation. They just have an inbuilt intrinsic logic and self-consistency that normal religion does not have.

I am Catholic and have no issues with my faith, but the one shot at life approach of most religions just seems so unfair. All the unfairness and injustice in this life can be better understood against a pattern of multiple lifetimes in the classroom of the Earth.

Otherwise the only skill we need to have is the ability to choose good parents. No matter what the truth is, the most important thing in this life is to love and be loved. I just love that message and your site shouts it LOUD and CLEAR. Thanks!

   Entry #362:   ArleneD - USA

I have had many sessions with many types of healers. While they have all been helpful in some way, Ellen is by far the most powerful, accurate, and effective healer. Her one-on-one sessions are life altering! Please heed her advice to rest and pace oneself after the exercises - they are that powerful. I enjoy working with Ellen. She's amazing!

   Entry #363:   TroyS - USA

Ellen, thank you SO much for my Past Life Profile! This was a very reasonable price for such a detailed and helpful report. Your explanations make a great deal of sense and have shed a lot of insight on my predicament - thanks again. I really appreciate the extensive advice for healing myself and will follow it. GREAT - GREAT - GREAT site full of incredible information - You are wonderful!

   Entry #364:   KarenM - USA

I appreciate Ellen's clear and detailed email readings over time. They are a great help in my journey of understanding myself.

   Entry #365:   FAS - USA

I have had several sessions with Ellen! She is knowledgeable, kind, warm, & caring. She has helped me a LOT on my path of learning, growth, & self-development. I am glad I was led to her. Keep up the great work, Ellen!

   Entry #366:   GeorgeMP - USA

Thank you for your past life reading. I'm lucky to have had this reading done for me. God bless you!

   Entry #367:   Imelda.I.J.R-L - USA

Thank you, Ellen. I very much appreciate my Past Life Profile and will try to reconnect with my past to heal myself and others as well. There are 2 things from the reading that immediately caught my eye which I can say are true and happening right now to me. Thank you and may God's Light shine on you!

   Entry #368:   MiandyC - Mauritius

This is a very rich and lovely site with rich pictures and clear info and descriptions. I've enjoyed it and am still enjoying what I've learned from you. It helped me even before I started to read the full content of the site about past life healing. As from now it will be a bit like a bible that I can carry everywhere I go and use to help others in any moment and any time. Past life healing made me realise that we are all a spark of God and that we can shine at our God, Father of the universe.

   Entry #369:   Irene - USA

I stumbled on your site on Google when I was doing a search on OCD. Thank you for all the supportive features. The ones about abundance, spiritual laziness, vocation, being a Co-Worker with God, discerning spirit vs. ego based guidance, the higher self, spiritually based relationships, & learning how to live life holistically really moved me. I will be thinking about what you shared for a long time. Thanks for putting this info out there & keeping it accessible. Keep up the good work!

   Entry #370:   Nata - Russian Federation

Your website has helped me a lot. Thank you for the information and many insights. Great for spiritual development... Great if you come to a halt and don't know why you're suffering. It has lots of answers to your problems in life. Also great stuff on suicide: the truth from someone who knows.

   Entry #371:   Will - USA

Dear Ellen, Thank you for being so generous with the knowledge that you possess. This short note carries with it a reflection of the love that I feel your work radiates. I will frequent your site often for guidance and reference. Thank you.

   Entry #372:   Elizabeth - UK

I have found your site to be a very interesting read. I found it unnerving though to read that I have chosen to get cancer. I also discovered that my [family member] is spiritually lazy (I think I knew that one already) and I am most definitely not. I have a feeling I will be back to read more.

   Entry #373:   AllisonM - Australia

Very good website....I'm going through a lazy patch and realise I need to start changing my thoughts and attitude and my life will change for the better.

   Entry #374:   Levi - Canada

What a great site! I love all the information and the way things are organized. It's full of wisdom and insight, and is a lot of fun to travel through.

   Entry #375:   JacquieR - USA

I was looking for a past life regression therapist and stumbled upon your site. Lots of info! Great stuff! A FREE regression exercise! Must have been fate!

   Entry #376:   Ben - USA

An interesting read. Much wisdom and truth.

   Entry #377:   Bruce - Canada

Awesome site. It has helped me a lot. Thanks Ellen.

   Entry #378:   DebbieI - USA

A very rich site. Thank you.

   Entry #379:   FrankJ - Asia

Good service!

   Entry #380:   Terre' - Africa

Years ago, I had a past life regression. I was very shocked to learn that I had lived in Paris in 1792. I relayed information on how they took my mom and dad away and locked us in a dreary location. I have always in this life had a phobia of someone hurting my parents. Somewhere, deep down, I felt as if I stayed with them nothing that bad could happen. I know this sounds crazy, but during my regression I felt so much terror for what happened to my past life parents. When I came out of the regression my feelings from the regression came back 100% worse.
[Thanks, Terre', for your courage in sharing this... that is why past life channeling (what I do) is much safer and more pleasant than regression! - EM]



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